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Girls Day Out (part 3)

Rogue sat in the middle of the food court at the local mall drinking her soda with a box of fries next to her. Rogue then let out a sigh as she sat up and looked around the food court. She could see families, the elderly, groups of friends, couples and Kitty, Amara and Tabitha in line at paradise bakery. Rogue and Laura had to go sit down at a table as Rogue was getting nervous standing so close to so many people in line and Laura had been watching the people around her like she thought they were going to attack any moment. So here she was sitting in the middle of the food court at three in the afternoon praying for the day to be over.


Rogue looked over to her left to see Laura sitting with her arms folded over the table and an empty tray in front of her. Rouge was not surprised to see that she was already done eating, Laura had already informed her housemates that she took very a little amount of time to eat.


"You're not having fun."

"Shoppin' just aint really my thing."

"God could that lady have been any more bitchy." Tabitha said as she slammed her tray down on the table and sat in the second chair to Rogue's right. Rogue jumped slightly at the noise and then glared at Tabby for causing her to jump.

"Tabby we've dealt with worse." Kitty said as she sat between Tabitha and Rogue. Amara took the seat between Tabitha and Laura.

"What happened?" Rogue asked as she finished off the last of her fries.

"The cashier was having a bad day."

"Bad day my ass." Tabitha grumbled as she bit into her sandwich.

"Well it's not important so lets just enjoy being at the mall." Amara said

"Now all we have to do is think out our plan of attack." Kitty said as she went to take a bite of her salad.

"We're under attack?" Laura asked as she sat up even straighter and started to scan the mall for possible threats.

"No," Rogue was quick to try and calm her down and even grabbed on to her arm to keep her from jumping up out of her chair. "It's just an expression." She continued and released her arm when she felt her relax slightly.

"Nice going girl you almost turned the mall into a war zone." Tabitha said as she elbowed Kitty in the ribs.

Kitty blushed as she swallowed her bite and then looked over at Laura. "Sorry Laura, I didn't mean to freak you out."

"It's fine." Laura said as she continued to scan the mall.

"Why do you do that?" Amara asked

"Do what?" Laura said without even looking over at Amara.

"Scan all of the places we go into."

"I'm checking for possible threats."


They sat at the table discussing what to do and finishing their lunches. After several minutes of trying to decide which stores to go to first and eventually coming to an agreement, they left the food court and set out to shop.

"How 'bout this?" Kitty asked as she held up a long black skirt.

"Kit it's got pink flowers on it." Rogue said with disgust.

"So, would it kill you to own more girly cloths?" Kitty said as she rolled her eyes and hung the skirt back up.

"They'd probably burn her."

"I'm surprised she didn't turn to dust the moment the sun hit her."

Kitty looked behind Rogue to see the source of the voices and then said to Rogue, "Rogue don't." Rogue did not respond before turning around.

Tiffany gave a big fake smile before saying, "I'm surprised they let trash like you in."

"Look Tiff." At the nick name Tiffany wrinkled her noise in disgust; it was known fact that she hated nick names. "Ah'm in a good mood today and Ah suggest that ya don't ruin it."

"You don't scare me you hillbilly freak." Tiffany spat as she folded her arms over her chest. Rogue only cocked an eyebrow at Tiffany's attempt to appear brave in front of her, but Rogue knew it was all talk. Rogue then started walking toward Tiffany and Rogue could see her flinch and suck in a deep breath as she stopped an inch from her.

Rogue then whispered "yeah right."

Tiffany was frozen in fear as Rogue walked around her; Rogue was intent on not sinking to her level. Kitty followed after Rogue as Tiffany was too shocked to do anything.

She then turned around to glare at Rogue's back before saying, "Yeah well…at lest I have a boyfriend and, I can kiss him and touch him in ways you can only imagine."

"She was with a guy last night." One of her friends spoke up from her side.

Tiffany turned and glared at her friend before saying "Obviously he lost a bet, or something, I mean what kind of guy willingly asks a freak out who can't touch."

Kitty could see the whole exchange in a mirror they were passing by. Kitty then looked over at Rogue to see how Tiffany's comments were affecting her and could see that on the outside she looked relatively unaffected. Kitty knew it was an entirely different story on the inside. She had known for a long time that Rogue really liked Remy, they had had late night conversations about it and Rogue had made her swear that she was never to inform anyone of anything they discussed. She had also told Kitty that the reason she turned him down every time he asked her out was because she was afraid that he would get sick of not being able touch and leave her. She had even gone as far to confess that if she really did give her heart to him and he did leave that she wasn't sure she would be able to get over it. It was for these reasons that Kitty knew that these comments were affecting her, but she also knew that Rogue wasn't going to show it.

"What's going on over here?" Tabitha said as she came around the corner with Laura and Amara behind her. "Oh." She said as she saw Tiffany and had figured out what all the commotion was about.

"Did you guys find anything?" Kitty asked with a smile as she ignored Tiffany.

"No, not really." Amara said as she, Tabby, Kitty and Laura followed Rogue down an isle.

"So you freaks are just going to ignore me!" Tiffany screeched as she stomped her foot and followed after them. "Nobody ignores me!" her voice only getting louder in anger as her two friends followed nervously behind her.

"Tiffany maybe we should just leave them alone."

"Excuse me!" Tiffany came to a stop and turned around to glare at her.

"It--it's just that there's more of them and the have powers, so they could really hurt us."

"I'm not afraid of them."

"Excuse me, miss, I'm going to have to ask you and your friends to leave."

Tabitha flew back down the isle with Amara right at her heels as they both peeked around the rack of cloths to see what was happening. They could see a man possibly in his late fifty's and the build of a football player telling Tiffany and her friends to leave.

"Excise me!!" she shrieked her face turning beat red in her anger.

"You are upsetting my customers and your voice is giving me a headache, so I am telling you to leave my store."

"You're telling me to leave," The look on her face showed complete disbelieve "you do know you have freaks in this store, right?"

"If you are referring to the group mutants that are shopping in my store, than yes I am well aware that they are here. Now, if you do not leave I will be forced to call security to come and escort you three out."

Tabitha doubled over in laughter at look on Tiffany's face and had to lean on Amara for support, who was also laughing.

"You freaks are going to pay for this on Monday!" She then turned and stormed out of the store with her friends following after her.

"You guys should have seen it, it was so funny." Amara said as her and Tabitha both ran back down the isle where Kitty, Rogue and Laura were looking at cloths.

"Yeah I thought for--"

"Was that Bobby?" Kitty asked no one in particular as she looked over at the entrance of the store.

"What would Bobby be doing at the mall?" Amara said as she looked over as well.

"I don't know, but I know I saw him." Kitty said as she as she continued looking.

"It couldn't have been him."

Kitty started looking around and then said "Where did Rogue go?"

"She's over there." Laura said as she pointed to the male section of the clothing store.

"Rogue, what are you doing over there?"

"Yeah we're not guys." Amara said

"Maybe there's something she's not telling us."

Rogue rolled her eyes at Tabby as she was looking at some shirts. "Ah was thinkin 'bout gettin' Remy somethin'."

"Aaww." Came the collective call from Kitty, Tabitha and Amara.

Rogue glared at the three of them and then turned around and walked deeper into the section.

"Oh come on Rogue don't get mad, that's really sweet of you." Kitty said

"Can I help you ladies with something?"

They all looked over see the man that had told Tiffany and her friends to leave, folding shirts.

"Yeah she's looking for something for her incredibly hot boyfriend." Tabitha then shriek in surprise when Rogue threw a shirt at her.

"Would y'all leave meh alone?"

"What kind of things is he into?"

Tabitha handed the shirt to the man and gave an evil smirk before starting to count off on her fingers "Girls, motorcycles, Girls, drinking, Girls, partying, Gi--"

"Tabitha, Ah swear ta God if ya don't knock it off, yer gonna have an unfortunate accident."

"I don't know why Remy enjoys making you mad. You're mean when you get mad." Amara said

"Some guy's are into that kind of thing." Tabitha whispered to Kitty.

"Oh, you can get him a pair of sunglasses, you know since you broke a pair of his." Amara suggested.

"Okay, first of all he probably stole 'em, so they were never his ta begin with. Second of all it was his own dame fault and third of all that be like the biggest insult ever."

"Okay, so don't get him a pair of sunglasses it was just a thought."

"Ah want ta git him somethin' personal."

"Underwear." Tabitha said as she snapped her fingers and had a triumph smile on her face.

"What?" Rogue looked back at her with a look of confusion.

"Underwear, you can get anymore personal than that." She said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Rogue groaned as she turned her attention to the man who had offered his assistance and could see him attempting to hold back a laugh at watching them bicker amongst one another. "Thank ya fer atteptin' ta help us, fer tellin' Tiffany off and Ah'm so glad that we could entertain ya with our bickerin'." Rogue turned her attention back to her friends and said "Ah'm levin'."

"Have a nice day girls!" he called as she turned around and started walking towards the entrance with Kitty trying to catch up with her while say thank you over her shoulder.

"Thank you" the remaining three called as walked after Kitty and Rogue.

"Nice one Tabby." Amara said as they made it about half way through the store.

"Oh come on 'mar it was funny." Tabitha gave a grin as she threw her arm around Amara's shoulder.

"Your phone is beeping Tabby." Laura said

Tabby released Amara, stopped and started digging through her purse as Amara and Laura kept walking "Hold up, I can't look for it while we're walking."

"We're going to lose Rogue and Kitty and maybe if you didn't carry a lot of unnecessary stuff in it you would be able to find what you're looking for."

"Laura can track them and there's no unnecessary stuff in here, now here hold this." She then shoved a hand full of stuff into Amara's hands.

"Why do you have all of this?" she said as Tabby continued to hand her things "There's like five hundered pens--"

"There are only eleven pens." Laura interrupted

"Okay so eleven pens, gum, receipts, candy wrappers and gross, is that melted chocolate."

"I don't know prob--ah-ha found it!"

"Great here." Amara thrust her hands forward to give Tabitha her stuff back.

"Just throw it all in." She said as she held her purse open for Amara. Amara rolled her eyes as she dumped everything back into her purse.

"Hey it's a text from Remy." She said reading her cell phone as the three of them walked out of the store.

"What's it say?" Amara asked leaning over her shoulder.

"Be back by six."

"What time is it now?"


"So we only have fifty-eight minutes left."

"No we only have approximately eighteen minutes." Laura said as she walked in front of Tabitha and Amara sniffing several times as to not lose the trail.

"How do you figure that?" Amara asked

"It takes about five minutes to walk across the mall, another five across the parking lot and about another thirty on the way home, plus the other two minutes which only leaves about eighteen minutes."

"Did you find them yet?" Tabitha asked with slight irritation.

"Almost." Laura said as she sniffed again and continued walking. They had past by a few more stores before Laura had started to veer from the center of the mall to a biker store. They walked into the store and could see Rogue and Kitty towards the back looking at helmets.

"Hey Rogue!" Called Tabitha about as loudly as she possibly could have. Several people looked over at her which caused her to snap "What are you all looking at?" The people all looked away and continued do what they had been before.

"What?" Rogue called with out even turning around

"We have to leave in about ten minutes."


"Because Remy wants you home at six."

"Crap." Rogue said as she started to quickly scan the store.

"Rogue why don't you get him a gift card?" Kitty suggested

"'cause gift cards aren't very personal."

"Well, you're running out of time."

Rogue continued to look around the store in a desperate attempt to find something. After scanning the store twice she sighed and walked over to the cash register.

"What can I help you with?" the man at the counter asked.

"Gift card." She pulled her wallet out of her purse and pulled her debit card out.

"Which one?"

"Two hundred."

He reached behind himself, grabbed a card and set it on the counter. Rogue swiped her card and thanked the man. "Alright lets go." They all left the store and as Rogue continued walking to the parking lot her heart had started to beat faster at the fact that her date with Remy was so close.

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