A/N: Yo from Spice, yet again. This was Misao's idea, which I stole. Rated for what you're thinking, not what we're saying.

"I am going to kill Rangiku."

"For once, I agree wit' ya, Hitsugaya-kun."

Momo paused, her hand inches away from the Tenth Division office door. Shiro-chan and Ichimaru-taicho? What?

"Why do we have to do this? It's stupid."

"Stupid? I find it rather amusing."

Momo shivered at the sound of Gin's quiet chuckles. Why is Shiro-chan with Ichimaru-taicho? That man is nothing but evil! If it weren't for him— Her musings were cut off by the loud shout of an irate-sounding Toshiro. "The hell Gin, put that away!"

"Don't cha want it, Hitsugaya-kun?"

"I most certainly do not!"

"You'll like it."

"Says you."

"Try it."




"Hitsugaya-kun, you have to take the wrapper off."

"I know that!"

Momo's left eye was starting to twitch. No…the-they can't be!

"Gods, Gin! It's gross! It tastes like cough medicine!"

"Picky, picky, aren't we?"

"Don't drip on my coat! Do you know how hard it is to get stains out of white?"

Momo's head was spinning. She slid to the floor, not quite believing the implications of the conversation she had so accidentally come across.

"Gin, you spilled all over my pants!"

"Gomen, Hitsugaya-kun."

"You're doing it wrong! That doesn't go there!"

"It's not my fault that some parts don't fit!"

Poor Momo. She was curled up tightly in fetal position, sobbing quietly and foaming at the mouth. Footsteps reached her ears but she was currently too traumatized to bother looking up. Rangiku stormed around the corner, not even noticing the girl cowered against the wall, and slammed open the office door. "Alright guys, you can go now." Gin and Toshiro peeked out, a puzzle and a box of grape popsicles betwixt them. Gin frowned at the nearly unconscious fukutaicho. "Is that Momo-chan?" Rangiku looked behind her. "What's her problem?" Both taichos shrugged. "Dunno."