A/N: I am starting a new story again

A/N: I am starting a new story again! I am sorry and I know that you guys are going to hate me but I just started writing and this is what I came up with! I am so excited about it and I think you will be too once you read this chapter but if you do read it please review! Thank you. Do not know how long this fic will be but hopefully it won't be more than 12 chapters. ENJOY!!


Lucas ran his hand through his hair for what seemed like the tenth time that day. He was extremely bored. His blue orbs were glazed with darkness as he scanned the many students that sat before him, seemingly engrossed in there assignment. They passed over a boy with spiked hair and a girl with curly blond hair. His eyes stayed there but only for a second before they moved to the side where the brunette girl sat thumping her pencil against her temple in thought.

His tongue flicked out licking his lip as he watched the girl run her hands frustratingly through her hair. She was beautiful. He turned his attention back to her friend with the blond mass of curls. He did prefer blonds anyways, look at his girlfriend Lindsey. He shook his head letting his thought return back to the other blond in question. There was no doubt that she was gorgeous as well. Many dirty images went through his mind at that second, images that he should not be seeing, especially when they included him and one of his students.

Gotta lay low Lucas. He thought to himself. There had been rumors going around about student/teacher relationships but nothing was found. Nothing was ever found. Nobody would dare tell on their precious teacher. Especially the girls that he had chose. He knew they would never tell. They were beautiful but they were fragile. In other words, he always chose the girls that were vulnerable. They needed someone and he would be that someone. At least until he got tired. He couldn't remember the last time he had had a new girl. Ever since the investigations had started he had cut loose his then fling and laid low. But that had been over 7 months ago and he was ready for another one. Not that his official girlfriend Lindsey wasn't enough for him, he just wasn't your average guy. He wasn't use to staying with one girl, in other words, he got bored.

His eyes flicked to the clock momentarily taking in the time. 2:40. He didn't have much time to decide. He knew one thing for sure, he was going to find another fling today! But he couldn't choose who. He had narrowed it down to the brunette and the blond duo. He had watched them. He had watched them for a while. The two seemed inseparable. Wherever the brunette went the blond went. He did notice that the brunette, Brooke was her name, had seemed to be the one in charge of where they went, in fact, she seemed to be the one in charge of everything!

She was the head cheerleader, the president of Student Council, not to mention a shoe-in for Tree Hill's Prom Queen. She was envied by every girl and adored by every guy. Besides that she was a regular of his brother's Nathan Scott. Nathan Scott, Lucas's brother was Tree Hills famous basketball coach where he was the English teacher. He had heard the rumors about his brother and the famous head cheerleader. He was sure that they were true but what could anyone do about it? They both denied it, plus it wasn't like Brooke's parents were around to press charges or anything anyway, and if they were around they probably wouldn't care anyways. And like I said, there was never any evidence.

Lucas wasn't really close with his brother but could he really prey on one of his girls? Brooke Davis at that? She was like his brother's number one girl. He would be asking for it if he even tried anything with her. You see Lucas and his brother had an agreement. They didn't talk about what went on with them and their girls and they definitely didn't mess with each others girls. Especially their number one girls. But Lucas had his #1 taken away. Anna Taggarro. After cutting her loose after the investigations started she soon moved away along with her brother, who Lucas had heard had been sent to boot camp, something about putting dike on Peyton's locker.

His thoughts moved back to Peyton then, his eyebrow perking. Dike? He had never been with a lesbian before. Maybe they could have a threesome. He chuckled to himself at that but then shook his head, the rumor most likely wasn't true so there was no need for getting excited.

2:44. He had to hurry up and make a decision. He only had one minute until the bell rang. He thanked God that there was no practices today, he wouldn't have to rush with whoever he chose. His eyes darted between the two best friends, Peyton and Brooke. Brooke had all the confidence in the world, she was tough, outspoken, and from what he heard in the halls 'a class A bitch'. And then there was Peyton, her artsy, emo, 'everybody always leaves' friend. He remembered hearing through the grapevine that Peyton's boyfriend Jake had moved back to Savanna just last Friday, something about baby momma drama. Anyways, the important thing is that Peyton was devastated which to Lucas made her the PERFECT target. His mind was made up and as the bell rang he cleared his throat.

"Peyton, will you stay after class please. I need to speak to you about your grades." he informed his face stern and his voice deep. He let his eyes take in her friend but only for a second before turning to move back to his desk.

The blond girl turned to her best friend giving her a small smile. "Wait for me at the car, ok? I'll be right out," she promised as she nudged her friend playfully before turning back to gather her things.

Brooke just nodded at her friend before looking up to glance at her English teacher. Her eyes squeezed into tiny slits as she watched him pretend to look over some papers. She knew exactly what he was up to. "Be careful P.Sawyer ok?" she let out in her usual raspy voice, her eyes never leaving him.

"Yeah, yeah," Peyton let out brushing Brooke out the room, her head buried in her book bag. Brooke shook her head before turning and walking out of the classroom. And then they were alone.

"Peyton please I don't have all day," Lucas let out as he watched the blond pack her things without a care in the world. She stopped abruptly giving him an apologetic smile.

"I'm sorry Mr. Scott," she apologized before getting up and heading towards his desk. "Oh," she let out as she hit her forehead in remembrance. "Do you want me to shut the door."

"That's ok," Lucas replied with a sly grin. "I will get it."

He slowly made his way to the door shutting it slowly and quickly locking it secretly. "Well don't just stand there," he let out with a snicker. "Sit in my chair," he commanded. He watched as she moved to his chair drinking in the curves of her body. It wasn't much, but he would make due.

"Now Miss Sawyer I wanted to talk to you about your test last Friday." He rummaged through his papers as he bent down beside his chair. "Found it." A 54F- adorned the front of it. "Now you usually do well Miss Sawyer," he informed, as his hand brushed her thigh unnoticed. "Wanna tell me what is going on," he asked softly.

Peyton's eyes looked up at him before darting down to the offending hand on her thigh. Tell him to stop. She told herself, but of course she didn't. "Um...it won't happen again Mr.Scott," she let out quietly as she let her head fall, hiding her eyes from him. "I've just been going through a lot lately."

He smirked to himself before forcing his face to form into one of sorrow. "It wouldn't have anything to do with that Jake guy would it?" He let his other hand move to her chin, slowly lifting it, her eyes meeting his.

"How did you know," she gasped as tears immediately begin to fill her green eyes.

"I know a lot of things Peyton," he informed and waited patiently for the first tear to fall. His cue. "Aw, sweetie don't cry," he begged pulling her to his chest. "It's going to be ok," he consoled as he ran his hands up and down her back. She smelt so good, he couldn't resist placing a small kiss on her neck. It was then that she pulled away from him, confusion glittering her eyes.


"I'm glad you stopped crying," he cut her off expertly, his hands playing with her curls. "You're to beautiful to cry." He dropped it. The line he knew would have her eating out of the palm of his hands soon after.

"You think I am beautiful?" she asked her green eyes resembling those of a puppy. Bingo.

He looked into her green eyes begging her to see the sincerity he was faking. "Of course you are!" he assured kissing her cheek softly. Her eyes closed at this. He smiled to himself. "You are so beautiful that I could just--"

His lips met hers then, expertly. And she let him, just as he knew she would. He snaked his tongue in her mouth resulting in moan from the younger blond. "Oh, my gosh!" she let out and Lucas took this as his opportunity and slipped away, a look of fear on his face.

"I'm sorry Peyton, I didn't mean to do that, it's just you're so beautiful and I don't know what came over me--" he rambled intentionally. It didn't take long for that blond girl to interrupt him.

"No," she protested as her finger flitted to his lips. She blushed at this. "I wanted it," she concluded and Lucas couldn't hide the smirk on his face.

Typical. He took the blond in his arms once more and let his lips crash onto hers before quickly breaking apart from her. "This can be our little secret, ok?" He brought his lips to hers again then.

"Yeah, ok," she spoke between there kisses. "I won't tell a soul." He broke away from her then, almost too quickly.

"I have to get back to work...but we can continue this tomorrow, ok?" He was such an expert. He knew before she opened her mouth that she would agree.

"Ok," she agreed. "I have to go meet Brooke anyways."She picked up her bags from the floor by her desk and walked to door pausing when she reached it. She turned back awkwardly meeting his eyes. "See you tomorrow," she replied as she watched him sit back into his desk chair.

"Counting the hours," he replied huskily as he watched her smile and exit his classroom. He'd fuck her by the end of tomorrow, he was sure of that.

He sat at his desk waiting to hear the sound of his door click but when it didn't he looked up suspiciously and was greeted with the dark hazel eyes of Brooke Davis.

He hadn't expected this. His eyes immediately went back to the papers in front of him. "What are you doing here Miss Davis?" he questioned, his voice drawled with uneasiness.

The door shut finally and he heard the loud sound of it being locked. "Oh nothing," she let out as she made her way around the classroom stopping to look out of the only window in his classroom that overlooked all the outside scenery below his third floor classroom.

His eyes flitted up to the beauty as she pulled a strand of her hair back. He noticed she was dressed in a very revealing green tank top and some jean Capri's. Her body was to die for. He quickly shook his head of these thoughts. "Peyton is looking for you," he let out huskily as he took in her every move.

"I know," she let out casually, her eyes finally locking with his. "But I had something to take care of."

"What, my brother?" he snapped as he ran his hand through his blond locks.

Her eyes grew dark at that comment. "I'd stay out of your brothers damn business if I were you."

"Or what?" he challenged.

She opened her mouth to respond but then she quickly shut it shaking her head. "You're getting off topic. Peyton is what I am here to talk about. Stay the hell away from her," she finished finally reaching his desk. She bent down resting her hands on it. "You think you're sneaky? I am so on to you," her eyes were full of skeptism as she drinked over his appearance. He was hot no doubt. No he was sexy! His blue eyes seemingly innocent, but she could see right through them. She could see right through the muscled chest under this white shirt and the big penis under his gray suit pants.

"You have to understand something," he started as he leaned back into his chair. "I want Peyton, and what I want I get." He winked at her before turning his attention back to his papers.

She bit her lip in thought before standing up. "Don't let the door hit you on the way out," he mumbled as he listened to the clicking of her green heels.

It happened so quickly. One minute he is listening to the click of her heels and the next she is straddling him in his chair! "See I always get what I want too," she whispered huskily as she let her hands run down his chest. "Why don't we make a deal here Mr.Scott...Lucas...yeah I like Lucas better. Why don't we make a deal Lucas?" She finished as she grabbed his collar pulling him toward her. "You don't sleep with Peyton and I give you the one thing that you can't have," she proposed bringing her lips to his teasingly.

He gasped in excitement. "And what would that be?" he asked as he brought his hands to her waste, grabbing her possessively. He couldn't remember the last time he had gotten so hard so quickly.

She smiled at him devilishly as she grabbed his crotch suddenly, emitting a groan from Lucas. She bit her lip, her eyes squinting at him in a way that was driving him crazy. "Me," she let out and just like that she was gone.

He looked around for any trace of the brunette temptress before jumping out of his chair immediately. There was nothing, no sort of evidence to show that she had ever been there. It was as if it was all a dream.


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