A/N: This is Misao speaking. This is something I wrote while Spice was beating me up in Chemistry. It came out better than I thought it would. Tell me if you like it.

If there are demons there must be angels as well, right? I know there are because he is my angel. That soul as pure as snow that has yet to fall, the body that is perfection, his emerald eyes glint with innocence.

But when emerald eyes phase to gold any trace of innocence is gone. Hair the color of moonlight, soul dark and corrupted, eyes sing of deception, the body is still perfection. But it is a much darker perfection. The type of perfect that makes men lie, cheat and steal all to possess the sinful pleasures of the flesh. He indulges their sins before indulging his own. The stains on his hands bring no regrets as he lavishes in their bath of blood. He is unquestionably demon.

There is yet another side of him. The perfect blend of both good and evil. The angel and demon flawlessly entwined into a single soul, a single form. Hair of blood, untainted body, and his eyes are the combination of both the angel and demon, good and evil, dark and light, impossible to distinguish between the two. So what is he? Angel or demon? Is it possible to be both?

To me, he is perfect. Perfectly Kurama.