Thousands of years ago, vampires had rein control of the night. I was one of them to await the birth of the silver blood.

Being the guardians to the unborn leader of the powerful clan. Vincent and I hoped that one day he would overthrow the evil vampires for good.

"It'll take about another three hundred years to wait for his birth," I whispered to Vincent as he held me close.

"Yes, it will Shiloh, but as long as we're together it won't matter," Vincent grinned at me showing a hint of fangs.

But, we're his guardians to God and ourselves Vincent, I sent him with my mind.

Yes, we named ourselves the child's guardians, Vincent also shot back.

"when the time comes you and I will meet again someday Shiloh my love," Vincent said as he let his molecules go, and drift into the night air.

It was the end of the dream and Simon let his eyes open. Zoe also startled by his movements held his hand.

"What is it Simon"?

"Nothing, Zoe it's just a dream," whispered Simon.