A/N Hey it's my new story and it's Yugioh

A/N Hey it's my new story and it's Yugioh. This fic will be YAOI so if you don't like then don't read simple as that.

Okay so

First: this is an AU fic and there will be a lot of OOCness

Second: there will be some cussing to try and keep the characters sort of in character

Third: there will probably be some perverseness I guess.

Shippings: Tendershipping, Siblingshipping, Puppyshipping, Puzzleshipping, Bronzeshipping, and Chaseshipping

Also I will be using their English names.

Chapter 1: Mischievous Teens

It was early in the morning. Six teens were sneaking around the hallways of the castle as quietly as they could.

"Malik do you see anyone ahead?" Joey whispered.

"No it's clear," Malik said after looking around the corner.

They swiftly ran down the hallway to the other trying to get to the back kitchens without being noticed by anyone. Pretty soon they made it to said kitchens and Joey kneeled near a wall and pulled out one of huge the wall tiles.

"Yugi, Ryou you two go first since you're the smallest." He said and motioned to go through the square hole in the wall.

Yugi and Ryou were just about to climb through when they heard footsteps from outside the double doors of the kitchen. They gasped. Joey put back the tile and they all tried to find a place to hide. Ryou and Yugi hid in some vacant cabinets. Joey and his sister Serenity slid under the table, so they could be hidden by the table cloth. Malik and Tristan ran through the doors that stored the spices and herbs.

Three maids walked into the room and began their cleaning for the chefs to come and cook their meal for breakfast. They wiped down all the counters, the tables, and mopped the floor. They soon left and the teens came out of their hiding places.

They hurried back to the loose tile in the wall when someone unexpectedly walked in mid removal of tile.

"And just what do you six think you're doing."

The said teens froze and looked up to see their sensei.

"Hey Sensei," they said chuckling nervously.

"Don't hey me you six are in big trouble. Now follow me." He said and walked out of the room with them following.

Their sensei led them to a door a couple of guards were guarding.

"State why you are here," one of them said.

"I need to see the King and Queen for a talk with their kids," the sensei said.

The guards moved aside and the six teens along with their sensei walked through the door. They walked in and found the King and Queen in the middle of a meeting with the nobles. They walked all the way into the room and lined up horizontally behind their sensei. They King, Queen, and nobles looked at their children and sighed.

"What did they do now?" they asked.

"They tried to escape to the outside world again." The sensei said and bowed.

"You may leave Sensei Odai.," the King said.

"Yes King Wheeler." Odai said bowed once more and left the room.

The nobles, King, and Queen turned to their children and began their speech.

"Why must you six always try to break out of the castle?" they asked.

"If Joey and Serenity are going to rule one day with us as their court we need to know our country!" Malik yelled.

"We haven't seen our country once!" Tristan said.

"There is a reason for that!" Malik's father yelled.

"And just what is it!" Malik yelled back.

"Yeah! If you would tell us then we'll stop trying to sneak out." Ryou said.

"We are not allowed to tell you that." Ryou's father said.

"And again. Why not?" Joey yelled.

Their parents went quiet and looked away.

"You're keeping something from us and we're going to find out what. Come on you guys." Serenity said and walked out the meeting doors followed by the rest of them.

"Just where do you think your going!" King Wheeler said. "We are not through with you six yet!"

The six friends ran out of the room and to their meeting room they found in Serenity's ceiling. They took off their shoes left them by Serenity's door and climbed through the ceiling. Joey and Tristan reached down to grab Yugi and Ryou.

"They are hiding something from us." Malik said.

"Ya think," Joey said sitting onto the floor being careful to not make any noise.

"I say we find out what it is," Tristan said.

"I want to find out too I mean haven't you guys wondered why our parents have never let us see or go outside." Yugi said.

"Yeah," Ryou agreed.

"Alright let's come up with a plan to do this then." Serenity said.

"Yeah," everyone said and sat down in a circle and started whispering.


Next Day

"Get up Master Joey!" the maid yelled.

Joey turned his body fell out of the bed. He began grumbling. "Alright! I'm up!"

He stood up from the floor and went to his closet. He picked out his black training pants and a sort of tight red shirt. He walked into the bathroom and did his morning routine. He walked out of his room and went to meet Sensei Odai along with his sister and four friends.

He walked out into the garden and saw his friends already there warming up. He saw his sister walk out of the door of her wing in the castle. They said 'Good Morning' and began to warm up and stretch.

"Alright you six trouble makers," Odai said bitterly. "We are going to improve your sword and fighting techniques.

The six teens grabbed their weapons and began focusing their energy. All six of the teens had their own specific fighting technique that went along with their sword technique. They have been training with this technique their whole lives.Their weapons glowed for a second and then went away. They pared up with each other and began to spar.

Serenity ran at her brother as fast as she could then teleported behind him and tried to slash him with her sword. Joey moved and blocked the attack with his sword. Serenity flipped over to the front of him and went to stab him.

Ryou was trying to block all of Yugi's attacks. He was soon moving backward to block the attacks. Yugi gave a forceful slash at Ryou and it threw him backward into Serenity. Serenity jumped back and Ryou flipped back onto his feet. He ran at Yugi as Joey and Serenity went back to their fight.

Meanwhile, Tristan and Malik were having their fun fight with speed. They were jumping everywhere and to the untrained eye all you could hear were the clanking of swords hitting each other and blurs passing you. The rest of the friends started taking their example and went into a speed spar with who can keep with whom.

Odai stood in the sidelines watching the six spar. 'Good they've gotten faster' he thought.

The six teens soon went into a team spar the two partners against two partners. They came out of their speed and went into power. Serenity started with her first attack.

"Petal dance!" she yelled and slashed across causing a wind full of pink petals to come out and hit Malik, Ryou, Yugi, and Tristan. Malik dodged, but the rest were hit. They were thrown backward into some of the garden's trees and Malik ran after Joey and Serenity to attack them.

"Psychic wave!" he yelled and a bunch of purple waves hit them. Joey and Serenity got hit by some, but were able to dodge the rest. They were a little dazed, but were able to stand back up and dodge the attacks from Yugi, Ryou, and Tristan.

Yugi got up and Ryou attacked him. They went into another short speed battle then jumped apart from each other to attack. "Obliterate!" Yugi yelled and stabbed his sword into the ground. The ground cracked open and four yellow blades came out and attacked Ryou. Ryou jumped up and the blades hit the ground.

Malik hit Ryou suddenly and they hit the ground. Malik stood up, rubbed his head, and then helped Ryou up. They charged at Tristan and Yugi. Yugi dodged Malik's attack only to be hit in the back by Serenity. Tristan began to do an illusion attack and was now in a circle surrounding Ryou. Ryou stopped and closed his eyes to try and find the real Tristan. He began attacking each Tristan double.

"Crystal Water!" He yelled water crystals come from his sword after he slashed and turned into crystals they flew towards the Tristan doubles. The Tristans were soon uncovered getting thrown to the ground. The battle went on for a couple more minutes before Odai stopped them, and they sat to rest.

"Go to your other studies and we are going to finish this class later on tonight. I want to see how you six fair fighting in the darkness." He said.

"Yes sir," they said and bowed leaving the garden and going to change for their study classes.

They all walked back into the castle and went to their rooms to change.

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