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Chapter 11: Bonding

Duke looked out the kitchen window as he stared at Tristan talking to his mother. He hadn't moved for a while and Duke was wondering if the younger boy was okay. Duke wanted to check if he was alright, but didn't move. 'He looks so beautiful out there.' Duke thought with a soft smile forming on his lips. 'I figured he wouldn't remember me, but it's so hard.' Duke thought sadly. He jumped slightly when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry, Duke. I'm sure he will remember you eventually." Duke turned to see who it was and was happy to see that it was Tristan's father.

"I know, it's just hard to see him after such a long time." Duke whispered as he placed his hand over Tristan's father's and squeezed.

"It will be alright, I promise you that." Tristan's father said as he left the room followed by Duke with a last glance at Tristan talking to his mother.

Duke walked down the hall and listened to the women squealing in the hall ways. "Did you hear? Noble Ryou's mother is setting up a wedding with that new guy that looks just like him."

"Yes, I heard that too, it's so romantic. Was he or Ryou the one that confessed?" Annther squealed.

"I think the new man confessed. That's what I've heard." another maid giggled happily.

Duke looked at the group of maids strangely before realizing what they were talking about. Duke ran to Bakura's room and slammed the door open in anger. "Bakura, what did you do to that poor boy?!" He yelled.

Bakura looked at Duke with a little happiness in his eyes. "What are you talking about, Duke?" he asked in confusion.

"What did you d to poor Ryou?! Did you even ask to see if he returned your feelings?!" Duke yelled.

Bakura's face fell as his normal evil tint in his eye came back. "Why would I do that? I don't even like the boy." Bakura said simply knowing he couldn't get anything passed Duke.

"Then why are you doing this to the poor boy? Don't you think you've tortured him enough?" Duke asked.

"No, I don't think Ryou's been tortured enough, and he deserves this punishment for lying to me." Bakura said as he sat up and stood.

Duke stared at Bakura before beginning to laugh. "Haha, Bakura you've fallen for this boy and you don't even know it." he said trying to stop laughing.

"What the hell are you taking about?!" Bakura roared. "I have no feelings for that boy whatsoever!"

Duke continued to laugh as he left the room. "Keep telling yourself that, Kura." Duke said as he left the room. He turned and gasped as he spotted someone unexpected. "What the hell?!"

Bakura ran out of the room. "Duke, what's wrong?!"

Ryou currently sat in his mother's study listening to her gossiping with her friends. "Mom, why are you planning this. Most likely it's just a trick that Bakura is playing on me. It was probably his way to get a laugh later." Ryou said desperately.

"Well, if it is a trick, we can use these plans for future reference ." she said as she continued to design Ryou's wedding dress. That's right you heard it correctly, a dress.

Him wearing a dress was precisely the reason that he did not want to be here. He was a boy, not a girl. Girl's wear dresses, boys don't it's that simple. But, his mother won't back down. She'd already made a few designs for dresses, and had even planned to make him wear one in the upcoming independence day ball. Ryou looked at the squealing women and gasped in surprise when they pulled him to model the newly made dresses that had already been planned.

"Hey, stop what are you doing?!"Ryou said as he was stripped and forcefully put into a semi- frilly corset. He gasped from a loss of breath when they tightened and knotted the laces. They turned him around and fastened the white, see through skirt that went under the dress, and matched the corset. He looked in the full length mirror and looked at his reflection in horror. He looked like he had...breasts.

Ryou turned to his mother. "Mom, what is wrong with you?! I'm a boy!" he said as he was turned back to the mirror. The two maids dressing him threw a dress over him and told him to slip his arms through. Ryou complied with and exasperated sigh. They pulled the dress over Ryou's small body and fixed it up. They put some gloss on his lips to finish the look, and turned Ryou to face his mother. Throughout the torture Ryou had kept his eye shut in fear of what he'd see.

"Open your eyes, Ryou!" he heard his mother squeal. "You look so cute!" he heard as the rest of the ladies agreed.

Ryou opened his eyes slowly and turned to the full mirror. He gasped at what he saw. The dress of course, was beautiful and sparkling. It puffed out at his hips and went to the floor. It was a bright sky blue color with sparkling pieces sewn in. Of what, Ryou did not know. He looked down feeling a pair of low heels on his feet. He pulled the dress up slightly to see that they were white.

"Ryou! You have to show you're father!" his mother said. "Go find him." she pushed Ryou out of the study.

Ryou sighed and left the room listening to the thumps of the heels on the carpeted floor. He walked down the hall, tying not to fall,contemplating Bakura's supposed trick on him.

'I don't know,' Ryou thought. 'It seemed that he actually meant it, but... knowing him, it's a trick. Oh, I don't know anymore.' Ryou thought as he stopped to see Serenity training in the garden. He smiled as he walked down the hall to find his father . Ryou wasn't sure if he wanted this 'trick' to be true or not.

During his search, he heard a loud conversation coming from about two rooms down the hall. He continued to walk, and saw Duke exit the room laughing. He tried to walk passed unnoticed, but failed miserably because of the heels. Duke stopped laughing and yelled the first thing that came to his head.

"What the hell?!" he yelled.

Ryou blushed brightly and tried to explain himself."Duke what's wrong?!" Ryou heard another voice, and saw someone appear next to Duke.

Ryou blushed even brighter than before and tried to back away. He sighed in defeat when Bakura turned his head to see what Duke was looking at.

It was one of the few times that Bakura had shown emotions other than anger. Bakura's mouth dropped when he saw the young boy in the dress. Duke smiled to Bakura and slowly walked away to leave them alone. Bakura looked at Ryou with wide eyes. Ryou looked away from Bakura and bit his lip.

"Ryou, what the...what happened to you." Bakura corrected himself still trying to keep his plan going. "You look... really beautiful." he said with a smile.

Ryou blushed. "Th- thank you, Bakura." he said as he brought a finger to his glossed lips. Bakura hugged Ryou tightly and brought the younger into a small kiss. He pulled away with a smile that Ryou reciprocated.

Bakura let his hands run through Ryou's pure white hair. "Why are you dressed like this?" Bakura asked as he pressed his lips against Ryou's softly, again.

Ryou hesitated, but kissed back a little this time not knowing what to do. "My mom." he answered. "She's planning to make me wear this for our independence day ball next week."

"Ah..." Bakura said with a small smile and chuckled.

"I have to go find my father now, Bakura, but I'll talk to you later, okay?" Ryou asked.

Bakura nodded with a smile. Ryou smiled and swiftly walked down the hall. After Ryou walked passed him, Bakura let a large evil grin grace his face. 'This is coming out perfectly.' he thought as he walked back into his room.

Malik's screams for help echoed throughout the castle. He couldn't believe that his father had left him with this... this... THING! Malik's father had locked the door from the outside and now Malik had really begun to hate his father for what ensued after he left. Malik was now running around his room, dodging a hyperactive, nickname making, glomping Marik.

"Malik-kitty come here!" Marik yelled as he held his arms open to grab at his obsession.

"Hell's no!" Malik yelled as he jumped off his bed and rolled onto his carpeted floor. He got up to slow because he was immediately jumped on and had the wind knocked out of him.

"Got you!" Marik yelled in triumph as he proceeded to hug the living daylights out of the younger. "Have I told you how cute I think you are!" Marik squealed whipping Malik from side to side. In his embrace.

"No, but I feel just how much you do." Malik struggled out as the oxygen was squeezed out of his lungs. He pushed Marik away and kneeled next to his bed laying his head on the soft sheets of the bed. He breathed in and out slowly, and wondered why Marik hadn't started glomping him again. He turned his head to see Marik kneeling next to him. He was very surprised to see Marik just staring at him.

Malik blushed. "I-is there something wrong, Marik." he asked softly still catching his breath.

Marik shook his head no and smiled softly to the younger. "You know you really are a cutie." he said before standing and leaving the room.

Malik gawked at the door wondering if it was just his imagination. He knew the bedroom door had been locked, he tried to open it himself. He walked out his room door still blushing to see Marik walking calmly down the hall. "Marik-." he started, but stopped himself when he saw his father leaning against the wall in front of his bedroom.

Malik's blush deepened as his father walked up to him and ruffled his hair. "Aw...does my son have a little crush?" he said chuckling before walking the opposite way down the hall.

"What- father – no. Argh!" Malik screamed as he span around in a circle. 'Maybe, I am getting attached to him. I mean he's still annoy, but I've learned now to just bare with it and he'll stop eventually.' Malik thought and the groaned again as he walked into his room and slammed the door shut. He jumped onto his bed and decided he needed a nap from the long day. He turned on his side and curled into a ball before eventually falling asleep. What Malik didn't know was that Marik didn't actually leave.

Marik opened the younger's bedroom door quietly and looked at Malik with a smile. 'Just like an angel.' he thought as he sat on the edge of the bed and moved the hair in Malik's face. Marik sat there the rest of the time just watching as his Malik-kitty slept peacefully.

Yugi knelt on a cushion in his bedroom as he waited for his grandfather to talk to him. Yami was leaning against the wall opposite of him, arms crossed. Yami looked at the worry filled young boy and smiled softly. "Don't worry, Yugi, everything will be alright." Yami said as Yugi's grandfather walked into the room. He kneeled onto another cushion and set a table in front of Yugi. Yugi pulled out a deck of cards as well as his grandfather, and Yami looked at the two in interest.

The two shuffled each others cards before handing them beck to their owner. They set the cards down on the table near the side. They each picked up five cards and started the card game.(1)

"Yugi, you do know that you have to have some form of punishment." Solomon said as he made the starting move.

"Yes, Grandfather, and I'm sorry for what I did. I just don't understand why we have to be tied down to this place." Yugi said as he place a few cards down and made a few movements.

Solomon dropped a card face up near the stack of cards he had and replied to Yugi. "You know that this is for your own good, but I have to admit, you're just like your father. He was just as mischievous and clever as you." Solomon said as he continued to place cards face down and sideways onto the table.

Yami looked at the two quietly recognizing the card game they were playing. It was an important game that caused you to think and made you think on your toes.

"Yami, what do you think that Yugi's punishment should be?" Solomo said suddenly as the two continued their game.

"I don't know, Mr. Solomon. I agree he does deserve a punishment, but to me it would be hard to pick out a punishment because Yugi is such a well rounded and kind child. He isn't someone that causes trouble often is he?" Yami asked.

Yugi blushed at Yami's comment and gave the older a small smile as he placed a few cards on the table. Solomon didn't miss Yugi's blush and smiled. "You are definitely correct, Yami, Yugi is not one to rebel often, so his punishment is to have you with him the whole time you are here. I fyou don't mind that is."Solomon said.

Yami replied. "No, I don't mind." he said.

Solomon placed a few more cards on the table before collecting them and leaving. Yugi looked at his grandfather in surprise and hadn't noticed that he had won the short game. Yugi looked down to his cards and sighed in defeat. He blushed a little as Yami helped him collect his cards.

"I didn't know you played." Yami asked.

"Yeah, I've been playing since I was really young." Yugi replied with a smile as he out his cards away and walked out to the fresh air of the balcony.

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