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Confusing as it may sound, this story is a crossover for Navy NCIS and Stargate SG-1 (that's not the confusing part). However, both shows are presented here in an alternate reality. So don't expect things to be exactly as you remember them.

I would explain more, but maybe it would be easier to just read the story…

Gibbs settled into his chair, just resting his coffee next to his monitor when a file slammed down on his desk, sending the cup flying. Staring at where his morning salvation had just been, he sighed. A stammered apology reached his ears – betraying the identity of the person responsible. McGee.

"This had better be important Agent McGee," he said without looking up, "or you will be starting your new career as a janitor in about two seconds."

"Uh, yes sir, it is sir." Gibbs looked up at the man, who actually managed to hold in his wince as he continued. "Sorry about your coffee, sir."

"If you know what's good for you McGee, you'll stop talking about my coffee and tell me what was so damn important."

The agent nodded. "Uh… yes. Sir." He opened the file, which Gibbs started to peruse. "A Colonel Jack O'Neill is on his way, sir. I've tried to look into his background, but most of it appears to be classified. He's requested a meeting with you and Agent Todd."

Kate looked up from her computer. "Me? Did he say why?"

"No, ma'am. Just that he wanted to see the two of you as soon as he arrives."

"Well, when is he arriving Agent McGee?" Gibbs asked.

The man checked his watch. "In about an hour, sir."

Gibbs waved a hand. "Alright – you and DiNozzo take a ride to the airport and pick him up."

"Yes, sir," was McGee's reply.

"Uh, boss… Don't you think that it would be better if I stayed here?"

"And do what, DiNozzo?" Gibbs turned his stare to the agent. "Got something you're working on that can't wait?"

Tony sucked a breath in through his teeth. He held it for a second before saying, "As much as I would like to lie and say yes…" he sighed, "I'm gonna have to go with a no."

"Then get outta here." Tony flinched.

"Right away, boss."

As the two men left, Gibbs stood and grabbed the file, walking over to Kate's desk. He sat down on the corner. "What do you make of him?" he asked, dropping Jack O'Neill's information in front of her. She read the file for a moment.

"Hmm… He's already retired once, so whatever brought him back to the military must've been important. Though it looks like there are a few gaps in his early service record, too." She continued reading. "Married twice. Divorced once, and the second wife died – doesn't say how. One son, victim of an apparent accident with his dad's gun. That fits with the recorded depression of the same year, and the divorce a year later." She closed the file and looked up. "Other than the obvious, there's not much I'll be able to tell you until I meet the man."

He gestured to her computer. "Why don't you look him up? You're still cleared for Air Force One, right?"

"Already tried that, when McGee said he wanted to meet me. I got nothing on him. It's almost like the man doesn't exist, Gibbs. I couldn't even find his fingerprints on file."

Gibbs rubbed his forehead. "I guess we'll find out soon enough." He stood and headed for the elevator. "I'm going to go get some more coffee. Call me if the Colonel shows up."

"You got it," Kate replied.

Normal so far, right? The differences will become apparent in the next chapter.

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