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Searching For What We Lost

Chapter 1 -

--Two Months Earlier--

The window in the room was opened, and she was on the bed bundled with tons of blankets which were not only protecting her from the cold, but from the world, too. The world had become a cruel place for her to be in in the past week, and it hurt too much.

She pressed her face harder into the pillow, not caring she was messing up her make-up and hair in the process, and that her clothing was becoming wrinkled.

Crying was the only thing that made any sense. And for the meantime, it seemed to help. She just wanted to be alone and cry.

Footsteps appeared, causing her sobs to calm down a bit, though they were still in existence...closer, closer, closer.

"Brooke." The voice was stern, but it still had the ability to sound soft. "Brooke." Her name was repeated. "People are here to pay their respects, you can't keep yourself locked up in this room."

"You weren't there." Her voice croaked. It was more raspy than usual due to the massive amounts of crying she had done. "You weren't there when he needed you, Luke."

Lucas's posture straightened; he fixed his tie before sitting down on the edge of the bed.

He knew that. He wasn't there, as she had reminded him countless times since the incident. He wasn't there, and he was walking around each day living with that. "I know." He tried to keep his voice steady. He wanted to be the stronger one in all this and let her know that he was here to listen. "But I need you to talk to me, okay? You can't block me out. We have to work through this together."

Silence filled the room. It wasn't an awkward silence, though. It was a silence full of shame and grief.

"Damn it, Brooke. This affects me just as much as it does you! You need to open up and talk! Or do something! Because sitting here like this is not going to make matters any better. And I know that what we went through is so horrible, and nobody should have to go through it...but it happened. And we can't ignore it!"


Brooke looked up from the magazine that was occupying her hands. Children were running around, playing on the jungle gym, and swinging on the swing sets.

Coming home was one of the hardest decisions she had to make in her life. It was the right thing, though.

California with Peyton had been great while it lasted. It gave her a clean slate, but it was time to stop running away from fears and problems now.

"Mama!" It was a child's voice; a small young boy. "Mama, come look!" And for a split second she was thrown back two months ago.

"Mama, come look!" He had blonde hair and blue eyes, just like his father.

"Not now, babe. Mama's busy. Why don't you get a head start and I'll meet you out there, buddy?"

"Alright." He sighed after his mother ruffled his head full of hair. "But don't take too long."

A ball bounced right in front of her face, an inch away from hitting her.

The boy from before quickly rushed to retrieve it. "I'm sorry." He said timidly. His hair was blonde, eyes blue. This boy reminded her of her own little boy.

Without another thought, she quickly stuffed the magazine in her bag, tossed it on her shoulder, and left the bench she had been sitting on.

"I said I was sorry." The boy said to his mother as Brooke quickly walked away from it all.

It was too much to handle.

The thought, the memory...it was all too much.


Lucas was greeted with the sound of a basketball dribbling against concrete as he made his way further down the Scott driveway.

"J. Luke, what's up, man?"

"Hi, uncle Lucas!" The five-year-old dropped the orange ball to give his uncle a hug. "I was just practicing 'cause daddy and I are having a one on one game later. Wanna come and watch?"

"Sure, buddy. Where's mom and dad?"

"In the kitchen."

"Thanks, I'll be right back." He clapped his nephew on the back before advancing towards the back door of Nathan and Haley's house.

Stepping inside, he expected to be greeted with the warm house-y feeling he had always been greeted with when there. It was a feeling he missed lately in his own home.

Except this time, it wasn't that warm house feeling. Much different, and much darker.

"Nate, what's going on?"

Nathan sat at the kitchen island, both hands wrapped around a hot mug of coffee.

He sighed deeply. "Look, man, I want to make sure you're calm before I tell you this–."

"What is it?" His face fell. This wasn't good.

"Hey, Nathan, I was just wondering if mayb–." Haley stopped dead in her tracks once Lucas came into sight. "Oh, hey, Lucas. I wasn't expecting you."

She sounded nervous, and that made Lucas even more concerned. "Guys, what's going on?"

Things were going horrible lately, and another disaster would just be the icing on the cake.

"I was running errands the other day, and I was in the supermarket, ya know, looking for those cookies Jamie loves so much–."

"Haley, please..." Lucas pleaded. "Just tell me." He didn't want to hear any stories or jokes...just the truth, straightforward.

"Okay, um,..." She cleared her throat, preparing for her next sentence. "I...I ran into Brooke, Luke. She's back...I mean, I don't know if she saw me, I think she did. She pretty much ran out of the store before I got a chance to confront her, but I definitely saw her..."

"Oh my god." His knees beneath him buckled and he felt like he was about to throw up. "I don't...I don't know what to think...or say..." He was speechless. Brooke, his wife whom he hadn't seen in weeks, was back.

"I just thought you should know before she showed up at your doorstep..." Haley trailed off and moved closer to her best friend.

To say she was worried about him would be an understatement; she was beyond worried.

"God." He mumbled, running his hands over his face.

Brooke was back.


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