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The words echoed back in her mind…"I can tell by how you look at him, I guess you really lo…" Her like…Him…no…It must be a mistake. She couldn't…she can't…could she? These questions echoed in her mind as she tried to remember the words. It was so short yet it filled her with so many questions. Do you? Sakura thought as she stared into the fire. She watched as the wood crackled as the fire hungrily devoured it, until only ashes could be seen.

"Sakura-Chan!" Naruto screamed out, breaking her train of thought.

"What?" She said looking alarmed, trying to search for the danger around them.

"Never mind." Naruto said, giving her a grin and looking away quickly.

Sakura loved that smile, no she could not. She loves Sasuke…doesn't she? She was frustrated and her anger got the best of her.

"Well in that case…" she said through gritted teeth, "Never do that again!"

Her hand swung back and came back again hitting Naruto's head.

"You had me scared!" Sakura said as she finally calmed down, once again sitting on her log.

"Ow! I'm sorry…" Naruto whimpered as he rubbed the back of his head.

She couldn't help smile as he began murmuring about something, but her smile faded quickly. She turned her back and stared once more to the radiating fire. Her gaze was solid as she tried to remember her train of thought and the battle between who she loves, once again began.

Sensing the awkwardness between the two team mates, Team Leader, Yamato thought it was the perfect time for a distraction.

"Well, even though I don't want to disturb this fascinating conversation," He said, "I think it's time for a scary story."

"Do we really have to?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, we need to." Yamato exclaimed turning his bulging eyes towards the hyperactive blonde.

"Did you hear that sakura, we need to. Now stop asking questions." Naruto said, grinning her way.

Sakura giggled and punched him in the arm. He laughed and tried to rub the bruise she left on his arm. His attempts of hiding his pain didn't work and she began laughing.

"Well as I was saying," continued Yamato, "It's my turn to tell the best scary story you have ever heard. Ever heard of Sleepy Hollow? It's the best ever."

"Sleepy Hollow? What's that? Are you serious? I have never heard of it." Naruto cried out.

"Are you serious!? That is like the best movie ever, in my days anyways." Yamato cried.

"What is a movie?" Sakura said.

"Never mind…Well anyways…"Yamato said

"Hurry up!" Naruto exclaimed running out of patience.

"Don't rush me!" Yamato cried. "Get ready. This will surely scare you."

Then he began his story as the two ninjas leaned against the log with each other as company.

"On a dark and stormy night, by the woods filled with creatures, there came a galloping noise…" Yamato started.

As time passed by, Yamato's voice got louder and he became so passionate telling the story that he lost track of the time and the audience.

"The heads rolled out of the logs." He exclaimed. He waited for the scream yet nothing happened. He turned around to see the two teammates leaning against each other, their face looking relax and content.

He was filled with rage and began mumbling about how kids don't appreciate the art of scary stories and something about being disappointed with the ending. Still talking to himself, he sat down leaning against a tree and fell asleep as the fire slowly dimmed.

Unaware of their surroundings, the two friends slept soundly under the bright starry sky, but something is about to change…

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