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Then her heart froze, and all became blurred. She began running, faster, without stopping, without thinking.

"Naruto…" She whispered.

She ran as fast as she could…to where? She did not know. Her eyes were half closed as tears streamed down her face. All she cared about was making sure he was safe and she ran where ever her heart took her.

Then for a moment everything became calm. Without knowing it, she had stumbled into a clearing. She began to feel relaxed until she saw the sight in front of her. Lightning and wind was battling showing the broken friendship between the two friends. Naruto was trying to plead with him to come back but his mind was made up. The person they see right now was not the Sasuke they knew...

"Rasengan!" naruto said and hit sasuke right in the chest. The blast sent him flying into the trees.

Sakura ran to the injured naruto.

"Are you ok?" She asked hugging him tightly.

"Sakura-chan?" He asked half confused then a smile appeared on his face and he returned the embrace. "Did I not promise, I'd come back for you?"

"Well…promises can be broken." She said. "But I guess you're safe now."

"I never break the promises of the ones I love." He said as he slowly leaned in for a kiss but a sudden rustle stopped him in his tracks.

"You think you could get away that easily?" Sasuke said as his curse marks began to spread. "I will kill you this time."

"Kage-no-bunshin." Naruto said. "You... (turning to one of the clones) keep Sakura safe…at all cost."

"Please…don't make me go." She pleaded with him.

"No I can't risk your life…no matter what happens to me." He said, his bright eyes pleading with hers.

"But…" she said.

As a response, he gave her a soft kiss on the cheeks…

"I will live. Plus I still need a kiss from a very pretty girl, but not here. Now hurry and try to keep safe."

The clone took her hand and gently guided her far away from the fight.

"Why is he doing this?" She asked no one in particular.

"I just want you to be safe because I have loved you from the start."

She turned around to see a pair of deep blue eyes but she realized it was only a clone.

"If you really loved me, you would have stayed with me no matter what." She said as tears began to flow.

Then a warm hand embraced her cold body and she could see the familiar loving smile on the clones face.

"What part of I never break a promise do you not get." He said

They stopped by a small stream away from the battle of her two loves.

"Why do you love me anyways? I've always been mean and hurtful?" She asked as she grabbed his hand. It amazed her how the clone made her feel as if the real Naruto was sitting right beside her.

"You have always been there for me, whether correcting my wrongs or encouraging me. I almost lost hope every time you would talk about sasuke but my attraction to you was so strong, I was helpless." He said.

This touched her because not only was it coming straight from his heart but from the guy who has loved her for forever.

She snuggled up to him and looked up to his beautiful eyes. Then without knowing it, there face became closer but then the clone disappeared in a puff of smoke.

One thought raced in her mind and it was, "Naruto, you idiot…please don't die."

She ran as fast as she could, her mind racing with panic. In what seemed like centuries to her, she arrived back into the clearing to see an unimaginable sight. There were holes on the ground and ashes could be seen everywhere. There in the middle of all the rubble laid Naruto's body bleeding and smoking from the attack. She ran to him… praying he would still live.

"Hi there beautiful," he whispered as he coughed up some blood. "I'm still alive."

Her impulse almost punched him but instead she wiped the blood of his lips and kissed him with as much force as her love. It felt great to her, like finding the right person after being lost.

As they broke apart, she held his body in a warm embrace.

"Please, don't leave me now." She pleaded with him but she knew that was an impossible request.

"We both know that is very unlikely but one thing's for sure…you're a better kisser than sasuke." He said with a grin on his face.

She punched him gently in the arm and kissed him softly for the last time.

"I love you." She said.

"Everyone knows I love you and will love you for an eternity." He said and his body became still.

She held his limp body close to hers, not wanting to let go. She placed her head in his chest and closed her eyes waiting for the pulse to come back to life. Then she heard the voice…

"Sakura…Sakura-chan." The voice said as it became more distinct to her. "Sakura, Sakura-chan..."

Then she suddenly opened her eyes and they were greeted by dark blue ones.

"Naruto…" She screamed as she embraced him, but the scenes around her changed. There was a burning campfire and a log. Then she realized it had all been a dream.

She then slowly stiffened as she realizes she was embracing Naruto.

"Sakura- chan? Are you ok?" He asked blushing but his voice showed a sense of worry.

"Yeah I'm fine...I just had a nightmare…" She said as she slowly, not wanting to do it, let him go.

"Then do I have something to make you feel better. " He said joyfully, grabbing her hand. "It's a surprise."

She didn't care where they were going as long as he was close to her that was enough.

"You're going to love this," he whispered and holding hands, Sakura followed Naruto into the unknown.

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