A Final Fantasy VI fanfiction work by Solovino88


Shadow the Mercenary, infiltrates the capital city of Vector in the hopes of acquiring intel that may grant him a good mission with a nice payment. Instead, he finds a tip off that allows him to narrowly escape the destruction of Vector at the hands of the frenzy Espers. Shadow eavesdrops on General Kefka and finds out about the nature of the ancient powers that have been unleashed. Understanding that this turn of events may lead to several parties finding about his past, Shadow sets off to Thamasa, where he finds out he has to protect his sole link to the world - his daughter - from an impending Apocalypse.


This is my first published fanfiction. After playing FF VI several times I greatly enjoyed the treatment and detail given to
the character of Shadow so I've decided to put up on and set out to discover my literary vein by exploring the thoughts and beliefs of the one who is my favourite character in the Final Fantasy VI Universe, while he goes on to face his darkest days.

This being my first official fanfic work, I truly hope you all my readers enjoy this piece. Also this will allow you to discover my writing and narration style, which I hope may help you to enjoy my future works too.


Shadow, Interceptor, Tina/Terra, Relm, all Final Fantasy VI Characters and the Final Fantasy VI world are © by Square (now Square Enix).

The following narration is © 2008 by me, Solovino88, under the CREATIVE COMMONS BY‑NC‑SA License.

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I hereby grant the permission to reproduce this work as they deem fit, for as long as the the terms of this License and those of their website do not conflict.

Thus, so... let's begin with the adventure...

CHAPTER 1: "A Shadow in Vector"

"Chkkk... ... "


The soldier took his hand to the dial and tried in vain to enhance the radio reception. Shaking his head in disbelief, he turned to another soldier who was standing guard next to him.

- No use... well, we can always report later, huh?

- The what? The girls dance at the bar tonight... ah, sometimes I hate hate hate! this job.

- Hate hate hate... always complayning about that. Sure you watch General Kefka a lot.

The two Imperial LV22 soldiers regained their position and kept walking right and left, alternating paths while standing guard over the entrance of the great capital city of Vector.

None of them realized that the shadow figure had picked the exact moment of the radio interference to pass them by, completely unnoticed. The figure taking the streets so silently, so well cloaked in the dark tones of the wall painting, that even through the soldiers were just right looking at him, they could not notice. And so, unseen, unheard, the most dangerous mercenary alive, known and feared by the name of "SHADOW", passed by.

Shadow hid behind some cranes and checked on his inventory. Besides the mandatory Imperial, a hidden Dirk, and a Ninja Gear, he had an Angel Ring he managed to slip off on an auction, plenty of Smoke Bombs, Water Skeans and even a quite nice Thunder Shield (just in case) for equipment. A concealed bag in his armor's side held some Xpotions and Ethers, as well as an Elixir. But what he was running dangerously low on, was Gil. As low as G 2000 or so. And Gil is the most important thing for a mercenary of the likes of Shadow.

"Nah... I may have to sell this Shield thing..."

Bizness was quite on the bleak side for Shadow. Ever since he stepped in to help a well trained, muscular blonde brat and a funny speaking Doma knight get across the dreaded Ghost Train, the Gestahl Empire had not been very nice on employment on anyone, let alone mercenaries. Shadow had to hide and get into lots of troubles to get some food. Shadow did not like that: unlike those low-life forms held in Figaro Castle, he was not a thief... ever since a long time ago.

The noise of something stepping in the ceiling of the house next to him forced him back to reality. It was Interceptor, his loyal hound, the only creature for whom he would spill his own blood.

"Shh... come, Interceptor."

The dog came down and stood aside his Master.

"What do you have here...?"

Shadow retrieved a scroll from Interceptor's muzzle. Shadow unrolled it to find a recent ordinance from the Emperor to the troops stationed close to the Eastern Mountains.

"...Emperor's hunting trophies to be guarded on the underground vault... Soldiers returned from Narshe site to be interrogated after Kefka's return... Magitek Factory on stand-by... Testsuite for new guardian model Number 031... The Flamboyant Gambler continues a 32 wins streak at 3D tic-tac-toe..." None of these was of too much interest to the mercenary. However, upon scrolling further he noticed something strange. "Imperial Squads B and C to retrieve General Leo from the Albrook campaign site, set up preparations for an expeditionary check on the Eastern mountains".

The Eastern Mountains... Shadow knew too well nothing good could be there. Legends about a captive power that could destroy the entire world were told to him while he was recovering in that town near the Serpent Trench... the elders had some legends, some he was trusted with, some others he found out by himself. All of these, memorable, tragic, and terrible. Shadow looked at the paper again... the ordinance was signed "yesterday".

"Damn... problems. Maybe we should go there, tonight."

Shadow took with Interceptor to a safer place, and rearranged some crates. Interceptor laid to his side, eyes closed but ears up. Both of them tried to get some sleep until the dusk, when they would depart again.

Shadow found himself suddenly awakened, Interceptor softly biting his left arm. The hound was silent, but it was obvious, in his eyes, he wanted to howl like mad.

"Sh... what's going on...?"

Shadow did not have time to query his partner. A very bright light filled the sky, a sudden shaking, and Interceptor pushed Shadow to safety as an entire building collapsing over them.

- What is...! Their power!

Shadow jumped to a nearby box, climbed to a nearby roof and raised his sight. From the mountains to the east a very powerful light was emanating, several different shaped sparks, or something like that, flying over the mountains and to the city. Everytime one of these sparks came close to the town, a tremendous power unleashed over the building and the people in them. Everyone below was running amok, trying to get some cover. Interceptor howled and Shadow took to the ground, again barely evading a powerful Fire3 spell aimed at the very roof. The burning house started collapsing over them. Shadow picked some of his skeans and was about to run away when he noticed Interceptor sniffing a dead body... a body of a child.

"Let's go! Interceptor... we can't do anyth--"

Shadow could not finish the sentence. A tremendous aura started emanating from the ground and the next second Shadow found himself tossed in mid air, his body slammed against a nearby building. Interceptor appeared at his side and laid down, both of them, watching in awe, for the first time in their lives truly afraid, as six of the sparks turned into giant creatures and landed on the city, destroying several buildings and killing hundreds of people with their very breaths.

Shadow saw a sewage pipe close to him, and leaving his equipment behind, picked his hound, hurling themselves into the only salvation possible. As man and hound fell through the pipes to the streams below, they closed their eyes, but not their ears... listening to the cries of anguish and the screams of pain that invaded the city, every moment turning it more into a graveyard...

End of Chapter 1