Chapter 1

It was another sunny day in Jump City and all the Titans were hanging around the common room with nothing really to do. Well, there was always something to do, but whether or not it wanted to be done was a different story. Robin sat in his chair with his headphones on playing some form of rock so loud it was heard on the other side of the room. Starfire was busy in the kitchen making some form of Tamaranian meal that she was positive would make the others overjoyed to eat. Cyborg was on the floor playing video games on the incredibly large T.V. Screen they had. Raven sat on on end of the couch with a rather old looking leather bound book opened in her lap.

The only one who was missing was Beast Boy. He would normally be seated next to Cyborg on the floor in a heated battle of computer characters; but today was different. The first one to notice was the half robot who got bored rather quickly by just competing against the computer.

"Any of y'all know where BB got off to?" he asked loudly without even a glance away from the screen.

Starfire and Raven both looked at him but Robin remained lost in his music.

"I have not seen friend Beast Boy all day, perhaps you have Raven." said Star as she stirred her pudding like mush in a bowl vigorously.

"I saw him early this morning, which is unusual, but I haven't seen him since." replied Raven who frowned a little at the sudden realization of her friends absence.

"Oh man, will one of you go look for him for me?" asked the metal man still thoroughly engaged in the game.

"I am afraid I cannot friend Cyborg for if I leave this special dish alone it will n9ot come out right. Maybe you can pause you--"

"WHAT! Are you kidding me! Not when I'm in the zone Star!"

Starfire sighed lightly. "Friend Raven would you be able to search for friend Beast Boy?"

Raven had already closed her book by that time, she knew it would come down to her going. Everyone else's things were more important than her finishing her book. But deep down she did not mind. She was worried about the green changeling. It was not like him to stay away from the others like this.

"I don't mind going Star." she said politely but still shot a frowning glance at Cyborg even though there was no chance that he would b able to see it.

She walked through the double doors with the standard swish. And out into the corridor. The first place she checked was his room, then the roof and the rocky shore. Both of which were places Beast Boy went to think by himself. He was in none of those places. Now Raven was truly worried. There were only a few other places to check.

'Now, either the gym or the garage.' she thought to herself. 'I'll doubt he's in the garage, Cyborg would kill him.'

Her intuition paid off. She reached the Titans gym which was a pretty fair size, with all sorts of fitness equipment, punching bags, and even a sparing ring. Inside music resonated off the walls accompanied by the sound of grunting and free weights rustling together. She stood in the doorway for two reasons; one because she thought it would be rude to just walk in and two because she was surprised at what she saw.

Beast Boy was lifting a barbell over his head time and time again and the amount of weight on it startled Raven.

'There must be 300 pounds on there!' she thought.

But no matter the weight Beast Boy just pumped out rep after rep as if in a trance with no sign of slowing down. Now Raven really heard what music was playing on the stereo they had there. It was Evanescence Sweet Sacrifice. As it played the chorus he seemed to get even faster with his reps. Soon though the song changed and it was now playing Evanescence Taking over me. Beast Boy set the weights on the floor. His back was still to Raven but now his hands moved to the beat of the song. Soon though he turned and was startled by Raven watching him from the doorway.

"Oh, hey Raven, uh, hows it going?" he said stumbling a little over his words and blushing madly.

Now she noticed he was not wearing a shirt and blushed little as well.

"Um, good, sorry for startling you." she replied quietly.

"How long were you standing there for?" he asked timidly causing Raven to smile a little.

"Since Sweet Sacrifice." Now though she got serious. "Have you been here all morning Beast Boy? Working out is good but too much will hurt you."

"Yeah, but it all seemed too easy after a while and I guess I got carried away by the music."

"Just don't hurt yourself."

"I won't, but why are you down here though? I don't think this is the best place to meditate, and I really don't think that you came all the way down here to watch me work out."

As he said this he walked up to Raven and the changes that had occurred over the past year had become apparent. Beast Boy was now taller than her by almost a full head length, and was definitely much more muscular now with all his working out. Raven shook those thoughts from her mind resuming her little blush.

"I came down here," she said "to tell you that Cyborg wanted to play video games with you."

"Why didn't he come find me?"

"He didn't want to pause the game, he was saying something about being 'in the zone'."

"Sounds about right, what about Star of Robin?"

"Starfire is making some ungodly food and bird brain is lost in his headphones, I figured I could put my book down."

Beast boy laughed hard her sarcasm. "Good one! But don't let it get to your head that their stuff is more important." One thing he always liked about Raven was she really didn't mind stopping what she was doing to help others, at least when she was in a good mood.

"O-Okay." she stuttered, caught off guard by his comment

"Well I guess I should take your advice, no matter how surprising it might be."

"Yes you should, wait, what's so surprising about it?" she asked curiously.

"Well I always figured I annoy you so much you'd rather I get hurt on my own and save you the trouble." he said rather simply

"Beast Boy!" she said startled making him become very alert. "Please don't think that of me, I don't ever want to see you get hurt, that would be horrible."

Now Beast Boy smiled. "So I guess you've got feelings for the stupid old grass stain huh?"

Raven stared at the floor. "I don't think that your a stupid old grass stain." she said barely above a whisper.

'Today is full of surprises I guess.' thought Beast Boy to himself musingly.

Silence surrounded both of them except for the stereo now playing Going Under. Raven was no arguing with herself on the inside about how she felt about Beast Boy. Beast Boy knew he liked Raven a lot, it was whether or not he should tell her that was the problem. Over the past year since the end of the world incident they had grown close as friends, and they definitely did not argue as much as they used to.

Neither knew what to say now but the alarm went off saving them from the awkwardness. They looked at each other for a fleeting second before they went their separate ways. Raven went straight up to see the problem, and Beast Boy went to get fixed up.

Within minutes the green teen had joined them up in the common room where the others had already gathered and were ready to go.

"Where are we goin'?" he asked hurriedly

"The sewers," stated Robin, "apparently some guy kidnapped a girl and took her down there."

"Isn't that a job for the police?" asked Cyborg curiously.

"Normally it would be, but this guy wasn't effected by anything the police tried, so they want us to check it out. Titans! Go!"