Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Slade sat in a metal chair staring at his monitors showing many different views of the inside of Titans Tower with his chin resting on his folded hands deep in thought. The screens only revealed to him that most of the tower was lifeless. To him this was an excellent sign.

'It seems their retrieval of their friends has done damage much quicker than I figured. I assume I must give him a call.'

He shut off all of his monitors showing the inside of their tower except for the one large one in the center of his massive display. He connected it to their T.V. as if he were entering a video conference for a business. He chuckled darkly at the irony as he waited for someone to turn the screen on at their end.

'They are taking longer to answer the call, this is very good.'

Slade figured that if they didn't answer at all that was perfectly fine with him. He would just pay a personal visit. But just as he was about to disconnect Robin's face appeared on the screen answering it very tiredly.

"Robin speaking, what's the problem?" he asked not even noticing who he was talking to through his grogginess.

"Well, well, Robin. I always figured you as the most observant on your team, but I may have to reconsider the list."

Robin was immediately snapped back to reality at the cold voice of his arch enemy.

"Slade!" he growled through clenched teeth.

"Now Robin manners are key when speaking to adults. I am only here to check up on your team to see if you were still worth fighting. And I see that you seem to be taking the past week very well."

Robin immediately caught on to why Slade was calling.

'He must still figure that Beast Boy is out of commission or even dead. Well let's not spoil his moment.'

"Yes well we all knew something like this would happen sooner or later with Beast Boy being who Beast Boy is."

Slade was slightly disappointed to find Robin well composed at his questioning, but knew the others were less stable emotionally. At that moment Starfire walked through the door and met the sight of Robin conversing with Slade via the T.V.

"You!" she shrieked loudly.

Robin whipped his head away from the screen so Slade could not see his face as he winked at Starfire who cocked her head in confusion.

"Come on over Starfire and join our little chat. We are just talking about Beast Boy's unfortunate incident."

He kept winking till he turned around and Starfire reluctantly came over and stood next to him still unsure of what was going on. As soon as she came over Robin pulled her into a light kiss right in front of the madman.

"I, see you both are in quite good spirits," sputtered Slade who was very confused by now by their actions and by how polite they were being.

"We all couldn't be better since what happened."

"All of you?" questioned Slade as Cyborg walked through the door into the living room also stunned by seeing Slade.

Robin again turned his head and went through the same procedure as he did with Starfire except without the kiss and Cyborg very quickly caught on.

"Yeah, I'm feeling so great right now Robin, I think I'm going to go get something and show it to our old pal Slade here," said Cyborg cheerily as he left the room quickly.

"You know what Slade; I think you're going to be amazed what he has to show you."

Slade was so confused by now he was sure that Robin and he had been talking about different incidents because everything had till now pointed towards a success on his part.

"What could he possibly have to show me?" he demanded almost angrily at the seemingly insane attitudes of the Titans.

As he said that Cyborg returned and stood in the doorway with a massive grin on his face.

"May I present to you Slade, your surprise!"

As he stepped away from the entrance to the room Raven and Beast Boy entered hand in hand. At this Slade was silent and seemed to have lost all thought process for a minute. Robin turned to look at the screen again.

"Yeah I guess you're right Slade, we are in unusually high spirits considering the fact we never lost hope in finding Beast Boy."

He watched Slade for a second as he shook with anger unable to voice his questions. Now Beast Boy spoke as he and Raven stood next to Robin and Starfire with Cyborg behind them all.

"What's the matter Slade, you seem tense. Maybe you should take a vacation or something. Yeah, take some time off to recuperate a little, 'cause it seems I'm not the weakest link here, you are."

The others couldn't help but laugh at Slade's reaction at their trick they pulled on the evil doer.

"I will make you all pay for this," he said darkly, unable to formulate any other sentence in his confusion and anger.

He terminated the connection and began to pace back and forth in his new hideout trying to sort through what just happened. He had gone from being the smug victor to the butt end of a joke by someone who was supposed to be mentally broken. He continued to pace as the Titan's finished up laughing.

"Oh man did you see the look on his face man!" said Cyborg as he finally began to compose himself.

"Yeah," said Robin with a big grin, "It looks like for once we got the last laugh."

Before they all could scatter and start to prepare for breakfast a message beeped on the computer. Robin was the one to go read it.

"What's it say?" asked Starfire curiously.

"It's from Batman, he says the counsel was disbanded last night after we left. And he also sends his congrats to all of us and especially to Raven and Beast Boy."

"Oh that was nice of him," replied Starfire as she took Robin by the arm and they went over into the kitchen.

"God I am so happy things can start getting back to normal," exclaimed Cyborg as he began to flip pancakes on the stove.

"Yeah," agreed Raven contently as she sipped her tea.

Beast Boy smiled, happy to finally be home. But then something clicked in his memory.

"There is one more thing that has to be done before we can enjoy breakfast completely."

Everyone looked at him strangely as he left the room for a few minutes. He soon returned though carrying a few small unidentifiably smashed devices in his palm.

"One more to go," he said happily at their concerned faces.

Back in Slade's hideout he finally gave up trying to use logic to understand what happened. He soon fell on the plan to watch them through breakfast hoping to learn where he went wrong.

He turned on the monitors only to find all blank except one. He had just enough time to see Beast Boy's smiling face filling the screen as he ripped out the hidden camera causing the screen to go blank. Slade slumped down into his chair coming to conclusion of his mistake; Beast Boy was by no means the weakest link.

At Titans Tower Beast Boy threw out the smashed cameras and returned to the kitchen table next to Raven and finally for the first time in over a week he could sit down and enjoy the simple, but very much appreciated pleasure of eating a meal with his friends.

This ordeal had left him scarred physically but mentally Beast Boy had, with the help of Raven, defeated anything Slade had tried to instill in him. The Titans were complete again and they knew next time they faced Slade they would make him be the one to pay. But for now they ate and were happy with each other's company, and there wasn't anyone or anything that could take that away from them.