After smoking cigarillos myself I decided that I wanted to write this one. You get tobacco leaves all in your mouth.

Hellsing isn't mine.

The cigarillos were arranged neatly in a tin. They were squeezed between a cigar box of photographs and a collection of paperclips. Each one was aligned with the one next to it and they were all wrapped in a thin tissue paper in their box. Integra looked thoughtfully at them. Were these responsible for her father's heath decline near the end of his life? She had witnessed him smoking the tiny cigars all her life, but had never attributed them to bad health. She look thoughtfully at them once again, counting them.

Slender fingers placed the tin lid back on top of the case and she set them squarely in the middle of the desk, where she contemplated them. A lighter was flicked absentmindedly as she looked at the tin. It was a world war two make Zippo lighter. She felt that it had seen many days. Integra contemplated the cigarillos again.

"Smoke one, what will it hurt? You probably won't even like them," a deep voice said from the shadows and the vampire was before her, with a smirk. She looked at him with a frown. He was in her mind again.

"I would appreciate staying from my thoughts, Alucard," she told her slave gravely. He smirked at the sixteen year old before him. All teens were curious of the effects of such stimulants. Drugs, alcohol…the like. Alucard smirked at her and with a deft hand extracted the tin from before her. She began a cry of protest to the vampire and he only smirked at her. He took one cigar from it's neat place and capped the tin again.

The vampire examined the cigarillo carefully and brushed a few stray tobacco leaves from the open edges. This cigarettes had no filter. He smiled and placed one between his teeth, the lighter was flicked to life and the edge of the cigarette burned red. He inhaled and the smoke made it's way back out again. His maw open as smoke rolled out. He looked like a building on fire, a dark trespass for only firemen to race into.

Integra shrunk against her father's study chair.

He smirked dark smoke at her.

Integra leaned forward and took the tin into her own slender hands, opening it back up and taking a cigarillo for herself. She placed it between her lips and extended her hand for the lighter. The vampire leaned forward and lit the cigarette for the girl with the tip of his own. She watched wide eyed.

A flirty gesture if any.

She inhaled, dark smoke and her father.

She closed her mouth and the smoke rolled from her nostrils. A natural. The vampire smirked and she saw her reflection in his red glasses.

All young, daring and coved with smoke.