Well, oh well, look at what we have here. As you know, I'm Jaded Lemon Panda, also known as Ilsa to the wonderful and biting prone Lonely Kitty LK who's also known as Flowers to me. She inspired this story for me. It'll become chapter, until I feel like it's complete. I hope you'll enjoy.

It was the end of a long winded mission. Allen Walker scanned the fields if any remains of Akuma were left, they were just as bad as normal pollutants or nuclear waste. If their blood seeped into the ground it would leave an acidic effect on the already sad field. While destroying the Akuma, the white haired hero also had to extract the innocence from the source, which happened to be the field of blooming flowers itself.

Fluttering sounded behind the exorcist's shoulder. Tincampy was flitting behind a silver adorned shoulder, a flower in it's mouth. Gloved hands reached out and gently pried the flower from the golden golem's mouth.

It was a daisy.

Daisy; Innocence.

But it was wilted from lack of the rich nutrients of the glowing green innocence in his black coats pocket.

Downwards there was a lake, and after Allen was finished with his Akuma clean up he went to the lake and dropped the dead daisy into the sea of Milfoil infested water.

Milfoil; War.

Wilted Daisy; Broken Innocence.

Is that what becomes of war?

This was a bittersweet Allen and Tim fic. Cute, right? R&R please. Even though I don't know what that means.

Jaded Lemon Panda.