Let go. Let it go.

Allen Walker was laid on his bed, one of his legs propped up in an uncomfortable position, the other down on the springy cotton, face crumpled with a grimace. His white shirt was on the floor, crumpled in a mess along with his black pants. Boxer adorned Allen Walker on the bed. A golden snitch- or actually golem - was fluttering lazily around the dark room. A gruesome nightmare had awaked the white haired boy from silent dreams. Mana, as he had been for countless times before, had tainted the star speckled night with terror.

He didn't understand why the Earl had to put people in so much pain. Turn them into Akuma, for one, and then kill their loved ones – or attempted too at least, the exorcists were there to stand in the way. A sigh elicited from his soft lips, a warm puff smoking from his mouth due to the cold. It didn't help that he was covered in a sheen of cold sweat either. A shiver trembled through his almost naked body. Timcanpy swooped down on pale flesh and settled its golden wings. A withered red hand reached and petted the golem.

Timcanpy really had a beautiful color to him. Kind of like a Marigold. Despair. Another sigh. Timcanpy didn't seem to bring despair to anybody. As if to retort to Allen for thinking such negative things of itself, Tim bit the red digits. The exorcist pulled his hand quickly, without noise, just a wince. "Tim, that hurt," he said softly, flicking the thing off his chest.

Okay, maybe he did bring a bit despair to his hand. But that was it right? Tim was harmless. No matter what despair he might bring. "From now on, I'll call you Mari. Ha!" A clownish grin graced those pale lips. "Mariii, my little despair flower golem! You're awful, I love you!" Allen burst out laughing.


Tragedies can end happily.

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