Hey! This is Chihiro! :D Yupp, my second fanfic! I'm quite excited about it. ' So, it's an AU with college, rape and other fun stuff! This is just the prologue, not even the first chapter. I'll try to update soon if it's popular enough. Please enjoy!

Credits: Written by Chi, but I do not own Naruto or any characters or other stuffs like that. Otherwise, the series would be crack and no one would watch/read it because it was such an eyesore. D; Masashi Kishimoto gets 'em all.


Sasori shifted himself uncomfortably on the leather couch, squinting his eyes as he pored through the thick volume concerning Anatomy, scribbling in his cramped writing little notes in the margins. The subject was easy enough, it was just pointless. He wanted to start on his puppets again as soon as possible in the morning, his true reason for coming to this University, known for its impressive detail in the fine arts and sciences.

The redhead massaged his temples wearily, the pencil still clutched loosely in his grasp. He could finish this assignment later… Sighing in resolution, the freshman folded his sheet of notebook paper in between the ancient pages of the tome, clasping the covers together. He uncurled his legs from underneath his body, stretching out stiffly as the chrome clock on the study room wall sprinkled out a tinny little melody, signaling three dreadful hours past midnight. The youth blinked exhaustedly as he surveyed everyone else propped up in the wide rotunda, barely hanging on to their studies with cans of double-shot espresso gripped in their hands. College. Sometimes, Sasori wondered how even his love for art kept him hanging on to this rugged lifestyle.

It was only when he had climbed the stairs to his dorm room level, that sleep dissipated enough for him to recall the ordeal he'd experienced just the night before with his twisted roommate, Orochimaru. The dark, crimson eyes narrowed, a chill shimmying up his arms and down his spine. The puppet-maker could feel his heart throbbing, climbing up his throat and into his mouth. A cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

"Saso-kun… Have I ever told you how… delicious, you look?"

The redhead twisted his face in contempt. "What the hell are you saying, Orochimaru?" He was immensely irked by his roommate's interruption. He needed to study for the idiotic Anthropology exam looming up later that afternoon, and the snake-like male was not helping him concentrate.

"Now, now, careful with your language." Abruptly, the paler of the two was immediately behind the redhead with no noise betrayed at all, and cold, pallid hands were cupped lightly under his chin. Sasori stiffened, a disturbing feeling claiming his nerves. Suddenly, he felt a warm wetness behind his left ear, and a mixture of disgust and alarm sounded in his mind.

Swiveling about, he glared his assailant fiercely, slapping Orochimaru away with the back of a hand. "What the hell?" He repeated, bristling at the injustice. Undaunted, the elder male shamelessly snapped out a spindly hand, seizing Sasori's face tighter and assertively pressed his lips firmly against his victim's.

Horrified, the redhead struggled in his roommate's grip, unable to swat his attacker off. He writhed in the sickening hold, fury and aversion glowing, muted, in his scarlet eyes.

Satisfied, Orochimaru finally pulled away from the forced kiss. "You do taste wonderful, Saso-kun." He grinned darkly, a hungry, sick look in his coal-black eyes. Thoroughly disgusted, Sasori slammed his books shut, the table moaning as the extra weight was applied. He roughly wiped his lips off with the sleeve of his black sweater, burning with humiliation and revolt. "What do you think you're doing?" He snarled, fury broiling in his crimson orbs. But for a moment, as he glowered up at his roommate, a flicker of fear dashed through his expression as he studied his attacker. To his dismay, the dread had not gone unnoticed by Orochimaru, who grinned evilly at the hint of vulnerability.

"Oh, you're scared of me, Saso-kun?" He purred in delight, reaching out a ghostly claw again. Repulsed, the younger boy grimaced as he spun around and bolted for the doorway, studies forgotten as he leapt out of the tiny room and into the hall, running to the port next to his own. He pounded furiously at Hidan and Kakuzu's room.

The albino was at the door soon, grumpily wrenching the door open after a series of panicked knocks. "The fuck you want, Red?" Hidan snarled, though a shocked look replaced the one of enragement after he noticed the wild, hunted appearance of his classmate. He admitted the artist quickly, Kakuzu looking up from the needle he was currently threading at his desk. The two older students raised their eyebrows at Sasori's hectic state as he leaned heavily against the interior of the door, eyes flitting downward in a skittish manner. The whole time, he was feverishly ramming his knuckles into his lips, his other hand shaking slightly against the wood of the door.

Since that occurrence with Orochimaru, Sasori had nervously avoided him all the rest of the day, only retrieving his books for classes when he knew that the pale student would be off elsewhere, terrorizing the remainder of campus with his idiot cronies. Hopefully, he would already be asleep at this hour… But as trembling, cold fingers faltered towards the rusted doorknob, the redhead could see a desk light seeping through the crack under the port. He shivered again, remembering the warm lick of Orochimaru's foul tongue on his mouth. His palm shook against the metal, but he clenched his palm, and quietly twisted the brass and shoved it inward.

He hesitantly peered in, seeing his roommate perched studiously at his desk, filling in a blank sheet of notebook paper. It wasn't good as being asleep, but at least there'd been no reaction when Sasori had entered the room. He released a silent sigh of relief at only facing the black curtain of long hair, and not the wraithlike, purple-rimmed orbs.

Choosing to ignore Orochimaru and pray that he would in turn be ignored as well, Sasori noiselessly slid his Anatomy book on his own desk, and mutely walked over the thin carpeting, quickly slipping out of only his college sweater, deciding to keep on the white T-shirt and black jeans underneath. He could hear a small rustling of thick fabric, and thought, with relief that his roommate was finally retiring to his bed, too. Sasori held the pullover draped on his arm for a moment, pausing as he waited for the creak of old springs under Orochimaru's weight on the bed. Wondering if he had missed the assuring sound, he swirled around, nervously casting a glance at his the snake-boy's lit table. To his shock, the red swivel chair was empty, the seat facing towards his direction, still squeaking lightly. Terror seized his body as the redhead felt a chilling grip on his shoulder, nails digging into his flesh possessively.

"Saso-kun…" The freezing, silken voice rumbled. The shorter male felt himself being wheeled around, and he lost his balance as he was spun about to face his roommate. His breathing stopped as he felt a long, spidery arm curl over his back, his spine bending in an arch. His wide, red eyes stared up at the hard black ones, which glared ominously back, as if famished. Sasori tore his look away, instead seeing the door, noticing a comforter cloth stuffed under the door crack, rendering the room entirely soundproof. His throat constricted in horror, but before he could further move, his knees buckled under Orochimaru's and his own weight, choking in surprise as he collapsed onto his own bed. Another gasp tore through his lungs, as his arms were dragged up roughly from his sides, and thrust to the wall.

The boy struggled desperately, his limbs tensing as he strained to throw off Orochimaru's greater weight. However, he was physically weaker than the paler male, and could only thrash in a panic, eyes clenched against his tormenter's. Eventually though, he lost his energy and heaved great breaths, opening his lids enough to glare hatefully at the elder student.

Orochimaru smirked in gloating victory, basking in his power. "There, Saso-kun, that didn't take you so long to understand the rules, did it?"

The redhead gritted his teeth, livid at the shame he was being forced through. He reeled again, trying in vain to tug his hands free, true fear boiling in his stomach as the black-haired man brought his lips close to Sasori's head. A shot of scorching, sparking odium flooded down his entire body, and he gave one last little squirm of rebellion, seething deeply.

"Listen closely, Sasori-kun. No one knows about this, or I'll hurt you and them. Don't try to transfer schools, buildings or even rooms. This is our little secret. You see, ever since you walked into this room, you've belonged to me. That won't ever change, Sasori, and remember that. If I ever find out that anyone else knows, I promise I won't hesitate to kill you, since you're mine." Orochimaru breathed threateningly into his ear, an ill honey covering the tainted words. He smiled coldly, triumph playing a fanfare across his face as he took in his prey's face of outrage, confusion and ailed dread.

With his speech done, the pale snake-like man leered as he leaned forward, crushing his victim entirely, and malice clear in his entire movement. Sasori fought back limply, hopelessness clouding his eyes as he realized Orochimaru's sick motives.

But no one could hear his screams of agony, and no one came rushing forward to rescue him from his fate. So he lay there, being slowly defeated and unable to retaliate, being made Orochimaru's own trophy. And when the pain finally subsided, he could not feel anything, and was entirely numb. His eyes were still large with horror of the torture he had been forced through, the former Sasori, brave, tough and impenetrable rendered a mere puppet, like the ones he so adored. It was then, that Orochimaru took his classmate's frail self, and broke it savagely, splinters of the boy ricocheting off walls. He shattered the redhead's mind, his emotions, his very soul. And it seemed as if nothing could ever piece him back together, for the damage was too deep and too late to prevent.

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