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Chapter 1: Surprise

The doors opening drew every-ones attention.

A busty blond haired woman walked into the room followed by a younger and shorter woman with short black hair. An old man was also their along with two other and a younger looking male with silver-gray hair, his left eye being covered by a headband while a black mask covered the lower half of his face, also followed the two.

"What the hell is this?" Yelled the Godaime Hokage as her gaze ran over her office. Her mouth fell open in shock as she took in the fifty or so people in her office.

The people accompanying her just stared in utter shock

"Is this even possible…" Stuttered a male voice

"Not that I know of!!" Yelled the Godaime as she fell into her seat and just stared at the people in her office.

After several minutes of everyone staring at each other, Tsunade cleared her throat.

"How are you guys here?" Asked Tsunade as she turned her gaze upon the people in her office

A hand tentatively rose and all heads turned towards the figure and gasp.

A young girl no older than the rookie nins and team Gai stood there with a guilty expression on her face. Her blue eyes stared at the blond woman while she bit her bottom lip. She was short about 4 feet 9 or 5 feet 1; with waist length raven black hair that held a dark blue shine. She was dressed in baggy black pants, a form fitting black fishnet long-sleeve and a black turtleneck shirt, the sleeves flaring out at her wrist. The shirt stopped 6 inches below her chest showing her toned, fishnet encased stomach. On her back was a blade that was bigger than herself and on her waist was another sword. Attack to her upper left thigh and right forearm were black holsters. On her waist, face behind her was a pouch. Her feet were clad in black ankle boots.

"And who are you little girl?" Asked the old man

"I'm not little, I'm fourteen" Snapped the female pointing a finger at the emotionless, old man "And I'm not allowed to tell strange people my name"

"Hm," The old man glared at the small girl "Who are you?" he asked again

The girl just 'Hn' and turned away with her arms crossed over her chest.

Tsunade hid a grin when she was the anger flicker through the old man's eyes, "I am Tsunade, the Godaime Hokage, this is my assistant Shizune, the old man is Danzou behind him are his followers and 

he is Kakashi Hatake. May I ask what your name is? who is your family and to where do you live? And how did you do this?" Tsunade motioned to the fifty something people lounging around her office.

The fourteen year old turned her eyes to stare at the Hokage and sighed softly before turning her gaze to her feet, "My name is Kagome. I do not really have a family, I am an orphan or was an orphan until I was five. This kind man took me in and adopted me into his family, so I guess I do have a family. I cannot tell you where I live for I don't trust you with that knowledge...Well I don't trust him anyways…" Kagome pointed her ginger at Danzou. Tsunade nodded head in understanding after all she didn't trust or even like the old man at all.

"And as for this…" Kagome looked around the room sheepishly "Uh…my…I…was training…and…um…my sword started…hm…glowing and the next thing I knew every-thing around me was glowing and then when the lights faded I saw these people standing around me and than that guy" Kagome pointed to a male that was leaning against the wall. "He said we all had to come here, whatever I did I didn't mean to, it was an accident."

Tsunade looked at the young girl in a curious manner. "Your sword?"

"Yes" Kagome patted the sword on her waist "Itonami Ataenushi. It is a demonic sword, forged from the demon blacksmith, Totosai using a fang from my older adoptive brother. He gave me this blade a couple of years ago for my birthday and I hadn't mastered any of the attacks yet."

"This is interesting" Danzou stared at the girl "Do you have demonic abilities!"

"You know what old man; I am not telling you anything so why don't you just shut the fuck up"

"Little girls shouldn't talk so big" Sneered the old man known as Danzou who shot a glare at Tsunade who trying to suppress her laughter but did nothing to hide the fact that she enjoying this Kagome girl's defiance to Danzou.

"Yay well old men shouldn't talk so big either because unlike you I can back it up. I can kill you faster than you will be able to summon help. "Kagome hissed as she grabbed the handle of her second sword. "Itonami Ataenushi is a sword that is meant for life, I don't use him much which is the reason I was practicing with it but my second sword on the other hand, I favor him, he makes a beautiful sound when used. His name is kuchikukan Jinsei" Kagome smirked cruelly while unsheathing the giant blade from her back. The blade itself was pure silver that glistened in the light and reflected a dark red color. The hilt of the sword was ebony in color with a platinum silver dog wrapped around it. The dog's eyes glowed a ruby red color. The sword itself seemed to hum and come alive.

"Both of my swords are demonic in nature. My first sword was forged from the younger of my older brothers who cares about life and tries whatever he can to help even though he hides it behind his harsh and gruff exterior. While this sword…" Kagome motioned to the blade in her hands. "This sword was forged from the fang of my elder brother. He cares nothing for anyone but his family. He doesn't believe in friends only allies. He will kill anyone that stands in his way. I take after him quite a bit since he was the one who had found me. His father adopted me. He trained me when he saw that I had potential to be great. He was a perfectionist. He made ANBU captain at ten; he had graduated the academy at eight. Do the math I was trained by some-one who made ANBU at ten and a perfectionist, what do you have when you add that together" Taunted Kagome as she narrowed her eyes at the old man. "Don't know. The answer is simple. I graduated the academy at nine and made ANBU in the same year under the tutelage of my brother the ANBU captain who at the time was only 14. Now his nineteen and had just been named the Kage of the village that I live in."

"So in other words you are a prodigy and a perfectionist as well." Called Kakashi

"Right" Kagome nodded her head.

"Anyways back on topic, this" Tsunade gestured to her unexpected guest "How am I going to explain this to everyone."

"Well you could say it was a miracle of sorts!" Suggested Kagome as she sheathed her sword.

"Oh yes that would go over well" Called Tsunade sarcastically

Kagome crossed her arms over her chest before turning to glare at the old man who was staring at her as if she was some lab rat.

"What the hell is your problem? Quite staring at me you damn pedophile!"

"I want her for Root" Danzou spoke up

"No way!!" exclaimed Tsunade while shaking her head. "You cannot do that. She is not even a member of Konoha lease of all an orphan and when her family hears what you've done Konoha will be at war again with an unknown village. I will not have it." Called Tsunade as she glared at the old man

"It does not matter what you say Tsunade-hime as soon as the counsel hears about this we will out vote you and she will have to undergo the transformation regardless of what you say. Besides war should do this village well."

"If you want war so badly what don't you leave the village and go out and fight yourself instead of hiding behind your Root members."

Kagome tilted her head, 'I have heard of Root but I had thought that it had been disbanded. I am not joining that stupid organization and if he thinks that he can make me than his got another thing coming."

"Besides as I said before you can't do that. She is not a member of Konoha." Called Tsunade outraged.

"Watch me Tsunade-hime"

Tsunade growled impressively for a human and Kagome couldn't help but admire the older woman.

The others in the room glared at the old man as well they all hated the way he acted.

Kagome turned towards the window that was beside her, "I am not going to let you turn me into some mindless ninja with no emotions, old man, and I will be damned."

"You will have no choice, not even Tsunade-hime will be able to save you then." Sneered the old man

"Yay we will see about that" Kagome ran towards the window and leapt out of it

All the shinobi's in the Hokage's office ran towards the window to watch the young girl dart off in a blur of black.

Danzou glowered before sending his men out to stop the girl before she made it out of the gates.

Team 7 was heading towards the bridge to wait for their sensei when a streak of black streaked by and knocked into Sakura sending her flying and tumbling on the ground.

Kagome raced across the street and past several civilians startling but she paid no heed to them as she raced to make it to the gates. She was almost their when a girl with pink hair stepped in her path and caused her to ram into her sending them both tumbling towards the ground.

"Damn it, watch where you walk you stupid freak" Called Kagome as she stood up and glared at the pink haired girl

"You watch your going you stupid civilian" Scoffed pinky

"I am not a civilian you ugly hag" Yelled Kagome

"Hey who are you?" Asked the blond boy

"I need to go" Called Kagome as she made to run but was stopped when the two ANBU's from the Hokage's office that one that worked with the old man. They both grabbed her.

Kagome started kicking, "No let me go. I don't want to be a mindless idiot. No put me down." She yelled

The blond boy looked at the younger girl in concern. "Hey put her down." Called Naruto

"What is the meaning of this?" Asked the dark haired boy as he glared at the ANBU's

"She has been requested to become ANBU" Called one of the male

"I don't wanna, put me down" She cried out "I am going to tell on you"

"Hey if she doesn't want to be an ANBU why are you forcing her to become one?" Called Naruto

"Danzou-sama requested it."

"Root" Called another dark haired boy emotionlessly

"You mean that organization you were a part of Sai?" Asked Naruto

"Yep" Sai nodded

"Alright you put her down or I am going to get Tsunade" Warned Naruto

"She can't stop Danzou" Called the second ANBU

"I can though"

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