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Summary: Entering high school life takes a turn for the worst when Tsuna and his friends are roped into putting on a play.


Today was the day.

Today Sawada Tsunayoshi was going to do it. Come rain or storm, he would confess to Sasagawa Kyoko. He would confess to her even if it killed him. No, cross that, he thought hastily. He didn't want to get shot by the Dying Will bullet. Not today. Nor tomorrow, for that matter, but he doubted his luck would last.

No. Today, he was going solo. No bullets, no gloves, no nothing. This time, he would go as a real man. As Vongola the Tenth. Decimo.

He straightened.

It was time.


Sasagawa Kyoko was nervous. She had been for a while now, ever since that time. And it didn't help that he had been giving her weird looks, almost as if he didn't like her. Almost. It was quite discouraging, to say the least. Perhaps she really should give up—

No. She had to stop thinking like that. Hana had been supporting her this entire time, and Haru was counting on her to do her best. They were there for her every step of the way, and she couldn't bear to disappoint them.

No. She couldn't give up—wouldn't give up. Even if feelings ended up getting hurt, she would keep going.

She took a deep breath.


And so, these two young people step forward, despite their heavy doubts and insecurities. Tsuna to his middle school crush and Kyoko toward… the bulletin board?

She clutched her hands as she stood before the board, eyes anxiously searching for one thing and one thing only. And that was not Tsuna.

He cleared his throat and smiled uncertainly. "Um… K-Kyoko—"

"There you are!" Kurokawa Hana spotted her best friend down the hall and made her way over. "Did you get the part? Where's your name? Ah, over here, Haru-chan!"

"Hahi! It's out today, isn't it?" Miura Haru hurried to join her friends, standing on Kyoko's other side. Together they looked at the bulletin board excitedly, completely ignoring the overlooked boy behind them.

Tsuna was heartbroken. Yet again his attempt to confess was thwarted. It was becoming an almost-funny pattern. He wondered if this was as much as he was going to get out of his sad love life, when there was a familiar call.


"Hey Tsuna!"

Gokudera and Yamamoto walked up to him, cheerfully oblivious of their friend's depressed state. "What are you doing here, Tenth?" Gokudera asked.

The baseball player glanced at Tsuna, who was staring at the three girls in front of him, who were staring at the bulletin like their lives depended on it. It was curious, so he asked, "What are they doing?" Tsuna opened his mouth.

"I got it! Hana-chan, Haru-chan, I got the part!" Kyoko was pointing at one of the papers, her voice singing with relief and happiness. Haru squealed and hugged the girl excitedly, nearly knocking down Hana who was patting Kyoko's head.

"I knew you would get it, Kyoko-chan! See, Maruki-san liked you!"

"Congratulations, Kyoko. You worked really hard for this."

"Thank you so much, Hana-chan, Haru-chan!"

Tsuna woke out of his stupor and rushed up to the bulletin, zooming in at the paper that had excited the girls so much. Yamamoto and Gokudera joined him. Then they all blinked and turned to look at each other.

"The Namimori High Festival Play…?"

Moving up to high school was more or less straightforward. Tsuna and his friends all passed middle school and managed to get into the same high school. Haru had waited out the rest of middle school at Midori, and when it came to entrance exams she immediately applied for Namimori High (1). Needless to say she got in with flying colors, much to Tsuna's chagrin.

For some students, however, the process was a bit of a struggle. Hibari Kyoya, for instance, loved Namimori Middle School so much that he refused to graduate. Or more like, he found no reason to physically move himself from his favorite water tank on the school's roof that he was lying on, whilst the administrators coaxed and practically begged him to come down. Consequently, the rest of the Discipline Committee stayed put with their leader. It was beginning to look sticky, especially since the teachers and students desperately wanted him out of the school.

Finally, the principal (who needed Hibari and the Committee to leave even more desperately than the faculty) persuaded them to establish their position in high school—staying in middle school was not a challenge to them anymore, he argued. There were plenty of stronger people in high school who should make school life a little more interesting, maybe. And Namimori High was still Namimori. Well, with that line of persuasion, how could Hibari refuse?

And so, Hibari and the Discipline Committee moved to Namimori High, much to Tsuna's utter dismay.


The Student Council decided to hold a school festival that commemorated not only the blooming cherry blossoms, but also the arrival of the new freshmen. And to twist things up a bit, they also decided that the play, traditionally performed by the Drama club, be performed by first years only. The Council immediately loved the idea. They believed it would make the transition of middle school to high school smoother and easier, which was the whole point. They were ecstatic.

The only person who didn't like it was Hibari, but then, he didn't like the idea of having a festival period. And he wasn't even on the Council, so technically he didn't count. (But just to be safe, they promised him a small percent of the money raised. No getting "bitten" to death for them.)

Receiving the "okay" from the principal, the good-hearted Student Council eagerly made the outline of the festival, excited that the cute first years would get a chance to perform in front of the school.

As it would soon turn out, they were the only ones who felt that way.

And it is here that the story begins.

(1) Is there such thing as Namimori High? Eh. I guess in my own little world there is. XD

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