She Got To Me

By narutofreak14

Part of the DP Love series

Disclaimer: Although I own Pokémon Pearl for my Nintendo DS, I do not own any of the Pokémon characters, games, names, or any of the other cool stuff. They all belong to Nintendo and Game Freak. Also, this fanfiction was made for fun and not for cash (unfortunately).

Notes: This is one of the first stories of a series devoted to the Ikarishipping (Paul and Dawn, Shinji and Hikari). All stories here are "Dawn x Paul" themed oneshots. Most of the stories here are not connected to one another, unless otherwise stated. I have a load of ideas around the two that I figured I'd post. Unless otherwise noted, the story is not directly parallel to the anime or manga.


Paul was traveling down Route 208, heading into Hearthome City after defeating her friend Maylene and about to defeat Crasher Wake, a mountainous route with short waterfalls and rocky hills to climb. He was heading to Hearthome City for his next gym battle against Fantina, a Ghost-type gym leader. He was looking around for Pokémon that had a type advantage.

Right now, his Gliscor and a wild Meditite were doing battle. "Gliscor, use X-Scissor!" he shouted. Gliscor swung his claws and made an "X" mark on Meditite. Meditite reacted by using Confusion on Gliscor. Gliscor had to land on his feet before continuing. "Gliscor, shake it off and use Fury Cutter!" Paul shouted.

Gliscor shook its head and flew back up in the air. He flew towards Meditite and used Fury Cutter. The Bug-type attack did an incredible amount of damage on Meditite (a Fighting/Psychic type). Meditite was knocked out. Paul then took out a Poké Ball. "Poké Ball, go get it!" he shouted.

He threw it and the Poké Ball locked Meditite in it. It fell to the ground and it began shaking with the red light blinking. Then, it stopped shaking and the red light went out. Paul caught a Meditite…well technically; he needs to see if it is worthy of being kept. Paul took out his black Pokédex and analyzed the moves and stats of Meditite. It showed that Meditite knew Tackle, Confusion, and Meditate. "Useless," Paul said. He took the Poké Ball out and released Meditite. "Take a hike!" he scolded, angrily. "You wasted my time and you made me use up a Poké Ball." Paul then continued on to Hearthome City.


After hours of walking, Paul finally came back to Hearthome City. Last time he was here, he was put in a tag team tournament with Ash. But now, he's here for his Relic Badge.

He stopped by a nearby Pokémon Center to heal up his Pokémon. Despite not finding any new strong Pokémon to add, he was send to battle against Fantina. He had two Dark Pokémon with him (Honchkrow and Weavile) and his Torterra knew a few tricks up his sleeves. He still wishes that there were stronger Dark Pokémon out in the wild. "Dark-type Pokémon aren't as easy to come by anymore," Paul said. A waiter then came by with a sandwich in one hand and his Pokémon in the other. "Your sandwich and Pokémon sir," he said.

"Thanks," he said.

Suddenly, blue lighting bolts began soaring high into the air. "Whoa," everybody in the Pokémon Center said. "That was cool!" Paul was amazed. "There's only one Pokémon I know that can store that much power! He's here!" Paul thought. He grabbed his Pokémon and his lunch and ran towards the lighting.


He soon arrived at Amity Square, where everybody said that the lighting was from. "I wonder if his gym battle would be worth watching," Paul said to himself. He soon arrived at the park entrance. He tried to run inside, but the guard stopped him. "Where are you going, sir?" he asked.

"I want to get inside the park," Paul said.

"Let me see your Pokémon real fast," the guard said. Paul released Magmar, Honchkrow, Gliscor, Torterra, Ursaring, and Weavile. "I'm sorry sir, but you don't have a cute, small Pokémon with you," the guard said.

"Cute? None of my Pokémon seem cute to you?" Paul asked. The guard inspected his Pokémon. "Rrrrraaawwwrrr!" Ursaring roared. The guard then fainted because he was frightened by Ursaring. "Thanks Ursaring," Paul said. He then continued on inside into Amity Square.

Inside, people were walking and joyfully playing with their Pokémon. Al of the Pokémon were small, cute, and innocent. They seemed like they were having fun with their trainers. "Pathetic," Paul said to himself. More blue lighting bolts were shot up into the air. "There it is again," Paul said.

He looked around and saw Dawn and Pachirisu. The lighting was coming from that small little Pokémon. "Oh, I didn't think that little thing has so much power in it," Paul said.

"Good job, Pachirisu!" Dawn said.

"Chippa!" Pachirisu said, happily.

"You know what you get right?" Dawn asked, shuffling through her Poffin Case.


"That's right! You get a Poffin!" Dawn said. She handed Pachirisu a Poffin, which she happily ate. "Can you spoil Pachirisu even more than you already have?" Paul asked, angrily.

"Paul? What are you doing here? How did you even get in here? I thought you needed a cute Pokémon," Dawn said.

"I made the guard change his mind," Paul said. "You know, if you keep spoiling Pachirisu, he…"

"She," corrected Dawn.

"…will get soft on you and she'll get real spoiled," Paul said.

"Chippa?" Pachirisu asked. Dawn and Paul looked down and saw that she wanted another Poffin. "See? Now she wants another one," Paul said.

"Chippa?" Pachirisu asked again.

"If you want another Poffin, you're going to have to keep practicing," Dawn said.

"Chippa?" Pachirisu asked, sadly.

"I said no," Dawn said.

"Let me handle this," Paul said. Paul then picked Pachirisu up violently. "Look, you little spoiled brat! She said no!" he said, sternly. Pachirisu then got angry at Paul. "Put her down quick!" Dawn shouted. But it was too late. Pachirisu unleashed a powerful Discharge attack, shocking both Dawn and Paul. They both screamed in pain.

5 Minutes of twitching later…

Paul and Dawn shook off the after-effects of Pachirisu's Discharge attack. "Sorry about that," Dawn said.

"Well, lesson learned. Don't spoil a Pachirisu," Paul said.

"Ah! Pachirisu, you messed up my hair," Dawn said, brushing her frizzy hair.

"If you so worried about messing up your hair, why did you catch a Pachirisu in the first place?"

"Because it was so cute! And I wanted it to be in Pokémon Contests!" Dawn said.

"Chippa!" Pachirisu said.

"There's more to Pokémon then just how cute they are," Paul said.

"I know but, you're a trainer and I'm a Coordinator," Dawn said. "I would benefit more from a cute Pokémon then something big and scary."

"Are you implying that my Pokémon are big and scary?" Paul asked.

"No, that's not…well, Ursaring's kind of scary," Dawn said.

"Hey, where are Ash and that one of guy you hang around with?" Paul asked.

"Oh, Brock went into the city to pick up some supplies. Ash's training for his rematch with the gym leader."

"He lost huh? How pathetic and yet it's typical of him," Paul said.

"Paul, the gym leader's really tough," Dawn said. "She even let Ash take on her one Pokémon with two Pokémon and he still lost."

"His Pokémon are weak," Paul said.

"They are not!" Dawn said. "He's was really close to beating Gengar, but that thing was tough! You better be prepared for a showdown, Paul."

"I already have two Dark-type Pokémon. They would be able to resist their attacks and it has an advantage over Ghost-type. So I really have nothing to worry about."

"You seem confident that you would win," Dawn said. "Well Paul, I was wondering…"

"Yeah, what do you want?" Paul asked. Dawn then handed Paul a Poké Ball. "What's this?" Paul asked.

"It's a Pokémon that I just caught," Dawn said. "It's a Luxio. I figured that you don't have an Electric-type Pokémon yet…and I do… So I was wondering if you would accept it."

"Hmm…" Paul said. He took out his Pokédex and began scanning Luxio. "Don't look it up! Just take it!" Dawn scolded.

"Let's see…Bite, Thunder Fang, Spark, and Charge. It sounds powerful, but I don't need anymore Pokémon. Thanks anyway," Paul said. He then walked off towards the gym. "Bye Paul! Good luck in your gym battle!"


"Whatever," Paul said. He then continued walking back towards the city.


Towering over the city lines of Hearthome City was a dark, ominous-looking building that gave anyone the chills. That same building is the Hearthome City Gym, where Fantina awaits visitors to challenge her for her Relic Badge. Paul looked at his Badges. He so far had the Coal Badge (Roark), Forest Badge (Gardenia), and the Cobble Badge (Maylene). All of them presented a challenge to him (except for Maylene, which he thinks was the easiest gym leader yet). Fantina was supposedly very difficult to battle.

Paul took a deep breath and walked right into the gym. Inside, it was very dungeon-like as it had a spooky feel to it. "Hello?" Paul asked. There was no answer. "Where ever you are, this whole ghost-type approach isn't funny," he called out.

Secretly, Dawn and Piplup quietly sneaked into the gym. The contest was delayed for about two hours, plus Fantina's a renowned Pokémon Coordinator, so she wanted to see her tactics.

"Where the heck are you?" Paul called out again.

Suddenly, a bunch of Gengar, Gastly, and Haunter appeared from the ground and began circling around him. Dawn screamed as many Ghost Pokémon flew around her. "Is…this supposed to scare me? Because it isn't working."

"So you come to challenge the soulful, alluring dancer of the entire Sinnoh region!"

"Huh?!" Dawn and Paul asked.

Black smoke covered a portion of the battle field. "What the…" Paul said. The Gengar and Haunter circled quickly around the black smoke and made it so that it formed a person's form. Then, Fantina emerged beautifully from the black smoke. "Then you prepare yourself for the gym leader that is…Fantina!" she said, proudly.

"Whoa," Dawn said. "Alright that was cool!" She and Piplup began clapping and cheering. This attracted Paul's attention. "What are you doing here?" Paul asked.

"Ah, your petite copine has come to watch your skirmish," Fantina said.

"My what?" Paul asked.

"Fantina, that was such a beautiful entrance!" Dawn said.

"Ah, merci!" Fantina said. "I am a Pokémon Coordinator! So beautiful entrances is a must for someone like myself!" She then turned her attention to Paul. "Are you here for a gym battle?" Fantina asked.

"Yes! I'm Paul from Veilstone City and I challenge you to a gym battle."

"Very well, I accept! It is what gym leaders, non?" Fantina asked.

The two met at the gym's battlefield. The two took opposite sides of each other. "The Pokémon battle between the challenger, Paul, and the Hearthome Gym Leader, Fantina, is about to get underway!" the referee said. "This battle will be three-on-three. The battle will continue on until one trainer's Pokémon is under able to battle. In addition, only the challenger can swap Pokémon. The gym leader cannot. Alright, let the battle commence!"

Paul took out a Poké Ball. "Alright! Honchkrow, stand by!" Paul shouted. Honchkrow then came form its Poké Ball and it was ready for battle. "Ah! A Dark-type Pokémon! You have done your homework on me, non?" Fantina asked. "Very well! Venir, Drifblim!" Fantina shouted. The Poké Ball opened and Gengar emerged. "Drifblim," he said, ominously.

"Now then, Drifblim! Attack with Gust!" Fantina shouted. Drifblim then spun around, creating a whirlwind around the room. Honchkrow's big wings couldn't fight against the strong wind currents. He was then slammed into the wall. "Oh no," Dawn said.

Honchkrow fell to the ground. "Honchkrow, get up and fight back using Haze!" Honchkrow flapped its wings and created a black cloud that shrouded everything. "Now, use Shadow Ball!" he shouted. Honchkrow then created a dark energy ball and shot it through the black cloud. "Drifblim, use Minimize quickly!" Fantina said. The power was enough to shake the building. "Did Paul get him?" Dawn asked.

The cloud cleared up and Drifblim was nowhere to be found. "Huh?" Paul asked.

"Paul, watch out!" Dawn shouted, as she pointed up to the sky. Paul looked up and saw Drifblim high in the air, minimized. "I can barely see it!" Paul said.

"Drifblim, use Ominous Wind!" Fantina said. Another wind was created, but this one was very dark and spooky. "What?" Paul asked. When it cleared, Honchkrow was knocked out on the ground. Honchkrow was trying hard to get up. "Honchkrow, get up and use Sky Attack!" Paul shouted.

Honchkrow tried its best to get up. When it did, it was ready to fall over. But it then began flapping its wings rapidly, ready to attack. "Drifblim, use Astonish!" Fantina shouted. Drifblim made itself bigger to intimidate Honchkrow, making it faint. "Honchkrow is unable to battle," the referee declared.

"What?!" Paul asked, angrily.

"Oh no," Dawn said. "Paul's Honchkrow didn't even have a chance." She then had an idea. She took out all of her Pokémon. "Pip?" Piplup asked.

"I don't have time to explain," Dawn said. She then handed them their cheerleader outfits. "Put these on!"

Paul returned Honchkrow to its Poké Ball. "Come on Honchkrow! You could have put up a harder battle then that!" he scolded. He then took out another Poké Ball. "Weavile, standby!" he shouted.

The battle continued on. Drifblim continued dominating over Weavile. Weavile only got in a few hits with Ice Beam, and they weren't very effective (despite Ice Beam being a super-effective attack). Dawn realized and was backstage, changing clothes. She came out of the bathroom in a cheerleaders' outfit. "Alright girls, Paul needs our help," she said. "I know some of you think that Paul doesn't deserve it, but he's a trainer in trouble. And well…just do this for me! Do it for his miserable Pokémon!" Dawn said. "Who's with me?!"

Most of her Pokémon began whistling and staring at the ceiling. It's pretty obvious that they all didn't like Paul. "Do it…and…I'll give you guys double the Poffins!" Dawn said. Piplup and Pachirisu were all for the idea.

"Weavile, use Blizzard!" Paul shouted. Weavile then shot a snowstorm out of its mouth.

"Drifblim, use Ominous Wind!" Fantina shouted. Drifblim created a dark wind that weakened Weavile. Paul was not doing so well now. Paul was becoming easily frustrated. "Why are my Pokémon so weak?! I did so much training with them! Are they losing on purpose just to embarrass me?!" Paul thought.

"Paul! Paul! He's our guy if he can't do it, no one can't!" Dawn cheered.

"Huh?" Paul asked. He looked up and saw Dawn and her Pokémon cheering for. "Let's go Paul! You can do it!" Dawn shouted.

"Buneary!" Buneary shouted. Paul was feeling a mix of flattery and confusion. "You think that would help me win?" Paul asked.

"Hey, at least I'm supporting you!" Dawn shouted, angrily.

"Well, just keep it under 'barely tolerable'," Paul said.

"I would accept your little girlfriend's help," Fantina said.

"Girlfriend?" Paul asked. "Dawn's not even my friend."

"Is that a hint of red on your face?" Fantina asked.

"I am not!" Paul shouted. "Weavile, use Ice Beam! Give it all you have!"

Weavile then shot a powerful Ice Beam attack at Drifblim. The attack was so powerful that Drifblim was frozen solid! Dawn, her Pokémon, the ref, and Fantina were all shocked at the sight of a frozen Drifblim. "Drifblim is unable to continue battling. The round goes to Paul and his Weavile!"

"Alright! Way to go, Paul!" Dawn shouted.

"I guess Weavile finally got the right motivation," Paul said.

Fantina returned her frozen Drifblim. "I never though I would go down to two Pokémon." She took another Poké Ball and she began feuding with Weavile. Despite Weavile being exhausted, he continued battling Gengar. Dawn and her Pokémon continued cheering and shouting. Whenever they did so, Weavile would feel stronger and it would land strong hits on Gengar. Finally, it would be able to defeat Gengar! "Alright Paul! Just one more Pokémon and you win!" Dawn shouted.

"Gee, thanks for stating the obvious!" Paul said.

Fantina returned her exhausted Pokémon to its Poké Ball. She took out her last Poké Ball. "J'ai eu une idée!" Fantina shouted.

"Um…what did she say?" Dawn asked.
"Yeah, we don't speak freaky-French here," Paul said.

"I have an idea! What would you say if you have a two-on-one Pokémon battle?" Fantina asked.

"Why would I do that? You want to lose that badly?" Paul asked.

"Oh trust me. My last Pokémon would…how you say…wipe the floor with yours," Fantina said.

"Alright then," Paul said. He then began thinking about what Pokémon to use. He still had Torterra, Ursaring, and Gliscor. Oh yeah, and he still had Dawn's Luxio. He was kind of hesitating on using her Pokémon. I mean, she does go for the weak Pokémon. "Anytime soon, sir?" Fantina asked.

"Alright," Paul said. He took out a Poké Ball. "Luxio, standby!"

"He kept it!" Dawn shouted. Luxio was sent out to the battle field. Dawn was so happy that Paul didn't immediately get rid of it like she would expect.

"Alright then!" Fantina shouted. "Prepare for battle, Mismagius!" Fantina shouted. Mismagius was released and the battle went on.

Paul took advantage of the double team moves and Luxio and Weavile continued using damaging moves against it. Dawn and her Pokémon continued cheering for him. It looked as if Mismagius was ready to faint. But Mismagius was able to knock out Weavile. Still, Luxio was able to hold itself. "Dawn, you nabbed a good one," Paul thought. "Luxio use Charge!" he shouted. Luxio began sorting electrical power.

"Alright Paul! Finish it off!" Dawn cheered.

"Alright Luxio, finish him off with a powerful Thunder Fang!

"I don't think so!" Fantina shouted. "Mismagius, use Psybeam!" Mismagius then unleashed a powerful psychic beam. Luxio was still charging, so it couldn't defend itself from it. "Mismagius, use Magical Leaf!" Fantina shouted.

Mismagius then unleashed a fury of mystic leaves onto Luxio. Luxio was knocked out! Luxio tried to get up, but it fell to his knees. "Luxio is unable to battle! Hearthome Gym Leader Fantina wins the battle!" the ref announced.

"Ah man," Dawn said, disappointed. She was hoping that Luxio would win, so then Paul won't release it. Piplup threw her pompom to the ground, angrily.


Dawn, Ash, and Brock met up at the Pokémon Center. In the middle of the night, Dawn got up and started walking around. She was having trouble sleeping. She was worried about Luxio and if Paul would release it or not. "I hope he doesn't," Dawn said.

She walked by a glass wall. She saw Paul outside in the dark. "What's he doing up this late?" she asked. She pressed herself against the glass wall to see what was happening.


Paul took out Luxio's Poké Ball and released it. "Luxio?" it asked.

"Take a hike," Paul said, coldly. "I was a fool for thinking that you were actually strong." Luxio began begging with Paul. "I said no, alright! You lost, so that's it!" Paul shouted. Luxio continued begging sadly. Paul began looking in his eyes. Luxio was starting to tear up. "I said…go away," Paul said. He was starting to feel weird. He had a strange feeling. He knew what it was. It was…sympathy.

"Oh come on! Don't look at me like that!" Paul said. "Just go away!" Paul looked away fro a few moments. "You're still there, aren't you?" he asked. He turned around, and Shinx was still there. This was definitely a first for Paul. He's actually having second thoughts! "Why is it so hard for you to just leave?" he asked, angrily. "I gave up Chimchar with no second chances! Why should it be different for you?"

"Lux…io," Luxio said, sadly.

"Alright, if I take you back, will you get stronger?" Luxio nodded. "Alright then, let's go!" Paul said. He then returned Luxio to its Poké Ball. Dawn was very happy about this. "Yay! Paul's not going to release it!" she said, happily. "Maybe he's not the heartless jerk people think he is."


The next morning, Dawn woke up with a smile. The bright sunlight shown through the windows. "Morning Piplup!" Dawn said, stretching her arms out. She looked at the night stand and found a small box next to her bed. "What's this?" she asked. She opened it and saw a custom-made black ribbon in the box. "Hey, this is pretty cute," Dawn said. There was a note in the box.

To Dawn,

I know this won't get you into the Grand Festival thing, but you deserve it. I…sort of like your cheerleading. Thanks for the support!

Dawn looked around and she couldn't find a name anywhere. Though, she thinks she knows who gave her the ribbon. She would have thanked that person, but they were already halfway to Pastoria City.


So, that is the very first Ikarishipping story I have done. Thanks for reading. I hoped you shippers liked it. I have plenty of more, so leave a review and keep checking up on the series!