The group of six all gathered around the bonfire at sunset, each couple on a different side of the fire. Chuck and Sarah got the fortunate spot facing the water, compliments of Awesome, giving them a perfect view of the sunset. Ellie and Awesome were to their right, Morgan and Anna to their left.

After Ellie and Chuck's protests to the Cards of Doom, Morgan dropped the event and indulged in conversations instead. Every now and then, there'd be an awkward silence that would fall over them, but Ellie was always able to bring up a new conversation topic.

"How's work Anna?" Ellie politely asked.

"It's okay." Anna shortly replied, closing back up. Even after all this time with the group, and Ellie's constant denouncing of Morgan, she didn't really like talking to Ellie.

"That's good, what about you, Sarah?"

"Well, my boss is a real jerk and there's all these ridiculous rules witch suck, but otherwise it's okay. It keeps me pretty busy."

"What's the worst rule?" Someone asked.

"Well, Scooter really hates the fact that my boyfriend here," Sarah wrapped her arms around his waist, his arm already around his shoulder, "Works so close. He's trying to enforce a rule that I can't have anymore extended lunch breaks."

"That's not awesome."

"Wait, so are you two back together?" Morgan asked. Chuck and Sarah looked at each other, uncomfortably.

"Well yeah. It's kinda new, we're going to take it slower, but being with each other-"

"Is something both parties wanted." Sarah finished for him. The way she said it made Chuck know the truth. But why? Why was she all of the sudden expressing her feelings? Wanting something more?

It must be the sun. He mentally explained.

To be frank, Chuck was just making up a cover w/o even conversing with Sarah. The last time they'd had that talk, they were more on the friend side, but considering what Sarah had said, he changed his mind right there and then.

The rest of the night at the beach, the three couples enjoyed themselves, even when Morgan cranked out his acoustic guitar named Billy. He randomly strummed chords and sang randomly about the people in the group.

He'd told Awesome just how Awesome he was, Ellie how he liked her cooking, Sarah how he thought she was super cool and perfect for Chuck, Anna how he loved her and Chuck. Chuck got a really long verse. Cheat codes, inside jokes, and Buymore talk all found their ways in.

Not long after, the couples said goodbyes and split to go their separate ways.

"I had a real nice time today" Sarah admitted as she arrived at her apartment door with Chuck.

"Me too. Thanks for coming."

Sarah unlocked the front door and turned to face him. "Would you like to come in?"

"Are you sure? I mean..." Sarah knew now was her chance. She'd been personally dancing around the idea for quite some time now, but always lost her courage when the time came. She rose on her tippy toes to be face to face with him and kissed him. Chuck was initially shocked, but things soon changed and he responded with a hungry passion.

After the night's activities, much after they had left the beach, Sarah told him that everything she had shared that day. The part about her dad, their relationship, and the things she shared with Ellie and Anna. And everything was true, much to Chuck's delight.

He never did find out if she had been purposely waiting for a chance like that, or if it was just all the sun she got, but either way, it didn't matter. Because Sarah had finally come clean and that was all that mattered.


Hope you liked it... It was fun to write, but it didn't turn out nearly as good as I hopped.. Oh well. I live... -dies- Okay, well.. Maybe not. -dies a second time-