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(Cell phone rings)


"Hey there…"


"Wow, well aren't you exited…"

"How's college doin?"

"It's cool… just can't wait for next couple of weeks so I could come see you…"

"Don't you mean visit your family? That should be more important…"

"Hey! This is the girlfriend talking to you here… or are you trying to blow me off?"

"No… I didn't mean to… I'm sorry…"

"It's no big…"


"You there?"


"What is it? You're being really awkweird…"

"Nothing's wrong… everything's fine."

"I know you better than that. Whatever it is, promise me we'll talk about it."

"No, really… it's all good. I'm rockin good…"

"Liar liar pants on fire…"

"Not that it ever seems to stay on anyway…"

"Ok now you're freaking me out… What's the sitch Ron?"

"I'm sorry."

"(Sigh) For what now?"



"I gotta go. Mom's calling me downstairs for breakfast…"

"Um, ok. So, see you soon?"


"Love ya"


(Cell phone cuts off)

Nothing about the conversation felt level. Actually, it was far from. It didn't take a rocket scientist, for lack of a better term to figure it out. Kim laid in her room of her apartment in England, where she was attending the prestigious Cambridge University for almost two years now. It was initially bittersweet for her. On one hand she had a scholarship for one of the best educational facilities in the entire world… she would be in a new city, meet new people and have fun at it. On the other hand, there was home… more specifically Ron, who she left behind. He told her that he was ok with everything, but good old female intuition and Ron being himself, proved mostly otherwise. Every time they spoke on the phone, or when she visited, he was so exited, constantly jabbering like a monkey in a tree, for once again, the lack of a better term… that is however, until she had to go. She constantly had to yell at him because she had an important assessment to complete or that she'd miss the flight and he wouldn't let her go. It wrenched her heart to do it, but she had to…

But never in the time has she been studying, that Ron ever sounded that sad… and what was with the apologies? Just then something else came to mind…

("Wait a minute, it's 3am over there. He did brush me off… so not like him. We're gonna have a good chat about that…")

But it wasn't time to dwell on that. It was morning there… time to get breakfast of her own and ready herself for final term examinations… Ron had to sit on the back burner for a while.

Two weeks later,

Kim was on a plane back to Middleton. She couldn't help but feel exited… she was going home. Exams were done and she had a long summer ahead to enjoy. Yet something else was gnawing at her… Ron hadn't called her since their last conversation. She found that to me more than just a weird sitch. She called for him a couple times but only got his voice mail. Of course, she left a couple but he never returned them.

("Ron, you got some 'splanin to do when I see you…") She thought a bit peeved.

Somehow, she resigned herself to the thought that he was just being overly dramatic about everything, as he had in the past couple years so far. She remembered on the few missions they had in between the time that he'd whine and complain about how hard it was that she wasn't around…

"Aw KP, It just isn't the same without you…"

"Ron it's been two years! Deal with it!"

"Hey, easy for you to say! You're going back to the Fancy College after this…"

"It's a university Ron…"

"Same thing isn't it? I'm just gonna be here… you know, the Smarty Mart Employee of the month. Imagine how deadbeat I must sound next to my smart girlfriend!"

"Ron! Maybe it's time you really grow up… for real! Get a grip!"


It was one of the few things that irked her about him… his complaints and complaints. But deep down, she loved him without end. She usually would try to take it all with a pinch of salt. After all, he has been there for her as long as forever… and despite the issues they have had along the way they always worked great together. But once again, she remembered the conversation she had with him two weeks before… he didn't complain, he didn't whine… he just sounded... lost. And worse than that, he brushed her off. He never really did that to her. But no matter what the sitch, they had plenty of time to talk about it when she got home.

Six hours later,

"Kimmie Cub!"

Kim was met by her parents at Middleton International Airport. It was 9pm. She hugged them dearly.

"Mom, Dad!"

"Honey, how was your trip?"

"Just a little tiring, but no big."

"Well let's get you all up and back home…" Her dad said, picking up her bags.

She was as always exited to be home, to be greeted by the ones she loved… wait a minute! Ron didn't come to meet her! He never missed meeting her when she came in… he usually was more exited than everyone.

"Mom, where's Ron?"

"I'm not sure honey, I thought he'd have come along with us to meet you. It's not like him…

"This is beginning to be so the drama" Kim stated quietly. They all embarked on their way home.

What would cause Ron to act this way? He wasn't responding to her joyfully, he didn't return her calls; he didn't meet her at the airport. Then from the remotest part of her mind, paranoia set in…

("Is Ron cheating on me? NAH! He said he'd wait. He wouldn't just go find someone else… I mean, who'd want to be with Ron Stoppable?")

Right there she stopped. She couldn't believe she asked that question. Ron was with her, Kim Possible… the hero. And if he could be with her, then why not someone else? Immediately, she began to fume…

"Kimmie cub, are you ok?" her dad roused her from her thoughts as they drove.

"Just a little mad at Ron…I mean, it's not like him to not call me or not meet me here…"

"Yes, something has been going on with him. I wanted to have a talk with him since he was fired from Smarty Mart, but…"

"WHAT? Ron was FIRED?" Shock took over Kim like she was staring down the barrel of a six shooter…

"Yes honey… didn't he tell you?" Her mother enquired…

"NO he didn't! How long ago did this happen?"

"Well from what we heard, over a month now…"

Now Kim began to get a little bothered… this was so not like Ron. Her parents continued to tell her, how they heard from the gossip, that there was an incident where the animals fell sick to the point of dying. The owner, Mr. Smarty was inspecting that time and was of the opinion that Ron wasn't feeding them. Ron denied to the core, but when he was demanded to produce his records of the feeding times, he could not as he constantly forgot to… not to mention that he began to be late for work and not doing all his duties specified…

"Well that does sound like Ron actually… he has his moments"

"Maybe, but it wasn't the reason for the animals…"

"What do you mean?"

Her father continued to tell the story, that Ron ended having a heated argument with Mr. Smarty, who promptly fired him, also making sure to tell him that he'd never find another job at least in Middleton. But almost a month after Ron left, it was found that the feed supplied was of a severely bad quality. Ron was cleared, but he never went back… or didn't care.

"But he didn't say anything to me! Why would he do that?" Kim said anxiously…

"Perhaps he didn't want you to worry too much honey. Remember, you had your exams…" Her mother responded.

In that respect, she understood. It wasn't easy to pass anything in Cambridge and you had to give your full attention to detail. But still she would have just wished that Ron would have told her… She was as much a part of his life as he was a part of her. Eventually they got home and Kim was greeted by her brothers. She was so happy to see them, but deep down it felt… incomplete. Ron wasn't here. But she would have to wait until tomorrow to contact him… The combination of jet lag, standing long lines of customs and baggage took their toll on her. She just changed out of her clothes and lay on her soft bed…

("Ron, don't worry. I'm here… no matter what, I'm gonna be there for you…")

Her thoughts trailed off in a smile as she drifted off to sleep.