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"Ok Ron… what do you see?"

"Um… Bueno Nacho…"

Many weeks have past since Ron's near fatal incident. After a few days of subsequent CT scans and monitoring, he was deemed fit to leave the hospital. But it would take almost a month before he could use his hands properly, due to the injuries he inflicted to his wrists. His scars, serving as a reminder of that dark moment…

"And this one…"

"Hmmm, Bueno Nacho…"

(Raised eyebrow)

Mrs. Possible eventually informed him about his medical condition, which was met with shock and disbelief, especially at the point that he was told he as about to die. But he remembered oddly enough, that in what he thought was a dream, that he saw a great yellow spirit, who had their hands on his head… then, a sudden white horizon opened up behind the spirit, which had begun to fade away. The white light blinded him, and when he refocused them, there was this one, beautiful sight in his eyes to behold… Kim.

"Alright… what do you see here?"

"Ummmm… well… "

"Let me guess… Bueno Nacho again?"

"Yes thank you…"

"No Ronald, the picture…"

Due to the extent of the disease, and because depression was the main symptom, Ron was confined to a one hour visit each week with Mrs. Possible, who would analyze his mental state and just generally chat with him. The task would only take five weeks… which for Ron, was one week and six days too much…

"Oh… well I'd say… yep! Bueno Nacho!"


Ron had been shown inkblot images used to determine one's mental state… so far he's only seen one thing… which was honestly driving Mrs. Possible nuts…

"Ronald, are you even trying?"

"Yeah Mrs. Dr. P, but it's just that I'm so hungry, I could eat some nacos right about now…"

"Well I guess something is wrong with you…"

"Huh? Oh man, do I have to go back into the kitten thingy again?"

"It's a cat scanner Ronald… and no, I was only joking…"

"Are you sure of that mom?"

Both heads turned, to see Kim standing at the door. She was listening in on the conversation and having a laugh at Ron's answer to all the images. She sat next to him…

"So how's my emo BF today?" she said with a snicker…

"Emo enough to be with you…" He retaliated…


"You started it…"

"Don't make me call Monique for you…"

That statement made Ron to look around wildly, then cower behind Kim. In his days after regaining consciousness, she came to visit him. He remembered how mad she looked…


"Now you look here boy…if you ever scare me or Kim like that again or do anything stupid like that, I'm gonna act a fool up in this place so bad that you'll need more than a shrink to help your butt… got it?"

"Yes maam…" Said in the highest pitch voice he could muster…

"Yeah you better act like you know…"


"Where is she?"

"Ron, she was only kidding… she didn't mean it."

"Oh yeah sure… you weren't in my shoes…"

"Eww, I really wouldn't…" She replied mockingly… covering her nose

Ron looked a little depressed, to which point Anne spoke up…

"Ronald, you must not hide your feelings at all. Always talk about whatever's on your mind… no matter what's bothering you…"

His head was still facing the ground…

"Oh come on… I was only kidding…" Kim stated

"It's not that… not that at all…" He replied in a somber tone.

"Well… don't bottle it up Ronald… just say it…"

"I… I don't want you to go…"

The comment made the ladies Possible glance at each other, then reset their gaze upon Ron…

"Well… you know… you say I gotta say how I feel... It's not the same without you… You can do anything… and when I'm close to you, I feel I can do anything too. But it sucks cause it's hard to concentrate without you around. You and me are like a well oiled machine… dunno why I said that, but it just sounds right. Oh, forget it… I guess maybe I'm just being all dumb and stuff about it..."

Kim reached over and hugged her boyfriend. She remembered when she told him at his darkest hour that they were just that… a well-oiled machine. But she also understood Ron's sitch. She had been contemplating long and hard about whether to ditch college and keep an eye on Ron… especially now that he was aware of and removed the chip. She blamed herself partially for what had occurred and prior to almost losing him; she didn't want to go through that again. But she also had a reputation and expectations from her family to uphold…

"I have a confession to make…"

Kim's words caused all eyes to cast upon her. Whenever she uttered those words, it meant she was at her most serious…

"I, kinda… don't wanna go back without you either…"

Anne glared at her daughter in disbelief…

"Young lady, if I hear from you what I think you are about to say…"

"No mom, I'm not saying that I won't go back to Cambridge, but can't leave without him… I can't lose him again. I can't be that far from him ever…"

She said this, while clutching Ron's hand…

"KP you're beginning to sound like me… not good. Hey, it's cool… you have your life to uphold. Don't change em for me…"

"Ron, I've always felt this way. Remember you said this to me on our graduation night? You really didn't believe me when I told you I was scared too?"

"Kim possible doesn't get scared… well except over giant cockroaches…" Ron stated. She shivered at the thought…

"So not going there. Anyway, I am human you know… Ron I love you. This whole thing made me realize even more that I can't live without you either…I've taken you for granted lots of times and I did some stuff I shouldn't have… but after almost loosing you, I'm not ready to do that again… ever"

"What are you saying?"

"I'm saying I can't be Kim possible without Ron Stoppable…"

She kissed him on his cheek. He blushed slightly at that comment… But soon after, a large growling emanated from Ron's stomach…

"Aww man, my mental health requires nacos…"


Kim and her mother both said at the same time. They paused for a moment before Anne jumped up amusingly in the style of her daughter…

"Jinx! You owe me a two gra..."

"Uhh Mom, gotta go! Ron's hungry… see you later!" Kim ran off quickly, grabbing Ron's arm…

"Um KPppppppppppp!"

They ran out the door. Anne couldn't help but laugh hard in her office… she almost fell out of her chair…

("Everything's going to be fine.")

At Bueno Nacho,

"Aaaaaah! Oh my beloved naco… where've U been all my life?"

"Ron, you ate Nacos yesterday…"

"That's how good it is…"

Kim and Ron sat in the establishment that came to define many things in their life. In many ways, it was pivotal in forming and building their own relationship…

"Hey, you still haven't told me why you ran out on your mom…"

"Trust me… you don't wanna know… for a while… a long, long while…"

"Ok… weird…speaking of which, you didn't have to say those things for me… you know about going back…"

All it took was a glare from her…

"Ok yeah… you did…"

"A little secret Ron… I've been having trouble studying away…I kept thinking about you too." She whispered

If there could be any one shocking statement out of all he heard so far, that would be it. Kim was always the one to manage missions and schoolwork. Not to mention pass with flying colors. So to hear this now from her, meant that he really had more of an effect on her life then he previously thought…

"Wow… I guess I didn't know how much shine there was in my Ron shine…"

"Apparently, me neither…"

They continued enjoying their meal, when a small bustle came from behind. They looked around, to see a middle aged man dressed in a black suit, along with what seemed to be a bodyguard…

"Mr. Stoppable?"

"Mr. Smarty?"

Ron almost turned white in his seat. Instinctively, he quickly groomed himself and stood up. But the multi millionaire set him back down…

"I didn't know you came here to eat sir…"

"Of course my boy… Nacos are a delight! Anyhow, I've been trying to contact you, but you haven't been returning any of my calls…"

"Oh, well, you know… old cell phone… terrible coverage and stuff…"

Ron did his best to cover himself. He knew eventually that he wasn't the cause of the Smarty Mart pet store incident, but found it hard to face the man who threatened him with not working anywhere around Middleton again…

"Son, you don't have to make excuses… I was wrong for blaming you about the incident and firing you. I want you to know that I've posted your extra salary for your time away and also gave you a raise in them…"

"What? I don't understand Mr. Smarty… why?"

"The reason is simple son. You're a motivated young man and you get the job done. Good men like you are hard to find. Not to mention hearing about what happened to you, I felt quite responsible…"

Ron felt his ego boosting…

"Wow, thanks Mr. Smarty… for everything…"

"Well son, my pleasure. Now, your job is still available for you if you want it…"

Now Ron had a decision to make. Choose between the stability of a job he has come to know so well or taking a chance with the one person who knew him better than most… the choice was easy.

"Um Mr. Smarty, I may have to decline… see Kim here's going back to England and I think I wanna go with her…I'm really, really sorry…"

Mr. Smarty looked at him, then glanced at Kim, to whom he nodded…

"Well, it's a shame to lose you as an employee at the Smarty Mart Mr. Stoppable… but I understand."

"Thanks sir…"

"But would you reconsider if I told you that we opened a new branch called the Euro Smarty?

"Euro Smarty?

"That's right my boy. Smarty Mart Europe. And we have branches all over the UK, France and Germany. I could do with a motivational person as yourself over there… think you're up to it?"

If Ron could smile any wider, his face would have torn off. He rose from his seat, highly excited…

"Oh, I dunno what to say Mr. Smarty! Thank you…" As he shook his hand…

"It's fine… now let me leave you two… I have nacos to enjoy…" Mr. Smarty promptly collected his order and left.

There was nothing that could be said to describe the joy in the young blonde's heart. He was going with Kim, he would be able to afford to go and he had job security…

"Well, looks like everything's gonna have a happy ending…" Kim stated…

"Not yet…" Ron replied, before leaning over the table towards Kim. Instinctively, she followed and just as they were about to lock in an eternal kiss…

(Beep, beep, bee- deep)

"Kissy time Wade… bad timing…"

"Not that I'd like to see..."

"What's the sitch?"

"Motor Ed's on the move again. He's been tearing up the highways… literally. Nobody can stop him…"

"But we can…" She glanced in Ron's direction… "So… up for it?"

Ron's face beamed with a smile…

"KP when I'm with you I can do anything."

"Wade… we're on our way."