Edited! Hope this one is better...This is going to be anime and manga. Actually, now that I think about it, the only difference is that Hohenheim's the Philosopher's Stone. So it's mostly anime. By the way, let's say that Ed didn't meet Hohenheim in either time he went past the Gate, k? I just like him beating Hohenheim up...it's just funny...XD

"Is brother going to be all right?" Al asked worriedly. He didn't want to lose his brother...again!

"He's going to be quite all right. Now if you don't mind me asking, where do you come from? We just found you two in the Forbidden Forest," an old man with long white hair and beard with half-moon glasses said stroking his beard lightly.

"We're from...uh...Germany. Hey, what are you doing!" Al yelled, leaping back in alarm. There was a loud clatter as the chair he was sitting in fell to the floor. He felt something poking around his brain and it didn't take a genius to figure out who was doing it. However, it did take a genius to feel the poking and prodding.

"Amazing, you could tell? Not many people can tell if I use Legilimency on them. I recognized that Flamel(1) cross on the back of your jacket. Have you heard of a place called Amestris?" the man asked leaning forward, eyes twinkling mischieviously.

"How did you know?" Al gasped. Dumbledore opened his mouth, but was interrupted before he uttered a sound.

"AL!" Ed gasped.

Al turned around to find his brother with his eyes wide open, lying on the bed gripping the bed sheets tightly.

"Brother! Don't hurt yourself. You never take care of yourself and you slept with your stomach out again," Al sighed, fitting back in to the older brother role. It was an odd role, considering he was the younger Elric brother.

"Yeah, yeah, besides, there are more things to worry about. One being, where the hell we are. Last thing I remember was being knocked out by some creepy looking monster," Ed asked, looking around, "Eh? Hey who's the old geezer?"

"Brother, be polite to him, he was the one who helped you, and he knows about Amestris, besides, be happy that he didn't use any needles on you!" Al said.

"N-n-need-dles?" Ed stuttered, turning pasty.

"I just said he didn'tuse them," Al quickly said, fully aware of Ed's fear of needles. Needlephobia or something like that. Or perhaps Sharp-Things-phobia. Either way, he was more scared of them then of the homunculi.

Dumbledore took this opputunity to say, "Of course I know about Amestris, I have an old friend from there, do you know him? He said his name is Nicholas Flamel, but then again, he was quite well at Occulemency-"

He was cut off by (oh there's a shocker) Ed.

"Occuleminwhat?" Ed interrupted rudely.

"Occulemency, to stop someone from reading their mind, Al does it quite well too. But like I was saying, he might have been lying, I'm sure he has his reasons. Now on a slightly related issue, what are your names?" the man asked.

"My name is Edward Elric, my brother's Alphonse Elric but just call us Ed and Al. And tell us your name, equivalent trade, after all," Ed said pointedly.

"I am Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. But just call me Albus. And did you just say that you were the Elric brothers? As in the youngest State Alchemist of Amestris Edward Elric? The Alchemist of the People?"

"Yeah...Why?" Ed asked suspiciously. Of course he liked being adored, as he fully should be, but there was something weird about that man. Perhaps it was the fact that he could've passed off as...as...General Grummans grandfather! Or maybe it was the beard that was long enough to be wrapped around his waist twice, as an odd belt. Or maybe because his nose was broken at least twice, maybe three, and could still keep his half-moon glasses on. Buuut it was probably because of the way he dressed. A dress. A man...in a dress. Thankfully, not a flowery one like Winry liked to wear, but a still...a dress...

"Well it's not everyday someone crosses the gate to our world and is a State Alchemist," Dumbledore said, his eyes glittering.

"Al, how much did you tell him?" Ed said hesitantly.

"Nothing, brother, he knew all of it already," Al defended as he felt Ed's glare boring into him.

"Hey, you still didn't tell us where we are," Ed said suddenly, trying to change the subject off of him.

"Oh, of course, we are at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry," Dumbledore chuckled at his own negligence.

"Witch craft? Wizardry? That's impossible! There is no such thing as magic though! Only science!" Ed said skeptically, shifting so he was sitting on the edge of the bed. He winced as he felt a shart pain in his midriff.

"Be careful! You're going to get yourself killed one day like that," Al exclaimed, noticing the wince.

"Well, then, I'll show you," Dumbledore said, as he drew out his wand and muttered something as he pointed his wand away from the boys. Suddenly, a great big gust of fire spurt out of the end of it.

"Looks just like Mustang's flame doesn't it?" Al grinned.

"Damn, that's impossible though. There's no circle..." Ed said staring at the strange stick in Dumbledore's hand in awe and confusion.

"Unlike in alchemy, when you use magic, you don't need any circles, and the Law of Equivalent Exchange doesn't matter," Dumbledore explained.

"But that's impossible!" Ed yelped. "Where does all the extra matter come from?! Or where does it go?"

"I'm not sure of it myself, I only know that you can bypass the laws of equivalency," Dumbledore said, shrugging slightly.

"Brother, haven't you realized from our travels that anything is possible? We always thought that successful chimeras and homunculi weren't possible. And that human transmutation was impossible to succeed at," Al said.

"Hmmm, I guess you're right, but equivalent exchange should always be in play! Where's the equivalency? That thing is just a stick!"

"As I've just demonstrated, equivalent exchange is not always there, if you'd like to see more of it, you could stay for the year, as you figure out a way to return home. I never figured out how Flamel was able to cross the Gate so many times. I should ask him to visit sometime," Dumbledore said.

"We'll be able to be with Winry and Hawkeye and Mustang and everyone else back at home soon!" Al gushed excitedly.

"Would you like to teach alchemy to some of our students? It would benefit them greatly. You see, magic can't be done without a wand, and if a wizard or witch doesn't have a wand with him, he can't do magic. Since you believe in equivalent exchange so much, you can stay here and research and you can teach my students alchemy," Dumbledore said, his eyes twinkling.

"Okay...but how can I teach them if this world doesn't allow alchemy?" Ed asked.

"Most places in this world doesn't allow alchemy, but Hogwarts is one of the few places it does. Try it," Dumbledore insisted.

"Okay..." Ed said unsure about this. He clapped his hands and placed it on the wood table next to his bed. There was a flash of blue lightening and the table turned into an exact statue of Al's old armor, plus some personal...details.

"Brother, you always put too much extra lines," Al said running a finger on down the armor.

"If you will excuse me, I need to talk to my staff about the changes," Dumbledore said as he stood up.

"Can you believe it, we finally get a way home after all our time in this world. Do you think that Mustang became Fuhrur?" Ed asked, dreaming of Amestris.

"I don't know, before you got back, Mustang wasn't as...confident and he's an enlisted man now, remember, there's no way he could just fly up the ranks, that fast," Al said.

"You never know with Mustang," Ed said wisely. "Do you seriously believe this magic thing is real?"

"Well he just did magic didn't he?" Al asked, pouring a cup of water for himself.

"But this goes against everything we learned, everything that Izumi pounded into us," Ed said, lying back down.

"We'll just have to see," Al agreed.

"Wait a minute," Ed said, suddenly, sitting bolt straight up. There was alarm in his eyes and panic etched into his face.

"What?" Al asked, alarmed.

"Is it just me, or did I just agree...to TEACH?" Ed asked, worry lining his face.

Al giggled a bit before chirping a "Yep!"

Ed groaned as he slapped a pillow on his face. It just wasn't his day was it?

"Minerva, I'm sure of it, they are Flamel's sons. The three of them have the same eyes," Dumbledore said to the two other members of staff that were in the Order of the Phoenix. They were in the corridor outside of the Hospital Wing where Dumbledore had just came out of.

"It's just their eye color, what does that prove?" McGonagall argued. It wasn't like Dumbledore to be this...this lenient. And that's saying something, considering Dumbledore accepted and hired a werewold, a half-giant, and more, knowing exactly what he was getting into.

"As much as I have to say it, I agree with Minerva in this. You said they don't believe in magic at all, and everything they do that remotely connects to magic has to follow this equivalent exchange, so doesn't that mean they are just filthy muggles," Snape sneered. "I say we should just Obliviate them and send them back to this Amestris place."

"It's not just their eye color, which I doubt any other person has, but they have the same determination in their eyes. They're not just muggles, they've been through a lot, they know what it's like to be at war, if I do say so myself, they've been through more than Harry has," Dumbledore replied. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go bring them to the Order of the Phoenix Headquarters."

McGonagall gaped, "Are you sure that's a good idea? You've only just met them."

"Of course, I looked through the boys' minds while I was talking, the younger one let me in, as soon as he realized that I was just checking their trustworthiness. And the older one, I'm sure did not sense me," Dumbledore replied.

McGonagall and Snape understood that the conversation was over, even if they did not like it.

"Hey, who are they?" Harry asked as Dumbledore led a pair of boys in to Number 12 Grimmauld Place.

"I don't know. Maybe- that's the Flamel symbol!" Hermione said excitedly.

"Flamel? Why does that sound familiar?" Ron asked, racking his brain.

"Remember in our first year there was the Philosopher's Stone? Nicholas Flamel?" Hermione asked, rolling her eyes.

"Oh yeah! He was Dumbledore's friend and they created the Philosopher's Stone, right? So then...what are they doing here?" Ron asked.

"I'm not sure, but they must have at least learned a little of alchemy to be able to wear the symbol," Hermione said, staring intently at the two boys.

"But he's looks like he's only 12! That's 3 years younger than us, and Dumbledore's taking him into the meeting room!" Harry spat. So now some twelve year old brat could go in, but not Harry Potter? And here he thought that the Order wanted to kill Voldemort. And isn't it best to send Harry Potter, the boy who defied Voldemort

"Well he must have a good reason to do that, right? Dumbledore knows not to just trust random people off the street and invite them in," Ron asked. It was one of those rare moments where he was reasonable.

"Yes, but they must be very important, if he's letting them hear the meeting," Hermione said, gazing at the closed door where two very handsome boys just walked through.

"Hello Molly," Dumbledore said, as two teenagers uncertainly followed him into the Order of the Phoenix meeting room.

"Hello, if I may ask, who are they?" Mr. Weasleysaid as he stood up and shook hands with the boys.

"They are our new Alchemy teachers, Professors Ed and Al Elric," Dumbledore said. "I just wanted them to come visit the Order of the Phoenix, in case they ever need to come. They are from the other side of the Gate, which I'll explain some other time."

"Professor? But aren't they a bit...young?" Mr. Weasley asked.

"Not to worry, Arthur, age doesn't matter when it comes to talent!" Dumbledore laughed.

"Can I say something please? We believe Envy will team up with Voldemort. Envy is a homunculus, which means that he is immortal and he has can shape-shift. They both want the Philosopher's Stone but for completely different reasons. Envy wants to turn back into a human and Voldemort wants to become immortal," Ed said as he stepped forward.

"Why would anyone want to become mortal?" Snape asked scornfully.

"You wouldn't understand why, but a woman named Dante convinced them that being a human was a lot better than being a homunculus. She's dead right now, but she managed to convince them quite well," Ed said turning to Snape. Looking at all the others in the room, he noticed one man that looked familiar. Apparently Al was thinking the same thing.

"Brother, do you think that's the double for Zolf J. Kimblee?" Al glaring slightly at Sirius intently, remembering how he nearly died because of Kimblee.

"I think that he is, they look the same, but they could be polar opposites like the two Lusts and the Scars. Or they could be like Rose and Noa," Ed warned.

"Excuse me, but do I know you?" Sirius asked blankly as he noticed the boys staring at him.

Ed blushed, "Sorry, but my brother and I have noticed there is a double for everyone from Amestris. Like we had a friend, Rose, and her counterpart was a gypsy named Noa. You look like someone called Zolf J. Kimblee, but we haven't really been on the best terms with him since he was convicted for killing his comrades. And especially for the time he tried to kill Al."

Sirius looked a little disturbed at this. The other Order members was also fidgeting.

"But we also know some other guy who tried to kill us in Amestris, but in this world he was really nice and helped Ed get back to Amestris. But we were forced to come back," Al said trying to comfort Sirius, feeling the tension in the room.

"Dinner is ready," Mrs. Weasley said as she poked her head in the room.

Dumbledore said suddenly, "May have a few words with the Elrics before dinner?"

"Of course," Ed said.

Dumbledore waited until everybody had filed out of the room and started talking.

"You should know that Sirius was accused of killing his best friend fifteen years ago. And a couple days later, he was also accused of killing people by blowing them up all at once. His former friend framed him by cutting off his finger and then blowing up the street.You should know that when you said that about this Kimblee, it hit home. I'm just telling you this because I don't want you going around saying that Sirius is here, his name was never officially cleared," Dumbledore said, after he led them into a separate room.

"Of course," Al said.

"Now, I'll leave you two to Molly, you might want to get to dinner before she goes on about how thin you two look, after that, we'll leave, I just wanted you to meet the Order of the Phoenix in case Envy really has teamed up with Voldemort," Dumbledore said. He led the two of them out to the dining room where everyone else was already eating.

"Hello. I'd like to introduce you six to your new Alchemy teachers Professors Edward and Alphonse Elric," Dumbledore said.

"He's our alchemy teacher? Don't you think-" Fred said.

"he's a wee bit too short?" George continued.

Al saw vein marks in Ed's forehead and sensed danger.

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING A GRAIN OF RICE THAT AN ANT WOULD OVERLOOK!" Ed yelled, kicking and clawing as Al held him back.

"Heh heh, Brother's a bit sensitive about his height. Brother, if you drink some milk sometime, people won't ask about your height," Al scolded.

"Are you saying I'm SHORT! Besides, I'll never drink any liquid secreted from a cow," Ed said, turning red.

"Well, if you-"

"Say it like that-"

"I don't feel like drinking milk anymore," Fred finished as he gingerly put his glass of milk back on the table.

"No, no, but you could be taller, and that way when we see him again, Mustang won't say that you're short," Al said. Ed ground his teeth knowing this brother was right, but didn't say anything.

After the dinner, Ed decided to take a chance.

"Do any of you know about a Philosopher's Stone?" he said taking a deep breath.

"Why do you want to know?" Harry asked suspiciously.

"Because we think that's the only way to get to back home, to the other side of the Gate," Al said.

"The Gate?" Hermione asked, Ron and Harry snickered at the thought that there was stuff that Hermione didn't know. But this also unnerved them. They couldn't go to Hermione for answers to any question. Relating to alchemy that is. For anything else, Hermione was still the amazing human answer-er...er.

"The Gate of Alchemy is in everyone and you open it when you attempt human transmutation--"

"Human transmutation?" Hermione interrupted. She didn't like it when she was in the dark.

"Attempting to bring back the dead. I say attempting because there have only been two known successful transmutations in the entire history of alchemy," Ed said, deciding it was best not to mention it was the two of them who did it.

"Bringing back the dead?" Harry asked sharply. It was the only part that registered.

"How about we get back to that. I'd like to finish up the explanation on the Gate first. So it opens if you attempt human transmutation, activate the right transmutation circle on an infant, or when you sacrifice someone with the correct transmutation circle. The person that guards the Gate calls himself God, Truth, One, All, all of the names for God. Anyway, if you see the Truth, which is all the secrets of alchemy, he usually takes a limb, organs, any body parts, sometimes the entire body as equivalent exchange for the knowledge you gained, " Al said shivering as he remembered his years in a suit of armor.

"Now about the human transmutation. Most people die if they attempt it. When the alchemist actually made something, it was usually a homunculus which is like a soulless living being, but they each have their own power, are immortal, and are named after the seven sins. By the way, there are seven. Their looks, personality, or power reflect on their name, for example, Envy was our brother before he became a homunculus. He was envious that our father left his mom for our mom, and he can shape-shift, " Ed said explaining how Envy got his name. He also felt that it was best not to mention that their bastard of a father left 400 years ago.

"Most of the homunculus are dead, the only one, Envy, that is still alive, unless while we were gone someone else created another one, but anyway Envy is the only one alive, and he's out to kill our dad and us. And we believe that he teamed up with Voldemort to get the Stone, in exchange for killing us," Al said.

"Didn't you help make a stone with Flamel, Dumbledore? You hid it in Hogwarts," Harry said, remembering their first year.

"There was a Philosopher's Stone in Hogwarts?" Ed said quickly.

"Yes, but it was destroyed shortly after Voldemort attempted to steal it," Dumbledore said.


"Cheer up brother, I'm sure we'll figure out a way to do make one!" Al said.

"The magical way is purely magic, it only allows the user to become immortal and turn lead into gold, which I doubt is the one you're looking for. But I'm sure you two will be able find another way to make the stone, after all, you two are called geniuses back in Amestris," Dumbledore said.

"Yeah, we are," Ed grinned sheepishly.

"Before Brother gets a swelled head, anymore question?" Al asked.

"Well he doesn't-"

"need a swelled head."

"It's already swelled-"

"up enough."

The twins knew the risk and paid for it dearly. Ed was held off by Al struggling to keep him away from the twins. As much as he tried, Ed still got a minor scratch on the twins.

"I've got one, how'd you get here from Amestris? Isn't it a supposedly legendary world?" Sirius asked.

"We went through the Gate. You see, on one side is this world, and on the other side is Amestris. In between, is the Gate. I suppose if one of you guys passed through the Gate you would learn all the secrets to magic," Ed said.

"One more question. How do you make a Philosopher's Stone?" Mr. Weasley asked.

Ed and Al tensed as the question was asked.

"That's not for you to know."

With that, the conversation ended quite abruptly.

"Ron, wake up," Harry whispered in the middle of the night.

"Wuzzgoinon?" Ron mumbled. It took Harry a second to translate that as "What's going on?"

"Nothing really, but I wanted to ask what you thought about the Alchemy teachers," Harry whispered.

"They're ok I guess, but the short one looked like he was going to kill Fred and George when they said how short he was," Ron said yawning.

"But don't you think that look a little young to be teachers?" Harry pressed.

"Where are you going with this." Ron asked blankly, eyes finally wide open...sorta.

"I think they work for Voldemort," Harry said.

"What do you mean?" Ron said sitting up.

"Well they looked interested in the Philosopher's Stone, weren't they?" Harry said.


"Well remember in the first year, how Voldemort was so interested in the stone? Maybe the Elric's are his subordinates."

"You're off your rocker Harry, loads of people are interested in it," Ron said, staring.

"Come on, you don't believe in this 'Gate' thing do you? 'God' that takes away limbs and a gate that has all the knowledge of alchemy. Isn't God supposed to be good and like peace or something?"

"Dunno, now can I get some sleep? You need some too, tomorrow's your hearing, " Ron asked, not paying attention. He flopped back into bed as he snuggled up against his pillow. "If you want to get off, you better sl-sll..."

"Huh? oh yeah," Harry said as he turned out the lights. He smiled a strained smile to himself as he heard Ron snore. He fell into a restless slumber.

(1)-Aaaaactually, in this book I read called "Peeps" by Scott Westerfeld (which is BRRRRILLIANT) it said that the symbol was Hermes's, the god of alchemists... Maybe the Hermes's version, which excludes the wings (think the symbols you seen on your doctor's diploma, that's the thing), is Hermes and the ones with the wings and crown are Flamel's...?