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A/N and WARNINGS: I usually loathe having to explain why I am writing something but I figured I would simply get this out of the way beforehand. This story is a mature story that explorers the very real emotional up and downs of a couple deciding to further their relationship. It is not intentional explicit, nor would I consider this a lemon, although most probably would.

I simply wished to explore these two characters reactions to ever changing physical aspect of a loving relationship and how it can move people out of their comfort zones. So no, this story is not an excuse to write a sex scene, it is an exploration of sexuality and what it might mean for this particular couple, both together and separately.

If you are not mature enough to handle the content don't read it.

Sex Ed

By Rogue Amazon Boo

Atsushi Otani may not have had much experience with girls, but even he knew what the sounds coming from his roommate's room meant. He cringed when a loud girlish scream of 'Kami,' echoed off the wood and pulled his pillow over his head. When the bed started squeaking in earnest and he heard the head board bouncing rhythmically off the wall he felt his neck flush in embarrassment.

It figured his roommate would have to be an American transfer student with god like good looks and a deep appreciation for oriental women. It also figured he would insist on having a western style bed.

A futon wouldn't have made half the racket the box spring mattress made.

The girl moaned again and he cursed and pushed himself out of bed. He needed to get out of here. Scowling, he scouted his floor and found the jeans he'd chucked and pulled them on over his boxer shorts. Grabbed a t-shirt from his dresser, yanked it over his head, slipped on his sneakers, and snuck out the door.

He made his way down the stairs and out of the front door, only to realize it was fucking freezing and he'd left his jacket. Otani briefly considered returning to retrieve it, but he really didn't want to go back in there until his roommate and his flavor of the week were done.

He scowled, shivered, and shoved his hands deep into his jean pockets. Kyle was a great guy, smart, fun to hang with, but having him as a roommate was starting to drive him a little crazy.

The man had more sex then Hugh Hefner on Viagra and he wasn't quiet or discreet about it.

Otani frowned and kicked a nearby can into a wall. Kyle was one of the reasons why he hadn't let his girlfriend Risa Koizumi anywhere near his apartment. He was half afraid the handsome blond haired, blue eyed American would take one look at her and decide that she had to be his next conquest.

Even if he didn't tell her a lot, he was well aware of the fact that his girlfriend was beautiful. He would notice the looks she got when they were in public, even if she didn't, and although he was good at hiding it, he wasn't immune to jealously.

His deeper fear though, was that Risa would take one look at his tall good-looking roommate and wonder what the hell she was still doing with a midget like him.

Nineteen and he'd only grown a few centimeters. By American standards he now topped a whopping five foot, three inches, which still left his girlfriend four inches taller than he was.

He knew his fear was unfounded. She loved him and she made no secret of the fact. They had been dating over a year now, not counting the brief period of time they had broken up right before high school graduation, and she was as devoted to him now as she had been when they first got together.

He kicked another can and hunched his shoulders against the wind.

He sighed. If he was being honest with himself Kyle and his lifestyle wasn't the real reason he hadn't allowed Risa to hang out with him at his dorm. The real reason was because he was afraid to be alone with her.

He'd been having these urges lately. Okay, to be truthful, he'd had the same sort of urges since they started dating, but they were a lot easier to control when they both still lived with their families and spent most of their time in school together and around their friends.

Kyle's hedonistic behavior had simply thrown his own neglected libido into the harsh fluorescent glow of the spot light.

His problem simply boiled down to one thing.


Or more accurately sex with Koizumi.

Otani pushed his way through the throng that had gathered around the coffee house near campus, bought a soda, and found an empty chair in the corner.

He twisted off the top and took a swig before settling down to people watch. It was Friday night and place was packed with couples hanging out, laughing, kissing, or simply holding hands, enjoying each others' company. He would be doing the same thing, but Risa had to work early tomorrow morning.

She'd teamed up with the stylist she'd met at Mimi's last photo shoot and landed an internship. She was so excited about it and so determined to do a good job that she'd told Otani she wanted to get a good night's sleep so she could get up in time to get ready.

She was determined to not be late and she really wanted to make a good impression on her new boss. He'd been disappointed since he hadn't seen her since last week, but he respected the fact that this was important to her.

Besides, with the way his thoughts had been going lately, it was probably a good thing they weren't hanging out tonight.

He had to face it. The idea of him and Koizumi and sex had been predominating his thoughts lately, and what happened in her room a few weeks ago hadn't helped.

He sipped his soda and let his mind drift back.

"Otani," Risa panted as his lips closed over her distended nipple. She moaned and wiggled against him causing him to groan as her belly brushed his erection.

He didn't really know how they'd ended up on her futon with him straddling her hips while he suckled her breasts, but he wasn't complaining and neither was she. He gloated a little inside.

He knew that people at school and their friends sometimes wondered about them. They weren't very demonstrative in public, usually only holding hands and sometimes bestowing little innocent pecks and hugs on each other in front of others, but when they were alone together it was a whole other matter.

He moved his lips up the slender column of her throat and captured her lips with his, plunging his tongue inside so it could duel with hers.

He loved kissing her and the more they had done it the better attuned to each other they'd become. He knew for instance that when he sucked on her tongue lightly she would moan and wither against him and she knew that when she bit his lower lip he would draw in a ragged breath and attack her mouth more forcefully.

He never forgot the first time, during one of their heavy make-out sessions, when she'd shyly pulled back, fumbled with her t-shirt, and pulled it over her head to revel her satin pink bra. He'd felt his eyes roll back into his head and he'd quickly removed his own shirt, shakily cupping her satin covered breasts and had gently kneading the flesh.

He'd thought at the time that it couldn't get better than that. He'd been wrong.

Today, they'd gone a step further and he now had the pleasure of having her topless and bare beneath him. He ran his hands over the skin of her belly and cupped her again, never moving his lips from hers.

She arched her back and pressed herself harder against his palms.

"Otani," she groaned. He responded by kissing his way back down and drawing her other nipple into his mouth sucking lightly. She wiggled again, brushing him, and he hissed.

Feeling bold he broke away from her breast and asked.

"Koizumi, C-Can I touch you? Down there?" She stilled and turned bright red.

"O-Otani?" He kissed her forehead and smiled.

"I-I just wanted t-to, try it."

"I-I d-don't know. My parents…"

"Aren't here and it's okay Koizumi, we don't have to if you don't want to."

She smiled at him and kissed him softly. She loved that about her boyfriend, the fact that he never pressured her into doing things with him if she wasn't ready. Still…she bit her lip and linked her fingers with his. She always marveled about the fact that even though he was a small man his hands were large and masculine in comparison to hers.

When he held her hand the feel of his rough skin and the strength in his fingers always made her feel womanly and petite, and less like the gargantuan Amazon she knew she was. She'd often wondered what it might feel like to have those hands in other places, which is why she'd finally allowed him to touch her without a shirt on.

Now he wanted to touch her, there. She wasn't sure if she was ready for that. He disentangled their fingers and slid those magic hands over her ribcage and rubbed her breasts again, she had to stop herself from crying out.

Kami, it felt good when he did that.

Heat pooled between her thighs and she rubbed them together, trying to ease the feeling. She bit her lip again. If she allowed him to touch her like he was asking, there was a good chance that she would find the relief she sought and it was Otani. She trusted him to stop if it felt uncomfortable.

He was fondling her breasts again and the feel of his hands against her sensitive nipples was driving her insane. She was panting and arching into his touch and the heat between her silky legs was now throbbing.

She turned as red as a tomato and said quietly. "I-It's okay if you w-want to t-touch me."

He froze and met her eyes, silently asking if she was sure. She nodded and ever so slowly he pulled off of her and skimmed his hand down between the valley of her breasts over her ribcage, down her abdomen, before slipping underneath the waist band of her sweat pants. She swallowed hard when she felt those strong fingers trace the outline of her panties before slipping under them as well.

She unconsciously spread her legs a bit and jolted when she felt one of his fingers run along the lips of her sex.

Otani met her eyes, his own breathing unsteady as he watched the emotions with-in their depths. He could tell she was a little uneasy and excited by what was about to happen. He was sure that he's own eyes mirrored hers and it took an effort on his part to ignore how painful his erection had become.

He ran his finger down the slit again and marveled at how moist she'd become. Slowly he applied a bit of pressure and ran back up causing her to involuntarily push against him. She turned crimson and tried to look away, but he caught her chin with his free hand and kept her gaze on his.

Without thinking too much about it, he ran his finger down, found the opening, and eased his digit inside. She sucked in a ragged breath and her eyes flared. Feeling her moisture coat his hand, he experimentally pushed his hand in deeper and withdrew, starting a steady rhythm. She started panting slightly but he knew something was off. He knew that she should be feeling more pleasure from his touch.

He added another finger and her eyes went wider, but she still wasn't out of control. Frowning slightly, he moved his thumb and ran it up the slit. She suddenly gasped; he smiled and ran his thumb back over the spot, finding a hard distended nub there. He rubbed it again and this time she moaned and arched her back.

"O-Otani?" She gasped, uncertain. He responded by increasing the pressure of not only is fingers dipping inside her, but of his thumb circling the bundle of nerves. Risa moaned again and started pushing her hips against his hand in earnest.

He couldn't get over how beautiful she looked panting and gasping, her eyes unfocused, all because he was driving her crazy with his touch. He pulled his free hand away from her face; certain she wouldn't look away now, clumsily unbuckled and unzipped his pants, and slipped his own hand down inside his boxer shorts. He continued thrusting into Risa and tried changing the direction of his thumb alternately, trying to find the motion that brought her the most pleasure. She mewled and his other hand wrapped around his straining cock as he started to stroke himself.

He continued to watch her. Her eyes were now completely unfocused and she was moaning his name like a mantra. He pumped his hand in once, twice, and suddenly she went ridged against his touch. He felt a flood of something sticky, and felt her muscles convulse around his invading fingers, before she collapsed. He groaned and stroked himself hard a few more times before coming against his boxers.

The both lay there, panting.

Otani felt something straining against his jeans and scowled as he brought his mind back to the present. It had been awkward when they'd both realized the implications of what they'd done.

On one hand he'd brought his girlfriend to climax, something he knew from talks with Kyle, just didn't happen for a lot of girls. Kyle always bragged that his prowess with bringing pleasure to his dates was the stuff of legends, but Otani had to wonder sometimes if he wasn't full of hot air.

He didn't know for sure, because he always left when things started getting hot and heavy in Kyle's room, usually going for a walk or a jog to get his own mind out of territory he still wasn't completely comfortable with.

Part of him had been thrilled that he'd been able to get Risa off, the other part of him had been afraid of where they now went from here.

He frowned and took another sip of his soda. Her parents had come home not long after they'd finished and they'd spent their last few minutes together throwing on clothes and bidding each other a hasty goodbye as he slipped out her window.

He'd only spoken to her a few times on the phone since then and their conversations had been stilted and awkward. He muttered under his breath, disgusted with himself. He'd thought at the time he'd been ready to go there with Risa, but now he was having second thoughts. He didn't like the fact that he'd let his libido and lusts override his good sense. He'd just known at the time that he'd wanted to touch her and make her come more than anything he'd ever wanted in his whole life.

Even tickets to a private Umibōzu concert wouldn't have swayed him and when she'd tentatively said yes, he'd ignored the voice in the back of his head saying she didn't really look like she was ready for such a step and done what he'd wanted anyway.

Now though, he was forced to face the fact that something had shifted in their relationship, and he knew that it was the looming prospect of getting caught up in the moment and actually having sex with each other.

He swirled the contents of his drink around. Did he want to have sex with Risa? It was the forty thousand dollar question.

The answer wasn't all that simple. Yes he desired her and yes he'd be lying if he didn't admit that he'd fantasized what it would be like to be buried deep inside her, connected on an intimate level.

It was even worse now that he knew what it felt like when he touched her there. If it had felt so good against his fingers he could only imagine what it would feel like caressing his…he shook off that dangerous thought.

At the same time he was afraid that they weren't ready to take the leap to lovers. Risa, for all her energy and determination, was shy when it came to the more intimate aspects of love. He'd known that it had taken her a great deal of courage to say yes to his proposition last week.

He was afraid that if they took their relationship to the next logical step he might be rushing her and in the long run, would lose her because of it.

Frustrated, he ran his hand through his hair. What he wanted was dueling with his conscience in an epic struggle to decide what to do about his and Risa's current situation.

He couldn't find a solution, but he did know one thing. Eventually, something was going to break and he hoped they didn't break up in the process.