Hana Monogatari – Flower Tale (花物语)

Arc I: Hana Matsuri – Flower Festival (花祭)

By Hal


When the moonlight falls on my face

I'll be changing my looks soon

A soup by the name of heartache

Upon drinking, miraculous powers I gained

Close my eyes and I see heaven

A place where your smile is hidden

I dodged those hunters' guns

Chasing away the sorrows

Crawling out from the grave

For you, I took on a werewolf look

For you, I contracted "madness"

For you, I wore heavy disguises

For you, I changed my tempers

Are we able to meet again?

For thousands of years, I begged Buddha

I'm willing to use a few of my lifetimes

In exchange for a lifetime of love

I wish to move the heaven with this

Can we, can we meet again?

For thousands of years, I begged Buddha

Before I cross this Lethe

Let me kiss your face once more

Let me Kiss your face once more… (1)

Buddha is full of love and kindness to the mortal world, so we should celebrate his birthday. It is a joyous day called "Hana Matsuri"(2). A festive of flowers, a celebration of spring, a memorial of the birth of Buddha. In this beautiful festival where all flowers bloom, the most enchanting is none other than… Sakura.

(1) This poem is a translation of lyrics of a Chinese song called Qiu Fo (Begging Buddha) sang by Shi Yan. Poorly translated, pardon me.

(2) Hana Matsuri means Flower Festival, it is on the 8th April every year in Japan and it is to celebrate Buddha's birthday. The reason why it's called Hana Matsuri is because it happens at a time in Spring when almost all flowers are blooming.

Author's Note: After disappearing for 2 years, I am back to writing fanfics. I have some time on hand, and some muses in my head, so here I am again. It will be a long fic, at least I have planned it to be so. My plan is that this story will have 3 arcs. Each arc may be of different number of chapters. Everything's still in my head swimming around, nothing's concrete. . But I have gotten the names of the Arcs down. Haha. Hana Matsuri (Flower Festival), Hana Maizou (Flower Burial) and Hana Tamashii (Flower Soul).

Not sure if my writing style has changed or not, but I would say I am heavily influenced by all the Chinese BL novels I have read so far. This will be a big project for me because of the complication of plots and stuff. .

I will update slowly because I am lazy. (Don't throw stones at me!) And this will be a RuHana fanfic, a happy one too. So please give me your supports. Thank you!