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Born To Cry

Chapter 2: The First Confession!

Six and a half Sora leaped from the stairs of the bright yellow bus before jumping on the back of Riku. He was practically smiling brighter than the sun that shown itself today. The other day it was raining so hard none of the hopeful students were able to go to the main island zoo. It was horrible because all the students, besides Riku, were crying, and he was the only one trying to calm them down. It seemed like he was older than he looked actually. Luckily, the day was shining and they were able to continue on with the planned trip.

"Ayah! Sora don't jump off of the bus, you'll get hurt and I don't want you to go home early…" The elder of the two said while holding his younger friend gently. Sora shook his spiky head before wrapping his little arms around Riku's neck. Just as his mother does to his father. "Riku you worry too much. I'll be okay 'cause you are here. Now come on I want to see the ducks!" pulling his best friend towards the section that held the ducks. Finally, arriving with the permission of Aerith, Sora and Riku gazed upon the white ducks. The brunet points to one of the ducklings that seemed to never shut up. "Wiku look! He's quacking like crazy! It's like no one can understand him…I think I'll name him Donald!" Riku blinks before laughing like a kid should. "I guess he could be Donald…wait who's Donald?"

Sora gasps before pulling Riku closer to his little form. "You have to keep it a secret okay?" Riku nods and places his pinky out for the other to cling to. "Alright, Donald is this really annoying duck in my dreams. See, when I fall asleep I think I go to another world or something. It's fun really…Ohh and I have another friend named Goofy. He's really nice and patient with me, even if I always ask him stupid questions. He's a Dog!" The little one looks down feeling slightly embarrassed for still thinking like a child. The fact that Riku didn't say anything made it worst. He thought he was going to get laughed at by the older male.

"Ohh I see.." Riku finally spoke after some time had passed. "I'm glad you have so many friends Sora…that's not something to be embarrassed about silly." Smiling before giving a peck on Sora's head, Riku looks at the class moving towards the big cats section. Sora blushes before staring at Riku follow behind them.

Daddy does that to mommy too…Riku is like daddy and I'm like…like mommy…!


Riku gazed upon the wild cats with much interest. He has been wondering how to draw animals lately, since he has already mastered humans. He didn't notice Sora clinging to his arm the whole time. "Oi, Sora are you scared?" Sora looks up before shaking his head 'no'. He smiles before holding Riku's arm tighter. "I just don't want to let you go…." Riku frowns trying to understand what the other meant by that. It wasn't too long before they had to leave. After all, today was special. The month of love was coming up, and they had to learn about love as well as compassion.

Once arriving at the school Sora and Riku walked to their table and awaited Ms. Aerith's surprise. She smiled while she held something big and red behind her back. Riku cocked his head to the left and saw something that read Happy V-. "Alright class, I didn't know was this a good thing to teach you all yet, seeing as you all are still young. In any case, it's never too young to learn about love and compassion. I mean there are a lot of bad things and people in the world, which might not have happened if they had a little love. So today, I want you to write on the red or pink piece of paper, whom or what you love. Or what or whom is most important to you." Sora looks at the red piece of paper before picking up his pencil. He stuck his little tongue out of the corner of his mouth trying to think. Hmm should it be mommy and daddy? Or maybe grandpapa or grandmamma…

Sora sighed while trying to decide, he placed his pencil down for a minute to rub both sides of his head. His pencil rolled until it hit Riku's writing hand. Sora stared while it was picked up softly and pointed at him to accept it. "Here…" Riku smiled while placing the pencil on the desk next to his blank paper. Riku may not have noticed, but something clicked in Sora; with eyes bright and heart full, Sora placed in neat words Riku.

Riku wrote in silence as he thought who was important to him. His mother has been working so hard, and always made time for him to play. He especially loved bath time with her. He sighed, wondering why with mommy naked he never felt weird, but only with daddy. Shaking his head, Riku went back on task. He sighed before looking at Aerith write something else on the board. "Almost forgot, since this is a test to see where your writing skills are, please write a reason why you choose what you choose." Riku laughed hard when he heard Sora moan a, "Aww man!" He looked back at his paper and thought of the best way he could answer.

Almost done with the assignment, Sora looked up to see Teitei hugging her crush since diapers. "Miss Aerith! I was wondering...when you love someone for a long time don't you get married?" Aerith smiles and cocks her head. "Hmm why do you ask?" The little girl giggles before answering. "I watched my mommy and daddy's wedding movie, and mommy said when you love someone so much most of the time you get married. So do you?" Aerith smiles and shakes her head 'yes'. "Why yes that's true, so Teitei, who do you wish to marry?" She asked as if she didn't already know. Teitei smiled before pulling on her crush, Thomas, even more. "I'm going to marry Thomas one day!" Thomas yelled one more time for her to get off screaming girl germs and going to the hospital for kissing a girl.

The brunet stared at the pair before looking at his paper once more. Did he really have a good enough reason for placing Riku's name on his piece of heart paper? Why would he anyway. He sighed and knew he had to ask his parents about it when he went home. Riku on the other hand had just finished his work. He was going to turn it in but Aerith explained that they were going to read their notes to all the parents at Parents Night.


It wasn't long for Riku to wash up that night. He walked down the hall then towards the stairs he's known for all of his life. As he walked towards the kitchen table, he noticed that his mother wasn't the one cooking this time. He climbed into the chair and waited for dinner quietly. Daddy places the food on the plates and turns not noticing Riku was there until Riku smiled. "Oh, hay sport…you washed up fast this time." Riku nodded before looking around the kitchen. "Daddy where's mommy, usually she does the cooking, not you…" The father places the plates down before kissing Riku on the crown. "Ohh, mommy has to work late tonight, and won't be back until midnight." Riku looks down before poking his Mac and cheese. "Ohh okay…ohh I have a question Daddy? Where are you and mommy's wedding movies?"

The father pauses before getting a very dark look on his face. "Aha, where'd you learn that Riku?"

"Well in class today Teitei said she saw her mother's and father's wedding movie. So I wondered did you and mommy had one." He smiled brightly.

The father smiles a half smile before explaining softly to the young child. "Well me and mommy can't find our movie. After all before you were born, uh, we just moved and I must have lost it…" He lied as he stood up to turn off the stove. He kept his back turned from the younger. Riku frowns before looking up. "Really? I really wanted to see it. But since you can't find it, it can't be helped I guess…" He picks up his fork and begins to eat quietly.

The whole time Riku ate the father seemed a bit more quiet and more in a bad mood. He didn't answer anymore questions that whole moment. The only good thing that came out of the rest of the evening was that Riku was untouched for a moment.


Sora ran into his house and jumped into his father's waiting arm. He laughed when Mr. Heart tickled him. "Sora my boy how are you son?" Sora calmed down before answering his loving father. He slid down to look at him.

"Good Daddy, I had a lot of fun today. I saw duckies and tigers and ohh and um…alligators!" He exclaimed with much joy and excitement a kid could muster. He quickly ran to his little Lion King backpack and showed all the pictures Ms. Aerith took for him. Almost all of them had Riku and himself in them. Riku and him together with the animals in the back or just them laughing with each other. Mr. Heart smiled before passing the pictures to Mrs. Heart for her to enjoy. She smiles before glancing at her smiling son.

"You really like this Riku boy don't you Sora…" She asks while placing a few pictures on the refrigerator door so if the grandparents come they will see his first trip. It was already close to being full with all of the drawings –Sora seemed to get more into drawing nowadays. It was also close to all of Roxas' report cards full of A's. She places small little key and heart tacks on the pictures.

The child nods. "Yeah Mommy, he's my best friend in the whole wide world…I love him this much!" Showing the love with his little arms outstretched out. The mother and father both laugh before asking. "Well how much do you love us and your brother Roxas?" Sora stares before guessing in his head. "Well, I love you guys that much too!" He runs to their legs to hug them.

They hug him back before patting his head. "Alright Sora it's time to get ready for dinner, go wash up please…" He nods before starting up the stairs. "Oh, Mommy I had a question but I for got it…" She smiles a little before running her hand through his unruly hair—inherited from his father. "Okay maybe it will come back to you, and when it does go ahead and ask us okay sweetie?"

"Okay Mommy…." He sighs before going the rest of the way up towards the baths. The mother looks up at the ceiling hearing the watcher run, but not stopping. "Um, Terra dear, I think he needs help..." She giggles as her beloved husband shakes his downward spiky head, going up there before Sora could yell about flooding and total disaster.

Just as the mother was about to turn around, there was a small tug at her dress. She turns before smiling. "Oh! There you are Roxas! I have been looking all over for you? Where were you this whole time dear?"

Eight year old Roxas, Sora's older brother, shrugs before answering. "I was at Axel's house remember? The sleepover for all the guys, since all the girls get to have theirs at the school…Ohh and Axel's mom wanted to know if you had anymore sugar, since Axel and Hayner wasted it all." Roxas rolls his eyes at the remembered scene.

She smiled before laughing. "Ohh that's right dear and here you go. Ohh and are you sure you want to sleep over? After all it's your first time. Ohh and did you bring an extra one of those, well you know 'accident protectors'?

Roxas blushes before yelling, "MOM! It was only one time I had an accident, gosh I was only five when that happened! Anyway, I use the restroom before I go to sleep now…so nothing will happen…." He looks down before folding his arms. She smiles and leans down to hug him tightly. "Oh alright dear, I know you want to look all cool in front of your new friends…"She hands him a new pack of sugar and turns him around. "But you better call Momma when you need her, I'm sure that Axel boy need his mom just as much as you and Sora does!"

Before Roxas turned for the door he pauses. "How is Sora doing? I heard his class went to the zoo today. I also didn't get the chance to see him today, since my class went to the museum." The mother smiles before pointing upwards as soon as a big splash could be heard. Roxas sighs before shaking his head. "Never mind, I think he was fine without me today…"

She laughs before watching him leave and squeeze between theirs and the neighbors' fence to the other side.


As the moon rose higher and the sun fell farther into the land itself. The workers of Hope Island Medical were finally able to go home. It was nearly midnight when Sai finally made it home. She slowly opened the door to the living room and noticed that the little nightlight Riku bought for her wasn't plugged up.

She frowned when she reached the kitchen and found it to be a mess with lots of cheese. Almost tearing up at the mess, she decided that it would be better to ask her 'husband' to clean it up later. Placing her bags down, she heads up towards the stairs and onward to Riku's room. It was always a joy to see her little angel sleeping soundly after a hard long day of work.

The first thing that she notices was that his door was shut closed, and usually he has a small crack in it. Worry starts washing over her body as she places her hands on the door knob of her only son's room. Turning the knob, Sai slowly walks in. After not seeing little Riku in his bed sleeping, she starts to panic rushing into another room. Once reaching the master bedroom, she hears splashing along with voices in their bathroom.

"Daddy, it hurts more in the water than the bed…" Riku whines while trying to wiggle off from his father's fingers.

"Fine, but once we are in the room we need to hurry. Your mother will be home soon and I—

"You what? Huh? What do you think you will do to my baby?" Sai yells while slamming the door wide open and drabbing a towel to grab her little Riku from the water. "What else have you done to him?" She asks while covering Riku up and turning him towards the outside of the door. The father stands before grabbing his own towel covering himself. Riku remained quiet for he didn't know what she was yelling for. He frowned as he was turned towards his room with his mother not far behind him.

She softly pushes her son into his room and tells him to lock the door. "Riku don't open this door until I tell you too. Mommy needs to talk to your father for a minute. Why don't you watch TV until I come back? You know how to put into the DVD right honey?"

Riku nods and yells,"Yes!"

"Good and turn it up loud if you like dear…" She shouts from the other side of the door as she glares at her 'husband'. "And as for you…What the hell is really going on?

"Well dearest if you must know…..—

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