"What's your name slave

"What's your name slave?" asked Lucius Malfoy forcing the girl before him to look him in the eyes her eyes were where dark pools of misery.

"Hermione Granger..." she mumbled her face impassive showing no emotion

"Yes, I knew…I knew you from somewhere...you're the mudblood bitch that bested my son in every test...Just look at you now" he spat, throwing her face aside. His smile curled into a vicious grin. An old man behind Lucius stepped forward.

"She is very obedient, sir...never gives trouble" he said, pulling on the chains that bound her, making her kneel before them.

"So why are you selling her?" asked Lucius, still glaring at Hermione as she stared at the floor.

"Well sir...problems with the Ministry...don't want them finding her" he mumbled not wanting to explain too much to this man who had been in the dark lords inner circle.

"I'll take...it," he snarled, taking the chains from the man. He pulled Hermione forward to him and grabbed her face again roughly.

"I'm your master now girl...you would do well to remember that" he snarled. He pulled money out of his robes and thrust it into the man's face, then put his arm around her waist and apparated them both to his home, Hermione found herself inside a cold white room. A tattered mattress with a torn sheet lay on the floor, like a dog's bed.

"This is your home now," sneered Lucius magically undoing the chains and throwing her to the floor. Her knee struck the concrete floor with a sickening crack. Blood poured freely from an open gash that stretched down her leg Hermione's eyes welled with tears but she still showed no pain on her face.

"You know what...I think I made the right decision to buy you," he said, staring down at her, his eyes roaming over her figure.

"I will come to you in the evenings and you would do well to be ready for me," he said matter-of-factly.

Her eyes showed a hint of fear at his words. Did he really mean...

Lucius straightened his robes and made for the door before he turned around

"My house elf will bring you food once a day" said Lucius before turning and locking the door behind him, Hermione crawled over to the mattress, grabbed the sheet and wrapped it around her knee to stem the flow of blood, She studied her surroundings and herself.

Her hair was knotted with dirt and her arms and legs were covered with scars - her back was full of them and they overlapped this way and that. Her skin was tinged with a hint of grey and her ribs jutted out from being too thin.

You see, eight whole years ago the war against Voldemort was won, but not before Hermione was kidnapped by one of his Death Eaters and taken back to his house. She had suffered endless torture in order to break her spirit. She was whipped, beaten, strangled until she passed out, and even raped.

It took a whole year before her fighting spirit was broken and she was left an empty shell, but she found that behaving herself made life a little easier. The beatings became less frequent and the rapes ended after five years and now she knew that the torture would start again in the hands of Lucius Malfoy.

Harry Potter knocked on the door of The Burrow, then was pulled into the house by strong arms.

"Harry...great to see you, mate!" cried Ron, draping his arm around Harry's neck and leading him into the living room that was bursting with small children.

"I see Ginny's here to visit too," said Harry as a small girl came running up to hug him.

"No, she and that husband of hers are arguing again so we get landed with looking after the kids while she tries to sort things out."

"How many does she have now?" asked Harry, trying to count them, but they were running around so much they became a blur of red hair.

"Five…soon to be six" said Ron, looking grim.

"What, she's pregnant again!" exclaimed Harry.

"Yes, and if you would visit more you would have known," said Ron trying to make Harry feel guilty.

"I'm sorry but you know I've been busy," said Harry smiling weakly.

"You still haven't given up, have you?" said Ron, leading Harry back into the kitchen where it was quieter.

"No, and in my opinion, you shouldn't have give up either," said Harry getting annoyed with his friend who refused to help him any more.

"It's been eight years, Harry. If Hermione was still alive we would have found her or at least heard something" said Ron.

"She's not dead, Ron, why can't you feel that…I know she's still alive and I'm going to find her. If it takes eight years or a hundred to do it I'm going to save her!" exclaimed Harry, getting to his feet and storming out of the house.

He walked to the end of the garden and leaned on the fence. His thoughts dwelled on Hermione. He looked up to the sky and noted that the stars were already peeking though the clouds.

"Where are you, Hermione…I know you're out there somewhere and I'll never give up until the day I die," Harry whispered into the night. His mind wandered back to the last time he had seen her.

One hour before the battle began against Voldemort, Harry and Hermione had shared their first kiss…….

Harry was walking back from the library when he bumped into Draco Malfoy.

"Where're you going Potter?" he asked, smirking

"None of your business, Malfoy," Harry spat. He tried to push past him but Draco stood firm in his place.

"Don't be like that. I was only asking you where you were going," said Draco, his smirk still in place.

"You know damned well where I'm going Malfoy, and for the record, just because you're dating one of my friends that doesn't mean I have to like you," said Harry, trying once again to push past. This time, Draco actually pushed him back.

"You're just jealous because unlike you, I got to fuck her," Draco snapped. Before Draco knew what was happening, Harry's fist had connected with his face and sent him hurling backwards.

Draco got back to his feet quickly - too quickly for Harry to react - and launched himself onto Harry, punching every inch of him he could reach.

The next thing Harry remembered was being pried apart by Hermione, who had come looking for Harry.

"What the hell are you two doing?" she shouted, looking from Draco's obviously broken nose to Harry's many cuts and bruises.

"Ask him, he started it!" said Draco wiping the blood from his nose.

Hermione looked at Harry and raised her eyebrows, waiting for an explanation.

"Think what you want, he always gets his own way anyway," said Harry, storming off up the corridor, but before he opened the common room door Hermione had caught up with him.

"And what was that supposed to mean?" she asked, turning him to face her.

"I don't know. I guess I'm still not used to him going out with my ex and he just said he's sleeping with her and I just lost it," explained Harry.

Hermione smiled, understanding what he meant. She took his chin gently and turned his face up to the light. "Come sit in the common room and let me clean you up," said Hermione. It was more of a command than a request but Harry did as he was bidden and went into the common room and sat down.

Hermione crossed the common room opened a drawer and pulled out a small medic kit.

"I didn't know that was there!" exclaimed Harry.

"Well, not many students do…I mean who would want to use a medic kit when you can just run of to the hospital wing and get fixed up in five minutes flat," said Hermione, smiling sweetly.

She knelt down in front of Harry and started to mop up his face.

"Luckily the cuts aren't that deep, but your face is going to swell like a balloon," said Hermione, dabbing cream on his many cuts.

"What would I do without you?" said Harry, but he had not intended to speak with his voice full of love.

Hermione's eyes shifted up to his and stayed there as if locked. His green eyes pierced hers and seemed to draw her in like magnets. Before she knew what she was doing, she was kissing him and he was kissing her back.

Harry's hands were on her back, pulling her closer, and Hermione's hands were on his chest, feeling his muscles tighten beneath his robes.

Gasping for breath, they broke apart and started at each other, panting.

"I'm sorry," they both said at the same time then laughed nervously.

Harry looked deep into her eyes and felt love for her as he had never felt for anyone else. He helped Hermione from her kneeling position to her feet and sat her on the small sofa next to him.

Still holding her hands, he leaned forward and brushed her lips with his and she sighed into his mouth.

"I love you Harry…I think on some level I always have," said Hermione through his kiss.

Harry pulled away slightly and smiled.

"I love you too…And I know I always have," said Harry, running his fingers thought her hair and kissing her softly.

They stayed there for a long time, just kissing softly and whispering words of love they laid down next to one another on the sofa and drifted of to sleep in each other's arms. A long, drawn-out scream from outside woke them up…the battle had begun.

Hermione awoke shivering on the tattered mattress. Harry's voice echoed in her head.

"Hermione, where are you?" he called.

"I'm just dreaming again," she whispered to herself, shaking her head to clear it. She had constant dreams that Harry was on his way to save her, but he never did.

Hermione drew the bloodstained sheet closer to her, trying to block out the cold air.

A sudden popping made her jump. She tried to see though the dark. Had Lucius come to her? Was it evening? When in captivity, Hermione had lost track of what time, date and day it was.

Something moved towards her in the dark. Whatever it was, it was small and it shuffled its feet, a sign of old age.

Light flooded the small room and Hermione shielded her eyes from it. When her eyes finally focused, she noticed a small house-elf limping towards her with a tray of food.

"The master sends you food," the house-elf squeaked, placing the tray on the floor and pushing it towards her.

"Thank you," said Hermione as she looked down at the pitiful portion of food. Some food was better than no food at all-she had learned that a long time ago.

The house elf looked startled at her politeness. "You're welcome, miss," whispered the house-elf, his voice full of pity. Taking one last look at Hermione he disappeared with a loud pop.

Hermione tucked into the food. It was just a bunch of table scraps, like one would give to the family dog.

As she ate, she thought of what would happen to her later and she felt sick to her stomach.

Hermione then wondered if she had been brought to Malfoy Manor and that made her think of Draco. "Draco…haven't thought of him in a while," she mumbled to herself.

Hermione had long worried that if she didn't talk to herself she would lose her voice altogether.

She finished her food and placed the tray in the centre of the room like she did in her old master's place. It was a force of habit, she supposed.

She then counted the cracks in the wall and ceiling. Being alone for days on end for eight years, you found odd ways to entertain yourself.

A loud popping sound announced the elf's appearance and Hermione glanced from the ceiling to him out of corner of her eye.

"The master wishes me to inform you that he will be arriving soon and to be ready for him," said the house-elf, his voice not hiding his disgust for his master.

Hermione merely nodded and went back to counting the cracks. "Forty-one…forty-two…forty-three…forty-four……" she whispered.

The house elf shuffled towards her "Begging your pardon, miss, but the master wishes I take your clothes to be cleaned," said the house-elf, moving closer.

"Cleaned?" said Hermione uncertainly. The clothes she was wearing were too large for her as they were the clothes she was wearing when she got kidnapped, and with not having much food in the past eight years they hung of her like rags and they had not been washed since then.They were smelly, dirty and had holes in places were she had been beaten most.

"Yes miss, cleaned…the master wishes you to be clean," said the house-elf shocked at her surprise of her clothes being cleaned.

Hermione stripped of her clothes, not caring that the house-elf was in the room as she had lost all her self-respect years ago.

She pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it to the floor, her breasts now bare. Her bra had been ruined a long time ago, as had her underpants, but she tossed her tattered jeans on top of her shirt in the corner.

When Hermione turned back to the house-elf, she was surprised to notice that he had turned his back to give her privacy.

She pulled the bloodstained sheet around herself to cover up and she cleared her throat to let the elf know it was okay to turn around.

The house-elf gathered her clothes walked to the centre of the room, and picked up the tray.

"I will come back tonight with your clothes and some food," said the elf.

"But Luciu…..I mean the master said I would get one meal a day," said Hermione in confusion.

The house elf smiled slightly. "What the master don't know won't hurt him, miss," said the house-elf and he popped out of the room.

Hermione smiled. The movement hurt her jaw-she hadn't smiled in eight years-but the action felt good and natural. For the first time in years, she felt like she had a friend.

When Lucius came, Hermione rose to her feet and bowed low as she was instructed to do by her old master-another force of habit.

"Good. I see the old man wasn't lying about you," said Lucius coyly, his eyes raking over her naked body. And his eyes lit up with lust.

"Come here to me," he purred.

Hermione glided over towards him. "Yes milord" she said bowing her head slightly.

Lucius smile widened and a small laugh escaped his lips. "lets see how well you behave" Lucius purred his smile widening. "Kiss my shoes slave" he commanded.

Hermione knelt down and lowered her mouth to his boots, but before her lips touched the leather, Lucius pulled back his foot and slammed it into her mouth. Hermione's head flew backwards and her right hand flew to her mouth. Her mind screamed with pain but she didn't show it on her face.

Lucius let out a roar of laughter.

"Not hard enough, I see," he said playfully, pulling back his foot again, aiming another kick to her face.

"No please don't!" Hermione screamed, unable to stop herself. Her hands flew up to protect her face.

"Please don't what…?" asked Lucius coyly, a grin upon his face.

"Please don't, milord" Hermione whimpered, her eyes pleading with his. She could feel her lips swelling terribly.

"Stand up, you Mudblood bitch!" Lucius commanded, enjoying his sense of power.

Hermione rose to her feet again and looked at Lucius full in the face.

"Never look me in the eyes, you filth, unless I tell you to do so," he snapped.

Hermione lowered her eyes to the ground. "Sorry milord" she whispered, her lower lip trembling with fear.

"Lay down over there," he commanded pointing his wand over to the corner where he made a king-sized bed appear.

Hermione walked slowly over to the bed and no matter how much she wanted to run, she knew it was better to do as she was told. She lay down on the bed and sighed in fear; her whole body was shaking head to foot and silent tears fell down her face.

Lucius came over and sat on the edge of the bed. He ran his hands over her body, making her shudder, but luckily he did not notice this.

Hermione stared up at the ceiling, her face impassive, and found her self counting the cracks again.

"One…two…three…four" she said inwardly.

Lucius began to remove his own clothes and then climbed on top of her with vicious force.


When he entered her, Hermione bit hard into her lip to stop from screaming. He was a lot bigger than her last master and it had been awhile since her last time. She bit harder to try and stop the pain. Sweet copper blood started to filled her mouth slowly.

"Nine…ten…eleven," her head screamed, trying to block out what was happening, but the pain only got worse.

Lucius took her mouth with his and bit into her lips, making them bruise instantly.

"Think of something else," she thought, her mind screaming with pain.

As Lucius groaned and grunted with pleasure, Hermione began to think about how all this began the night she was taken during the battle….

Laying with Harry on the small sofa, she had never felt so happy and content with life.

The scream made her jump and Harry got to his feet quickly, drawing out his wand.

Ron emerged from the boys dormitory, his wand held in front of him.

"What the hell was that?" cried Ron. The scream had obviously woken him.

"It was the school's alarm….I heard Dumbledore talking about it with Snape. It's triggered to go off when Voldemort enters the grounds," said Hermione.

"What…he's here in the grounds!" cried Ron.

"It would seem so, as the alarm went off Ronald." said Hermione sarcastically.

"Do you really think now's the time to be a smart mouth?" Ron shot back.

"Stop bickering you two! We need to get down into the Great Hall now…the Order of the Phoenix will be arriving soon," said Harry, standing in between the two of them.

"Harry's right…we should go," said Hermione. Already, the kiss with Harry seemed a lifetime ago.

"Should we wake everyone else up?" asked Ron, looking towards the dormitory stairs.

"If they didn't all get woken up by the alarm, I think its safer for them to remain where they are," said Harry, already heading for the portrait door, Hermione close behind him.

Leaving the common room, they headed towards the grand staircase and already the evidence of war was showing.

The once beautiful staircase was now partially in ruins. Some of the stairways had collapsed completely and others had chunks missing from places.

"How do we get down!?" cried Hermione, trying to see a safe passage.

"This way…come on!" said Harry, leading them right down two sets of stairs then turning left down a corridor. "There's a secret passage at the end of this corridor" Harry informed them as they ran.

Screeching to a halt, Harry ripped aside a tapestry and hurtled along the secret passageway concealed behind it. At the end was a huge set of stairs leading downwards.

"Harry where does this come out?" asked Ron, gasping for breath and clutching a stitch in his side.

"The Great Hall…I only ever used it once," said Harry jumping the stairs two at a time and nearly tripping twice.

"Why isn't it on the Marauders' Map?" asked Hermione, also gasping for breath.

"I suppose my father and the others never found it," Harry suggested as they reached the bottom. Harry pushed the wall aside and they found themselves behind the staff table in the Great Hall.

Harry lead the way though the Great Hall and out into the entrance hall.

Everywhere they looked they could see Death Eaters, members of staff and the Order duelling. As soon as Harry, Ron and Hermione entered they heard a death eater shout.

"There's Potter! kill him!" he shrieked, aiming his wand straight at Harry and casting the killing curse.

Harry pushed Ron and Hermione to the ground and landed beside them hard as red sparks flew past his right ear.

Hermione gasped at how close to death Harry had just been.

Getting quickly to his feet, Harry cast a stunning spell at the Death Eater and he fell to the ground, motionless.

"Harry…get out of here, they're after you!" cried Lupin as he duelled a heavy set Death Eater.

"I'm not running this time," Harry shouted back, running for the main doors out into the grounds, Hermione and Ron at his heels.

As soon as Hermione stepped outside the fresh air hit her like a ton of bricks, taking the breath out of her. She watched Harry and Ron pelting across the grounds towards Voldemort and the feeling of dread washed over her.

"Harry, look out!" she screamed as Lucius Malfoy cast the killing curse towards Harry.

Hearing Hermione he reacted quickly and dived to the floor.

"It's the Mudblood! kill her!" Lucius cried in fury, pointing towards Hermione.

A short and slightly fat death eater came running towards her and Hermione raised her wand to fight.

"Avada kedavra!" screamed the Death Eater and sparks of green flew towards Hermione, who dodged aside. The spell smashed into the door behind her with a loud bang, leaving a huge hole.

"Stupefy!" she screamed back, but the Death Eater blocked it with a flick of his wand.

Even though in a battle of her own, Hermione glanced over towards Harry. He and Voldemort were duelling to the death.

Voldemort cast the killing curse at Harry and Hermione held her breath as it brushed past Harry's cheek.

With her guard down, the Death Eater had snuck up towards her and was about to cast the killing curse when Voldemort's scream split the night air.

Hermione watched Voldemort's body hit the ground were he laid dead. Death Eaters all around them started to disapparate.

Hermione looked towards Harry who had a look of triumph on his face, and she breathed a sigh of relief…it was over, just like that.

Hermione started to make her way over towards Harry when she felt arms around her waist. Looking over her shoulder, she saw the Death Eaters grin and she knew what he was about to do.

"Harry!" she screamed, struggling to free herself.

She saw Harry turn around. The smile on his face disappeared and his face drained of colour, and that was the last she had seen him…..