So. Here's my first Naruto fanfic. I kinda came up with the story when the title 'Winning London' popped into my head. And then I molded it into a Naruto I hope you like it. Ü

I don't own Naruto and the character that come with the anime, Winning London I guess belongs to the Olsen Twins, and any other characters who seem familiar.
I do own, the story. Plot and everything.

-note-even if the characters i 'filled in' are Ino and Sasuke. it isnt exactly as SasuIno fic. its everyone. Ino is just the 'leader' of the girls..and Sasuke the 'unsaid' leader of the guys.

Winning London

chapter one:
Guess Who's Back, Back Again.

"yeah, there are 5 of them. New students! No kidding." Whispers all around the hallway.

"Seriously. I've heard all the worst things about them." Everyone was talking.

"Social climbers, those girls. I think they're gold diggers as well." The gossip was non stop the whole morning.

Whether it was hush whisper or a reputation damager, everyone was talking about the new, rich, 'perfect', students coming into Lancing High.

"Why are the people so amped up about these new students, anyway?" Naruto Uzamaki asked his group of friends, arms crossed behind his head.

"Who knows…all the gossip about them is just getting worse as the day progresses…" one of his friends, Shikamaru Nara said, not a care in the world was the tone in his voice.

Naruto Uzamaki was a spiky blond with really blue eyes, he was loud, energetic and a great friend. Shikamaru Nara has long brown hair tied up in a high pony tail, with it being styled up made his head look sort of like a pineapple. Shikamaru was dubbed by his friends: a lazy genius. Naruto and Shikamaru are part of a 6 (originally 5) -man group. The original members are Kiba Inuzuka a long time friend, he had messy brown hair and loved dogs, his favorite dog who's with him most of the time is named Akamaru. Another friend of theirs is named Sasuke Uchiha. He was quiet, cold, and aloof, but they loved him like a brother like everyone in their group, he had dark blue hair which he spiked up in the back, he also had slightly messy bangs. And last of the original members is named, Neji Hyuga. He had long brown hair and his eyes were cotton white. He was quiet and skilled. The brothers, as they've called themselves, just all had fun. They have been friends since they were 4 years old, in pre-school. Nothing's gonna break them now. And then, the new friend they've made and made part of the group is named Choji Akimichi, he's also just as fun and crazy.

"I think we should judge them ourselves when they get here." Neji suggested.

"Neji's right. We have no right to judge people if we don't know them personally, or don't know them for that matter." Sasuke agreed. "It's never really a good outcome if you listen and believe all that gossip." He continued saying, a bad past experience maybe.

"…and with all the gossip that goes around here. Something is bound to happen." Kiba had a say.

The 5 boys continued walking their school hallways not minding all the gossip and people, they just made their way to their side-by-side lockers. Lucky for them all their lockers were beside each other, so they always had a meeting place. That's where they would meet up Choji this morning, and every morning for that matter.

Getting closer to their lockers a girl named Colleen fast-walked through the school doors and said, "They're here." It caught everyone's attention, and they all stopped- waiting. "The London circle."

The new students called themselves the London Circle, for reasons the students of Lancing High have yet to find out.

The 5 boys stopped as well and waited for them to come through the door.

"The London circle. That's so odd…" Naruto whispered. Shikamaru and Neji who were the ones beside him were the ones who heard him. Neji shrugged and Shikamaru shook his head. Behind Naruto's words was a question Neji and Shikamaru interpreted as "Why would they call themselves the London Circle?"

A good two minutes passed before 5 figures were seen making their way toward the door.

Colleen, the girl with the big announcement, apparently left the door hanging open for the student body to see.

When the London group walked in through the doors the energy (the oomph…vibes) they sent around the halls was piercing. Confidence, independence, personality, courage, brains, beauty, nonchalance, and a wicked smile. It was more than obvious they hardly lacked anything.

The jaws of the boys dropped, and they grew wide-eyed. They couldn't believe the sight in front of them. No, not because they were gorgeous and Hollywood worthy. But for reasons you're about to find out.

"Sakura, Ino, Hinata and Tenten." Naruto said to his friends.

"I…know…" Kiba replied.

"plus, someone else." Sasuke noted.

Four out of the five girls were the very best friends of Naruto's gang. They hung out everyday when they were kids. If the boys were brothers, these girls were sisters. And both groups were sibling-close to one another.

"So, they decided to show up after those four long years…" Shikamaru said.

"Could they really be the kind people everyone's talking about?" Neji asked.

Then after hearing the question, they all turned to him. It made them wonder as well.

Could their best-girl-friends have changed that drastically? They couldn't believe it. But by the way they looked now, they didn't know what to think.

So, thats that. Chapter one. I've basically got the sotry figured out until some point..but suggestions wont hurt. :D
also, im spoiling the pairings this early on in the story.
SasuIno, ShikaTema, NejiTen NaruSaku and NaruHina, KibaHina and KibaSaku. Naruto, Kiba, Hinata and Sakura will switch at some point. I haven't made up my mind yet though.

And, their past and childhood is an important factor in this story. They have, or will have childhood pairings. TBA in the next chapter. But, you know kids and their ten-minute crushes. I have an idea who goes with whom, though.

Oh, thanks for making it to this part. I'll see you in the next chapter. Hopefully.