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Chapter four:
Meeting Them For The First Time

They thought they were going crazy, but they could've sworn, they saw it. When the girls entered the room, it was like there was an imaginary fan blowing at them, because, seriously, they had wind effects.–Hair being dramatically blown away and everything- It also looked like they were walking in slow motion, lights, glitter and the whole lot.

Kiba thought it was just him but when he quietly blurted out, "what the fuck, wind effects?!" Sasuke and Naruto heard as well.

"you tell me, where the hell did that come from." Sasuke whispered back to Kiba.

"There's a fan or an air vent or something in here. Believe it! Its not possible…" Naruto laughed.

Kiba grinned, "is that what they learned when they left? How to blow their hair without use of a fan?" he joked. Naruto and Sasuke chuckled slightly.

They turned their attention back to Kurenai as she spoke in a loud tone, "these are your new classmates." She announced. "girls, could you please introduce yourselves to the class." She asked them with a smile. The girls responded politely smiling and bowing their heads.

Tenten went first. "Goodmorning everyone" she smiled, the boys perked up, Tenten did mature, her voice got a bit deeper and she sounded like a lady. "My name is Tenten, I studied in London for 3 years and before coming to this school I was enrolled to an all girls school here, Lockehart High." She said with a smile. She then joined the rest of the girls who were lined up.

While Tenten was speaking, the boys observed what she wore. They remember Tenten with her signature buns sweat pants and a loose fitting shirt, wearing pink sneakers that easily got dirty and troubled her mom. But now, still with her signature buns, she wore a plain pink shirt, with a black vest over it and a brown pleated skirt (that was right above her knees) to match her brown wedges. She certainly looked like a girl. The boys rolled their eyes, except Neji who was curious, but didn't even try to bother.

"Thank you Tenten" Kurenai said, "next" she called out.

Sakura was next. Now Naruto was excited, his crush on Sakura didn't fade. Not one bit.

"Hello everyone," she smiled, "I am Sakura Haruno. My position is exactly like Tenten's. I've known her, and these two other girls for many years now." Sakura said with a smile pointing to a pale blonde girl and a blue-haired girl. "So I went to the same school in London, and studied in the same all-girls private school before coming to this one." Sakura said with a smile.

Again the boys observed her outfit, Sakura was wearing a dress on the other hand, it was a short sleeved caramel colored dress with a black ribbon above her waist, she was wearing those high-heeled (school girl-like) shoes. And black stockings, she had on a black headband and let her mid-length hair loose.

"wow…Sakura's so pretty!" Naruto quietly said. Kiba rolled his eyes.

"Naruto, shut up first." Kiba told his seatmate.

Then Sakura bowed her head and returned to her group of friends. "Thank you, Sakura." Kurenai said, "next…" she called out. Next was a girl the boys didn't recognize, she was dubbed the 'new girl' in their minds. Who was she, she had dirty blonde colored hair and it was up in four ponytails.

"My name's Temari. I met these girls in the London school, I studied with them the three years they were there and eventually moved here and studied at Lockehart. Now, I'm here." She casually said. If she wasn't so lady like, she'd be extremely intimidating the boys thought.

This Temari was wearing a long sleeved shirt, the neckline revealed her color bone, it was almost off-the shoulder, she was wearing black skinny jeans and silver high-heeled strappy's.

She shot another smile toward the class and joined the group. "Thank you, Temari…" Kurenai thanked again, "next we have…" she said. Then a shy looking girl stepped out of the group. It was Hinata.

"Hello everyone." She said shyly, "My name's Hinata Hyuga." She said. Some eyes turned toward Neji. "Um…I studied in Lockehart last year, and in London before that…" was all Hinata said.

Hinata was wearing a plain shirt underneath a big jacket. Her jacket wasn't closed, and it only reached until her waist. But her hands could barely be seen because the length of the arms for the jacket was pretty long, her shirt was color yellow, and her jacket was navy blue with square patterns. Her shirt though was pretty long and reached until her thighs(—where the legs start). She was wearing gray leggings that would match her shiny silver flats.

Hinata also grew her hair it now went down to the length of her shoulder blades, she too was wearing a headband like Sakura. Only it matched the color of her jacket, and her hair.

She bowed her head then went back to her group. "Thank you, Hinata." Kurenai said, "last but certainly not least, we have…" Kurenai announced. Then out of the group stepped out the prettiest one.

"Goodmorning everyone." She blissfully greeted, "I'm Ino Yamanaka." She said with a smile. "my mom, Sakura's mom, Hinata's mom, and Tenten's mom all sent us to London when we were 11 years old. We studied there for 3 years and came back here at age 14, then before coming to this school, we studied in an all girls private school. They've been my friends for a very long time." Ino explained. She didn't exactly tell the class about her, but about them. It was okay, since they're situation was the same.

Ino was wearing a dress shirt that was ¾ sleeve and the neckline was square shaped. It was striped with black and silver, the stripes went horizontal, she was wearing black leggings and then came her knee high brown stiletto boots, her leggings were hid under the boots. Ino cleaned up well, the boys thought. Her hair still tied to a high ponytail, and there was still a bunch that covered half her face, if she didn't clip it to the side.

"Ino…" Sasuke breathed out, "she was such a tomboy!" he said under his breath.

"Thank you, Ino." Kurenai said, "thank you again, all of you, ladies…" Kurenai was saying…

"I bet they wouldn't even find it cool if we chased them around like before…" Kiba said after the introduction.

"…now if you'll take your seats on the 4th row, apparently who no one occupiued." Kurenai told the girls. The boys froze when they heard this. That means the girls would be sitting right in front of them.

"NO!" Naruto accidentally screamed, out of fright. The class, Kurenai, the girls—everyone looked at him. Sasuke and Shikamaru slapped their heads.

"Is there a problem, Naruto?" Kurenai asked. Naruto was baffled and couldn't answer he shook his head and said, "Uh…well, Kiba kept asking if her could borrow this really cool pen of mine, and he wouldn't stop bugging me so…I said no accidentally too loud." Naruto lied.

This time all 4 of Naruto's friends slapped their foreheads, "…great…drag me why don't'cha…" Kiba mumbled.

"Is this true, Kiba?" Kurenai asked looking toward a semi-angry Kiba.

"yes…his pen was just soo cool." Kiba said sarcastically.

"well…don't do this during my class…" Kurenai asked him. "wont happen again, miss Kurenai…" Kiba said, "…right Naruto?" he added through gritted teeth.

"hehehe" Naruto said scratching the back of his head, "nope…" Naruto said, "it wont."

"Good, now where was I? oh yes, please take your seats ladies, and we'll begin class." Kurenai said. The girls started walking to their seats and the boys froze again.

They wondered who was gonna sit in front of who. And who Choji would be sitting beside. They made their way towards their chairs and the girls took their respective seats, well, at least the seats they wanted.

Tenten sat infront of Shikamaru, Sakura sat beside Tenten which meant she sat in-front of Naruto, Ino sat in the middle of the 5 girls, in-front of Kiba, Temari sat beside Ino, in-front of Sasuke and Hinata beside Temari, in-front of Neji.

'interesting…' the boys thought.

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