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Seiryuu Part One


Naruto sighed at the clear sky. He and Hinata were resting under a tree. They wanted to take a break from their spar. He glanced at his sleeping partner. He was punished when the elders found out he had helped Sasuke escape but Tsunade managed to reduce his punishment to finding and retrieving Sakura and Sasuke. He smiled at the thought. Tsunade really knew how to work things out. He looked back at the sky. 'You'd better find her fast, Sasuke.'


Sasuke walked around the unknown town. He had discarded his head band long ago, fearing that the village had already received word of his escape from the village. It was almost twilight and he still hadn't found a decent inn. The town looked like a home for brothels only. 'A village for pleasure or a home for whores? Karin would fit right in.' He smirked at the thought. His ex-girlfriend had been searching for pleasure since the incident with Sakura. He never once glanced her way. He stopped in front of an old inn. It looked like the only inn where there were no whores or sluts but it looked run-down. He shrugged as he entered. 'Anything's better as long as no Karin-clones are around'

As he thought, the inn was run-down. Everything looked like it had been deserted for years. Paintings and pictures hung gloomily on the walls. The couch and tables were in perfect order with a few stitches here and there. He didn't mind it as it felt comfortable in the inn so he proceeded to the receptionist. There was no one at the table so he knocked on the table a few times. He heard some foot steps shuffling and a young girl, no older than 16 step out. She was pretty with flowing brown hair to her waist and wide chocolate eyes. She was wearing a pair of faded green trousers and an oversized dark blue shirt.

She smiled warmly at Sasuke.

"Hello. Welcome to Seiryuu Inn. Would you like to stay here for the night?" She said in a timid voice.

Sasuke nodded in response. She hurried to the desk and pulled the drawer. She rummaged through it and pulled out a silver key. She asked him to follow her politely and led him upstairs. They reached a door at the end of the hallway with the number 9 in silver on it. She opened the door and handed him the key. When he took it, without warning the girl threw herself on him. Sasuke's eyes widened when she pushed him inside and on the bad. She tried to kiss him but Sasuke pushed her off. He glared at her fiercely until the girl cried.

Sasuke stopped glaring and stared at the girl confused. He sensed she was sad. She heard rushing footsteps and another girl with short brown hair and eyes came in. She looked around the same age as him. She hugged the crying girl. She looked at Sasuke.

"Please forgive my sister. She thought that you were one of those men that came here for pleasure. They always pay more for that kind of services. I'm very sorry."

Sasuke stared at the two girls. So this village had visitors of men that harassed little inns like this for pleasure, probably because the other brothels were too expensive. But it seems like they were forced to do this job. Sasuke sat on the bed.

"Leave. I just want to rest." He said.

The older girl widened her eyes in shock but smiled gratefully. She hurried out the door with her sister. Sasuke lay down on the bed when the door closed. He looked around the room. It was nothing much. A nice bed, bathroom, and a side table with some candles. He thought about what he was going. The two girls were on his mind before he slept.


Sasuke woke up to the sounds of crashing downstairs. He heard shouting from men and cries form girls. Recognizing the cries as the girls, he quickly rushed down stairs, masking his chakra. He saw them being shielded by a male who looked like the same age as him. He had black hair and dark chocolate eyes. His eyes were narrowed as he clenched his teeth. His hands were in fists. He glared at the intruders. 3 rain shinobi were smirking at the boy. One of them laughed when he saw that the boy had no weapons to fight. The middle rain shinobi took a step forward and moved quickly for the boy to catch up and punched him in the stomach. The boy fell to his knees. The 3 shinobi laughed.

"Ryuu!!" The older girl shouted as her sister tried to hold her back from getting involved.

The boy quickly recovered and tripped the shinobi. His two friends cursed and charged at the boy, kunai in their hands. Sasuke quickly intervened sending the 2 shinobi flying outside. He was careful not to break anything. He then turned to glare at the other shinobi. The shinobi took one look at Sasuke and ran away screaming "Spare me!!" in fear.

Sasuke turned to look at the three. The younger girl seemed terrified of him. The older one was staring at him along with the boy. Suddenly the older girl stood up from her place and bowed.

"U-Um… Tha-Thank you for helping us!"

Sasuke stared at the girl before turning away.

"They woke me up from my sleep. I just punished them for disturbing me."

"Are you by any chance Uchiha Sasuke?" the boy asked.

Sasuke stared at him. He ignored his question and went up stairs. He went in the room and sat on the bed. He heard some footsteps and then knocking. He grunted loudly. The door opened and the older girl came in. She closed the door quietly. Sasuke watched her as she approached him.

"My name is Kiryuu Ayane. Are you really Uchiha Sasuke?" She asked.

Sasuke stared at her before grunting. Ayane looked annoyed for a moment. Then she sighed.

"Are you hungry?" She asked.

Sasuke grunted and got up. He went inside the bathroom. Ayane giggled.

"I'll take that as a yes. Dinner will be served downstairs in half an hour. If you don't want to eat, that's fine with me. But there isn't a single decent restaurant here. Each one of them has a strip show every 15 minutes." She added as she left the room.

Sasuke stared at his reflection. That girl annoyed him to hell. Well, not hell. At least she saved him from searching for a place to eat. He smirked. She reminded him of Sakura. Always bubbly and looking out for him. He frowned and glared at himself.

"Wait for me… Sakura"


Sakura stared at the cloudy sky. It was grey and she saw lightning streaks. A heavy rain was coming. And it wasn't an ordinary rain. It was about time for Seiryuu's priestess to awaken. She touched her heart. It was so warm. She smiled. Soon. Soon she will be with Sasuke again. He'll come to her. It was his duty.


She stared at the sky. Would he really become a missing-nin again for her? Sakura closed her eyes and a dreadful vision came to her.

Everything was dark. Rain poured heavily on the once lively village. Blood was spilled everywhere. Lightning streaked down to the houses, burning them. Fire spread across the village. People were screaming for their lives. Cries of pain and anguish were heard all around. Death was in the air. Then, silence. A small cry was heard. It came from a young girl, no younger than she was crying over anther girl's bloodied body.

"I'm sorry… I'm so sorry… Aya… Aya…" She cried.

A boy with messy black hair and brown eyes came behind her with another man with familiar spiky raven hair. He kneeled and embraced the crying girl from behind.

"Ayane… It's not your fault…"

"It is my fault Ryuu… I killed her… I killed Aya!!"

"No, you didn't. You didn't"

"I did…I used Seiryuu… That's how I killed her…"

"No… Ayane…"

Sakura gasped. She panted. What was that? Ayane? Was that the name of Seiryuu's priestess? She hasn't heard from Ayane for years. For her to be a priestess like her… It couldn't be just coincidence could it? She closed the window and looked at the mirror. Suzaku's image took her reflection.

"Is Ayane Seiryuu's priestess?"

"Yes, she is."

"Will Seiryuu awaken her like you did to me?"

"No Sakura. She will awaken in another way."


"I cannot tell you… But it will involve that Uchiha…"

"Sasuke-kun? Is he there with her now?"


"What are they doing now?"

"You must concentrate on your training, Sakura."


"No buts. Continue your training."


Sakura stared at her own reflection. She walked out the room. It was time to train again. She shouldn't worry. Ayane had Ryuu. There was no one to take Sasuke away from her. Sasuke loved her. That was all that matter. But something was pinching her heart. She was worried about Ayane. How will she face the fact that she was a priestess? She closed her eyes.

"Everything will be fine… Sasuke-kun is with her. So there's nothing to be afraid. That vision will never come true if Sasuke-kun is there…"


Sasuke found himself eating dinner with Ayane, Ryuu and Ayane's little sister, Aya. They ate quietly, feeling completely awkward. At least Ayane and Ryuu felt that way. Sasuke was completely ignoring everyone and Aya was practically drooling over Sasuke. Ayane paused her eating and observed everyone. Ryuu was still pissed, Aya was fantasying about something, she was unusually quiet and Sasuke was… Well Sasuke was just being his usual stoic self.

Ayane coughed and stood, saying she had enough food for tonight and retreated to her room. Ryuu continued eating while Aya got up saying she was going to take a bath, winking at Sasuke along the way. Once the two men were left alone, Ryuu spoke.

"So, how'd you like your stay here so far?"


"Hn? Is that a yes or a no?"


"Okay then." Ryuu paused and observed him. "I'm Hanazawa Ryuu. You are?"


"It's only polite to answer." He grinned at the Uchiha.


"Okay then… So, Uchi—"

Ryuu was abruptly cut off when Sasuke disappeared. Ryuu sat there dumbstruck for awhile before…. He noticed a log had taken Sasuke's place.

"What the fuck??!! You mean all this while I've been talking to a fucking log??!!"


Sasuke smirked when he heard Ryuu curse him. He walked along the corridors of the rundown inn, observing the pictures hanging on the wall. He noticed that most of them were portraits of magnificent views. Sasuke thought how someone could paint something so realistic. He came across a portrait of a young woman with pink hair… Wait a minute, PINK??!!

"Sakura?" He whispered.

"No. That's not Sakura-chan." A girl spoke.

He looked to the side and saw Ayane smiling at him. She approached him and wiped the silver palate under the portrait. It read, 'Haruno Nadeshiko, a good friend, priestess, wife and mother.'

"This is Nadeshiko-sama. Sakura-chan's great - grandmother." She said.

Sasuke stared at the portrait. True the woman looked a lot like Sakura but there were some differences. Her hair was a darker shade of pink and her eyes were a light blue. Her skin was as white as the snow. If he remembered correctly, Sakura's skin wasn't as pale. It was a light cream. Other than that, they looked exactly the same. Then he noticed something, a necklace hung around her neck. It was a golden heart shaped necklace with his clan's symbol on it.

"She was one of the most powerful kunoichi in the world. But… she died a horrible death." Ayane said.

"How did she die?"

"She was killed… unexpectedly… while she was fighting."

"Then she died with the honor of fighting."

"No. She was killed brutally by someone."


"I don't know. People from this village said she was killed by her own daughter. Other villages said she was killed by her best friend and some even say she was killed by the man she loved the most."

"What is that necklace she's wearing?"

"Sakura's mother said it was a gift to her from her beloved. An Uchiha but no one knows who." She paused and eyed the necklace. "She was never seen with an Uchiha before, and her daughter did not bear any Uchiha blood. People used to say that she was in a relationship with your ancestor, Uchiha Madara. But this could never be proven for he is dead."

"How do you know Sakura?"Sasuke asked.

"She was a good friend of mine. She often visits with her parents when we were little. But then, her parents died and she stopped coming here soon before the village became a house for prostitutes. She often wrote letters but they stopped coming in when we were 14 years old." She paused and smiled sadly. "In her last letter to me, she wrote that she was going to train harder than ever to bring her loved one back to the village."

Tears came to her eyes. She cried softly as Sasuke watched, not doing anything. He knew who Sakura was talking about. She was talking about him. He felt his heart clench. How he wished to see her smiling face again. Ayane wiped her tears away. She held Sasuke's hand and led him into a dark room. The room was covered in mirrors. There were mirrors wherever you looked. The room was clean and extravagant. Gold and silver lay on the floors. The alter at the back of the room caught his attention. There was a statue of a Chinese dragon. It looked powerful and glowed as Ayane came closer to it. She touched the statue.

"This is the statue of Seiryuu, the Guardian of the western sea. It originally came from the water country. This is the original alter from a millennium ago. There's one just like this at the Haruno household."

Sasuke stared at the statue. An urge to touch the statue came to him but he ignored it. He felt Ayane lift his hand and placed it on the statue. He immediately felt warmth enter him. It was soothing. All of his thoughts were cleared. All he thought about was Sakura. He smiled unconsciously and felt Ayane smile too. She let go of his hand and clasped his hand in a prayer. Sasuke let his hand drop from the statue and observed her. His eyes widened.


6-year-old Sasuke ran towards the Haruno Household. 11-year-old Itachi walked calmly along with his parents behind him. Sasuke laughed as he reached the Main Gate of the house. Fugaku gave the Anbu their invitation card. The Anbu saluted and let them inside. They walked pass the beautiful gardens and side houses. 11-year-old Hikari greeted them at the entrance to the main house. She bowed respectfully at Fugaku and Mikoto, hugged Sasuke and told him Sakura was in her room, and kissed Itachi on the cheek, which he gladly returned. They walked inside the house and entered the living room where they were greeted by Haruno Hana and Haruno Keiichi. Sasuke greeted the two and headed off to Sakura's room.

He knocked on the door trice and entered. He was immediately tackled into a hug by Sakura. They laughed as Itachi and Hikari entered the room. Hikari helped Sakura put on her obi for her white kimono with pink cherry blossom designs. Her obi was grey. Hikari had on a white kimono with trees and veins designs on the side. Itachi and Sasuke both wore navy blue yukatas. The four went to the garden. Itachi and Hikari went behind the cherry blossom tree while Sasuke and Sakura played around in the flower garden.

"Hey, Sakura-chan!" Sasuke called.


Sasuke tucked a white lily behind Sakura's ear. He smiled at her.

"Suits you!" He commented.

Sakura blushed and giggled. They heard a moan and scoffed in disgust. Itachi and Hikari were at it again.

"Itachi-niisan, Hikari-neesan, you're doing something infront of two innocent little children!!" Sasuke and Sakura shouted.

Itachi and Hikari looked at them from behind the tree. Itachi looked annoyed and irritated that his moment wit Hiakri was ruined while Hikari giggled. She fixed her hair and led Itachi towards the two grinning kids. She bent down and smiled warmly at them.

"Today is Sakura-chan's birthday so we'll keep our hands off each other. Right Itachi?" She turned to Itachi smiling

Iatchi grunted in annoyance. Sakura and Sasuke laughed. Itachi spotted a white lily and plucked it. He smirked as an idea formulated in his mind.

"Sasuke, Sakura. I think I hear Kaa-san and Hana-sama calling you two." He called out to Sasuke and Sakura.

Sasuke and Sakura went inside. Hikari was about to join them when Itachi pulled her into a kiss. He silently tucked the lily in her hair. They broke apart and he cupped her blushing cheek.

"You look beautiful." He extended his hand. "Shall we?"

Hikari giggled as she took his hand. "We shall."

The two walked inside the house unaware that Sasuke and Sakura were watching them. They laughed.

"I can't believe Itachi-niisan was able to do something like that." Sasuke mused

Sakura giggled. "I can't believe it too… But don't you think it's so romantic?" Sakura sighed dreamily.

Sasuke scoffed and Sakura hit him in the head. The two laughed. Sakura stopped laughing and led Sasuke along the corridors and back garden. They stopped in front of an old door. She pushed the door open and ushered Sasuke inside. Inside were four alters. Different statues sat in each alter. Sasuke stared in awe at everything.

"This is where all the alters for the four beast gods are gathered. There are Suzaku, the Guardian of the South, Seiryuu the Guardian of the West, Byakko the Guardian of the East and Genbu the Guardian of the North." She paused and approached the statue of Suzaku. "This is Suzaku. It protects the fire country." She continued softly. Sakura clasped her hand in a prayer and closed her eyes. Sasuke approached Sakura. He stared at Sakura as she prayed.

End of Flashback

Sasuke stared as Ayane prayed. She looked like Sakura when she prayed. She looked so serene and calm. He turned his head towards Seiryuu.

'Maybe… Just maybe… if I get to know these Guardians better… Maybe I can be with Sakura again…'

"Hey, Kiryuu-san." Sasuke called.

Ayane opened her eyes and looked at him. "Yes?"

"Could you tell me more about Seiryuu and the other Beast Gods'?"

"I don't know much about them…"

"That's all right. Just tell me what you know about them."

"Why do you want to know?"

"… Because I think they have a connection to Sakura somehow…"

Ayane stared at him and smiled. "Okay then… Let's talk over a cup of tea."


Sakura returned to her room exhausted. She flipped onto her bed lazily. Being a priestess used too much of her chakra more than her stamina. To add to her exhaustion, a group of their spy-nins were heavily injured when they returned. So more of her chakra was drained. She groggily sat up when the door opened. Sasori peeked inside, holding a tray of food. He smirked when he saw her exhausted. He never once got to see her exhausted before. He thanked Kisame for giving him the chance.

"Thought you might be hungry." He said entering the room and putting the food on her study table. "Kisame cooked this up for you."

Sakura smiled at him. "Thanks. Say my thank you to Kisame too for me." Sakura said as she got out of bed and into the bathroom. Then the water ran.

Sasori nodded. "What made you so exhausted? I've never seen you so tired before."

"Madara-sama, Hikari-nee and Suzaku-sama kept training me. This priestess training turns out to drain my chakra… a lot. Plus, I had to heal some of our spy-nins." Sakura answered from the bathroom.

Sasori was about to leave the room when a picture on her bedside table caught his attention. He never noticed it before. He took the picture in his hands. It was a picture of her and some boy with spiky raven hair and onyx eyes. He looked awfully familiar to Itachi. He heard the bathroom door open and quickly set the picture back on the table. He turned to see her in a blue towel. Sakura stared at him quizzically as he laughed nervously.

"Err… I need to go help Deidara to collect his clay, so see you later!" He lied and ran out the door, slamming it along the way.

Sakura sweat dropped at Sasori's behavior. He wasn't usually like this. Wonder what made him so nervous? She turned to her bedside table. She walked to it and picked up the picture. It had a tint of Sasori's chakra lingering on it. So he had seen it. He was nervous because he was afraid she'd find out he had touched what was hers without permission. She giggled as she hugged the photo to her chest. That day was the happiest of her life after all.


Sakura giggled as she pulled Sasuke to the carnival. Karin was following them grudgingly from behind. Naruto, Hinata, Neji, Shikamaru and Ino followed closely behind. Sasuke smiled slightly. Naruto and Tsunade had convinced the elders to let them hold a festival for Sasuke's return and the death of Itachi. But he knew it was mostly Naruto's idea just to welcome him back safely. He smirked as Sakura pulled him towards the game booths. TenTen and Lee were in charge. Naruto challenged Sasuke to see who would win the most. After playing all of the game booths, Sasuke and Naruto went to exchange their tokens for some prizes. Turns out Sasuke won Naruto by 10 points. Sakura laughed heartily when Sai came and gave her a pink huge teddy bear that was roughly the size of a 2 year old baby. When they came back, Sasuke had his arms full with first place prizes while Naruto had second place prizes. Sasuke gave her a teddy bear bigger than Sai's. Sakura found it hard to carry it since it was about the size of a 5 year old.

He had given Karin a medium sized one but didn't complain. She kissed Sasuke on the cheek. Sakura's heart clenched at this. She knew they were dating but she still felt sad. She tried her best and put on a fake smile.

"Come on guys! Let's take some pictures!" She chirped happily and pulled Sai and Sasuke along knowing very well that the two will run away if not forced by her to take a picture. She gave them her cutest most irresistible pout. "Come on… please…?"

Sasuke and Sai sighed and gave in. They took a group photo first. Sakura had her arms around Sasuke's and Naruto's necks, Karin was glaring at Sakura while folding her arms over her chest. Sai, Ino and Shikamaru were behind her, obviously to keep an eye on her so that she wouldn't kill Sakura, Neji was smiling slightly at the camera with Hinata beside him. Another picture was of Hinata and Naruto leaning into each other. Then a picture of Ino and Shikamaru. Sai and Neji just staring at the camera stoicly. Sasuke and Karin. Karin had her arms wrapped around Sasuke while he had an arm draped lazily around her shoulders. Then one of Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto and Sai. Then, Ino and Sai had took Karin to a sake store and Naruto had forced Sakura and Sasuke to take a picture together. They grudgingly took a picture together. Sasuke had an arm wrapped tightly around her waist as they smiled at the camera.

Then, Naruto and Hinata dragged them to a restaurant where Tsunade was. She had made the two drunk and Ino had made them play a game of truth and dare. In the end, Ino and Shikamaru ended up in the closet, Naruto and Hinata in a hotel room and Sasuke and Sakura making out in a dark alley. Luckily Karin already passed out. The next morning, Sakura woke up in Sasuke's bed, fully clothed in her last night attire. Sasuke was sleeping soundly beside her without a shirt. She smiled and snuggled closer to him in which he wrapped his arms around her waist. Sakura slept again unaware that Sasuke was awake and smiling at her.

End of Flashback

Sakura smiled and kept the picture under her pillow. She then proceeded to wearing her clothes and eating.


Sasuke and Ayane entered a small room with a bathroom and kitchen intact. Ayane made some tea as Sasuke sat on a chair and observed the picture decorated walls. Most of them were of Ayane, Ryuu, Aya, some people he didn't know and Sakura. Ayane served the tea and sat down opposite of him.

"Firstly is Genbu, the first of the Four Beast Gods. It is the Guardian of the Northern Star and the Northern Gate. Genbu protects the Awayuki clan and the Snow Country. Next is Byakko, the second of the Four Beast Gods. It is the Guardian of the Eastern Sea and the Eastern Gate. Byakko protects the Takishima clan and the Lightning Country. Then there's Seiryuu, the third of the Four Beast Gods. It is the Guardian of the Western Sea and the Great Western Gate. Seiryuu protects the Kiryuu clan and the Water Country. Suzaku is the last and the leader of the Four Beast Gods. It is the Guardian of the Southern Star and the Great Southern Gate. Suzaku protects the Haruno clan and the Fire Country." Ayane explained. She paused and let Sasuke absorb the information.

"So you're saying they protect their rightful clans and countries?" Sasuke asked. Ayane nodded in response.


"Why are they represented in forms of animals?"

"Because animals were the first creatures ever created on earth by what we call our Creator" she paused. "Genbu is in a form of a turtle with countless of tails with heads of snakes. We call it the Great Green Turtle of Genbu Byakko is a white tiger with black stripes and a tail with the head of the snake. It is usually called the Great White Tiger of Byakko. These two are considered weaker than Seiryuu and Suzaku. Now then, Seiryuu as you can see, is a Chinese dragon and it is called the Great Blue Dragon of Seiryuu. Suzaku on the other hand is much more special. It is a rare phoenix. It has two names which are The Great Red Phoenix of Suzaku and the Bird of Reincarnation."


"Yes. It is said that one day, Suzaku shall reincarnate us all in the new millennium."

"I see…"

"A girl in the family must call upon it once every two millenniums." Ayane continued.

"Why a girl?"

"No idea. But this is something I heard from my mother… I don't know if it's true or not… but my mother said, every clan has another clan protecting them from harm. They are given a special power to do so."

"What are those clans?"

"I'm not sure…"

Sasuke nodded. He stood up. "Thank you for telling me."

"You're wel—" A low rumble cut her off. Loud thunder sounds were heard. Then lightning streaked down. They heard the rain began to pour heavily. They heard running footsteps. Ryuu slammed the door open.

"We've got to get to the shelters!!" He shouted.

"Where's Aya?!" Ayane asked, clearly panicked by the situation.

"She's gone first!! Hurry!!"

Sasuke held Ryuu back. "What is happening?!" He asked.

"The lightning is burning the brothels! The village is on fire!" He said urgently.

Sasuke and Ryuu ran behind Ayane out of the inn. Everyone in the village was in a panic. People were running here and there screaming as the rain fell on them. Lighting striked down on a brothel. The brothel burned fire. Sasuke cursed. The rain wasn't helping at all. It made the people panic more and it wasn't helping with the fire. Ryuu grabbed him and pulled him towards an area that seemed wasn't affected by the rain or lightning. Everyone was talking at once. He could hear them clearly.

"Do you think Seiryuu-sama is punishing us for what the whole village has been doing?" A girl asked her group

"Maybe… But we can't really help it now can we?"

"Yes but still…."

"Everyone, please remain calm!!" A voice shouted trying to get the voices to calm down.

Sasuke turned to the man who shouted. He was an elderly man. He glanced at Ryuu. Ryuu looked at him and smiled.

"He's the leader of this village, Tachibana Ryoki"

"What village is this anyway?"

Ryuu laughed. "You came here without knowing what village this is?"

"I was in the hurry."

"This is Seiryuu Village, one of the three small villages that worship the Four Beast Gods."

"I thought there should be four?"

"Well, Suzaku enriched the village that worshiped it into Konoha…"


"We must pray to Seiryuu-sama for forgiveness!!" Ryoki hollered.

Then everything was silent. Everyone except Ryuu and Sasuke had their eyes closed and hands clasped in a prayer. Sasuke raised an eyebrow at this. Ryuu shrugged.

"I don't really believe in this shit. I think that these things are hoax, especially that statue." Ryuu said pointing at a large statue behind the village leader.

It was the exact same statue like in the Seiryuu Inn, The Blue Dragon of Seiryuu. Sasuke noticed something different though. It was made out of glass. The one at the inn was made out of pure stone. Sasuke could sense a slight trace of chakra lingering on it.

"There's chakra on it." Sasuke stated.

"Yup. That means it's fake." Ryuu said. "Authentic statues are made out of pure stone and built without using chakra."

Sasuke and Ryuu stopped talking when a low growl was heard. They turned their heads towards the statue. The statue was glowing and then a man in blue armor with golden hair stood on its head. Everyone raised their heads and hands.

"Long live Seiryuu-sama!" the villagers chanted.

Sasuke and Ryuu kept quiet. Some people nudged them, telling them to chant along but they ignored it. Then the blue man descended beside the village elder. They spoke softly so no one could here. The village leader then wore a sad expression after he spoke. He turned towards the villagers.

"Seiryuu-sama has asked for a sacrifice." He said. "He has asked for Kiryuu Ayane to be the sacrifice."

"What?" Ryuu hissed.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes. The man in blue armor had a chakra reserve that was weaker than his. There was no way he could be a God. Even the Kyuubi's chakra was bigger than his. That had to be a fake.

"The guy's a fake." Sasuke stated quietly to Ryuu.

Ryuu smirked. "Does that mean I can kick his fucking ass?"


"I'll take that as a yes."

"I'll distract everyone's attention. You find Kiryuu-san and get her out of here."

Ryuu nodded and moved to find Ayane. Sasuke moved forward towards the village leader. He sensed that the chakra from the man in blue was slightly off. Like it was a bunshin. Sasuke suddenly stopped and his eyes widened.

'I know that chakra.'

Sasuke gritted his teeth and jumped toward the blue man, throwing a kunai in the process. Gasps were heard. Sasuke glared fiercely at the man. He took a step back, fearing the Uchiha's glare.

"What in fuck's sake do you think you're doing, Ichigo?" Sasuke asked.

"It's been a while Uchiha-sama." Ichigo greeted.

"Loose the disguise."

"As you wish, Uchiha-sama."

Ichigo released his jutsu and took the shape of a young man with black hair and blue eyes. He wore the Sound head band around his neck. Loud gasps were heard around the crowd. The village leader, Ryoki was too shock he had to fall on his butt. Everyone stared at Sasuke and Ichigo. Ryuu smirked from where he stood with Ayane and Aya. The two sisters just watched.

"Now then, what is your business here, Uchiha-sama?" Ichigo aked politely.

"I believe I asked you first." Sasuke activated the sharingan and glared harder at Ichigo.

Ichigo swallowed his saliva as he spoke; "Taking over the village like what Orochimaru-sama wanted."

"Orochimaru is dead."


Sasuke's glared intensified. "Why do you ask for Kiryuu then?"

Ichigo smiled at Sasuke slyly. "Why for the pleasure, Uchiha-sama. I hear that she is the only girl in the village who hasn't lost her virginity yet."

Sasuke smirked when a kunai landed in Ichigo's right leg. Everyone had their eyes fixed on Ryuu who was glaring with a menacing look at Ichigo. Ichigo swallowed.

"Hn. Looks like you angered someone. I'll let him handle you…" Sasuke said and was about to return to Ayane and the others when Ryoki called out to him.

"Who are you?!" Ryoki asked with a weak voice.

Sasuke stayed silent, thinking whether to tell them who he was. Sasuke turned to him. Right before he answered, a huge snake broke the shelter's roof. Everyone screamed as they hurried outside. Sasuke turned to where Ichigo once was. He cursed when he saw that he had disappeared. He turned towards the snake where a laughing Ichigo stood.

"This is the end of Seiryuu Village!!" He laughed.

Sasuke cursed. Ichigo was once Orochimaru's most trusted shinobi besides Kabuto. Orochimaru had always thought of Ichigo of a nuisance since he had always tried to get his attention so he sent him on a mission that had lasted till his death. Other than that, Ichigo had also been a worthy opponent (s.p?). He could mask his chakra and disappear within seconds. It was almost impossible to detect him and now that he's summoned a snake, it will be harder to kill him. Sasuke cursed silently. He was going to have to kill Ichigo the hard way.

Sasuke quickly grabbed Ryoki and jumped out of the way when the snake was about t eat them. A lightning stroked down on the shelter. People panicked and ran out. Then a few more lightning striked down on the people. Some were set on fire as others ran for their lives. Sasuke immediately did his fire jutsu to kill the snake. Then a loud and shrill scream silenced the noises. Sasuke turned his head over to Ayane and the others. A large circle was formed around Ayane, Aya, Ryuu and Ichigo. Ichigo had a kunai right at Aya's neck. Ryuu was glaring at Ichigo fiercely while Ayane looked like she was about to cry. Sasuke jumped next to Ryuu, his face calm despite the current situation. Aya cried as the kunai came closer to her neck. Ichigo smirked at Ryuu's glare.

"How bout an exchange?" Ichigo asked.

Ryuu narrowed his eyes at Ichigo. "What kind?"

"Oh… An exchange for the other girl…"

Ryuu's glare intensified at Ichigo's words. Ichigo cut Aya's skin slightly causing her to gasp at the stinging pain. Sasuke quietly did a clone to get behind Ichigo. Ichigo backed up a little when he felt Sasuke's chakra behind him. He readied to cut Aya's neck when he stopped. Everyone stopped. Sasuke's clone disappeared and Ichigo's kunai melted. Mist covered the place. Then, lightning flashed before them. Aya took this chance to escape to Ryuu. Ichigo was suddenly choking. Sasuke and Ryuu stared at the choking man when Aya suddenly turned tense.

"Onee-chan…" she whispered to herself.

Ryuu heard her and turned to Ayane who was emitting a light blue light. She was glaring at Ichigo. Her eyes were lifeless, like glass. Then, lightning striked down on her. Her scream rung in their ears as Aya ran to her. Another lighting came and striked Aya. Blood was splattered. The grey clouds parted and a blue dragon descended. Sasuke stared transfixed by the dragons blue eyes. It was… Seiryuu.


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