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Chapter 1: Making the return

It has been over a month now but the healing process has gotten quicker than the doctors anticipated, it was good news and after nearly two months on the sidelines I was ready to make my comeback.

These last months off I've had I was training to perfect my craft, I was in Japan training and I had learned some more holds, techniques and some new submission manoeuvres, I wanted to bring my A game when I got back and let me tell you I plan on doing more than just making an impact.

Not only that I was more excited to be back in the WWE ring and wrestle for the crowd once again but as I already said, I wanted to make a good comeback with some new moves to show and put the locker room on notice that I'm not the only superstar wanting to be the champ.


I got a call from the GM Theodore Long ( Vickie must be away) and gave me some good news.

"Holla holla Xander, it's the GM and have I got some great news for you." he said.

"What's the good news then?" I asked.

"I heard that you are ready to make your return so I decided to put you in a match but I just want you to turn up on Raw, try to keep this a surprise until then." he slyfully said.

"Ok no problem just show up on Raw this Monday and get ready to make my return." I said.

With that now in motion I was revved up for this Monday as I would make my return to the ring and make another impact as always.

So this is what he has been up to while he was out, you know what to do,reviews!!