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Chapter 40: So it all comes down to this

"What do you mean no?!" I shouted.

"As I said no, you are not competing tonight in the 20 man tag team match tonight, you're not medically cleared yet!!!" Stephanie informed me.

"I don't care I want to get my hands on that snake, Orton tonight!!!" I stated.

"I'm sorry Xander but I can't jeopardise my main event for Wrestlemania, so again no match tonight for you." she explained.

"But however you may be, because I did get a go-ahead from the chairman and he says you can compete this Friday night as you will go one on one with, John Cena but this will determine if your able to compete this Sunday." she said.

"Ok but what do I do in the meantime?" I asked.

"Take the night off, don't even think about getting involved in this match tonight or there will be some severe consequences to follow!!!" she warned me.

"Fine, but I promise Randy Orton won't have anywhere to run or hide from me, cos when that bell rings this Sunday, I'm gonna tear him apart!!" I stated.


I went into the locker room to see the entire team getting themselves ready for the huge tag team main event.

"Hey guys." I said.

"Hey man how ya holding up?" Jeff asked.

"Ok I guess, I bet you all heard the news?" I said.

"What news?" John asked.

"I'm facing you this Friday night on SmackDown!" I said.

"So it's official for the first time ever, Xander Cage vs. John Cena!!!" John said.

"Yeah and even if you injure me or I do that myself I'm still gonna walk into Wrestlemania to fight and win the World Heavyweight Championship!!!" I stated.

"That may happen but I can see it happening a bit more different as I see Randy Orton getting his Attitude Adjusted and then being pinned 1-2-3!!! But I also see you tapping out to the STF, so just remember I can pin or make either of you submit but as far as Friday night goes may the best man win." John said extending his hand out to me.

"Yeah same to you." I said meeting his hand and shaking it.

"Yo XMan!! Came to wish us all luck before we head into battle?" Aeon asked.

"Yeah I guess, how're you after last week?" I asked.

"I'm ok a little sore but I'll live, so you and Cena this Friday, well good luck and if you're in the mood to watch the match up close, don't hesitate." she said.

"I'll think about it." I said.

"Hey man, glad you're ok but I still feel bad I left you alone." Christian said.

"No it's not your fault we…I fell for the trap, never saw it coming but I guess they would do whatever it took to get me alone and try to take me out." I said.

"Just be glad you weren't seriously hurt otherwise no Wrestlemania for you." Christian said.

"Yeah I guess so…is there a game plan for you all or is it just hit anything that moves?" I asked.

"Yep that's about it." Matt said.

"Ok with that said I'll leave you guys to it, but I will get myself a piece of that snake Orton, count on it." I stated as I left.


The 20 man tag team match was chaotic from the start as it was all of Raw, Smackdown! and ECW's finest were competing as the only two women in the contest were squaring off with one another.

Both Aeon and Kelly wanted to tear each other apart as their feud intensified each time they were in proximity of each other, as both just straight up brawled as it then spilled out of the ring both teams tried to get the two women off and the ref trying to get some order in this match.

They tagged out as both Cena and Orton were now in the ring and they squared off picking up where they left off as both exchanged rights and lefts but ended up with Orton getting dropped to the ground and receiving a five knuckle shuffle from Cena, as the Legacy came in to stop further damage as another brawl irrupted and both teams trying to go at it with the ref right in the middle of the firing line got some order back into the match, as Cena and Orton locked up again.

As both teams showed their support for their representatives the crowd was going in separate directions for both teams. But the tide of the match had turned as Orton was taking it to Cena as he just got the gut wrench back breaker in and began working the neck of Cena, he used a headlock takedown and kept on the hold to weaken it.

But Cena used his incredible strength to get himself back up to a vertical base and throw the Legend Killer off, as he countered with a backdrop throwing Orton off his own game as Cena began to mount some offence against him with some quick clotheslines and a few shoulder blocks.

As Orton got up he turned, missed a punch as Cena lifted him up with a inverted spiral slam to the ground as he signified to the crowd raising his arm up and his hand, "YOU CAN'T SEE ME!!!" as the crowd said along he went off the ropes and hit the five knuckle shuffle on the Viper as he signified with a salute for Orton to get his attitude adjusted.

But it was short lived as Legacy came and intervened and all hell broke loose with both teams on the attack of one another, as eventually the ref wasn't able to keep control the match was thrown out as they still continued to battle outside the ring.

But the fight still continued as Legacy had Cena pinned down with everyone else unable to help I came rushing down the ramp and made a quick b-line to the ring. I hit clotheslines to Legacy as I took Rhodes by the head and threw him over and out, as I then grabbed DiBiase and did the same, as I turned around to Orton who I had a clear shot of, I took it throwing an angry fist at him but he ducked it as it connected with Cena knocking him back against the ropes.

I realised my mistake as I tried to apologise to him but he was all "What was that for?" as I tried to explain he just shoved me as I shoved him back it turned into a fist fight between us both, everyone tried to separate us from killing each other as our emotions were getting the better of us.

"Xander I warned you there would be consequences for getting involved so your match with John this Friday is now a Lumberjack match!!!" Stephanie announced.

We both looked to each other as the stipulation was made, we both knew it was all or nothing before we head into Houston this Sunday.


Smackdown! Kicked off with a video package showing the events of last night as it cut to me nailing John by accident and us trying to fight it out, as it then shifted to the announcement of a lumberjack match between me and Cena on Smackdown!.

I was in the locker room preparing for the match as the door opened and I turned around to face, my opponent tonight, John Cena.

"Look man I just came by to tell you that I'm sorry for last Monday I looked over the tape and saw you went for Orton and you got me by accident, I'm cool with that but still this doesn't't change anything tonight." John said.

"Well I'm glad you realised that but still tonight it's all about momentum and I do plan on beating you in that ring and sending a message to Orton through you, so do me a favour and don't do what Orton did…do…not…underestimate…me." I warned.

"Don't worry…kid I will not make same mistake he did and for the record I'm gonna send a message to you and Orton tonight because NOTHING IS GONNA STOP ME FROM FIGHITIN LIKE HELL , WALK INTO WRESTLEMANIA AND BECOME THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!" John stated.

We both saw eye to eye as he left, I knew tonight was going to be a physical test for me as would for the first time step into the ring with the Doctor of Thuganomics.


If you act like me hit as the Smackdown! Locker room began to litter the outside of the ring as superstars like, The Colons, Chavo Guererro MVP, Riot, Ryder and Hawkins, Shelton Benjamin, The Great Khali, The Brian Kendrick and his adviser Ezeckiel Jackson.

Wanna be loved hit with the Raw and the ECW locker room coming out as superstars like, Miz and Morrison, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, Mike Knox, Tyson Kidd, Evan Bourne, Finlay and Hornswoggle.

They all took their positions around the ring as they were set for a huge lumberjack match.

Time is now hit as the former World champion John Cena made hi way ou to a mixed reaction as he was all fired up for this match as he saluted the crowd and made his way down the ramp and into the ring, he was focused as he awaited my arrival.

Bleed it out hit I came out and for the first time in two weeks I was back in action, I got a great reaction from the fans as they greeted me back, I made my way down the ring and went in and locked eyes with John.

The bell rang as we then locked up, I now knew why he was called the champ as his stength was unbelievable, he had already got me into a tight headlock trying to wear me down early on in the match.

I was already down to one knee as I was taken to both, I could feel the air being cut off from my head, I had to get out of it now!! I got on one foot, then I got myself up as I elbowed him a couple of times in the gut and managed to lift him and countered with a back drop.

I bought myself some time to get myself back in the match, as he got up first and brought me to my feet I then nailed a quick fist to his mid section then nailed a few more for good measure. I kept on the attack with some kicks to his sides and leaped and hit a high kick to the face with a crack, 1-2 nope he kicked out quickly.

We both looked eye to eye and he realised that I almost had him, I think I took him off his game that time. We loked up again and I had a wristlock on him as I hit a few kicks to the right side of him, but he caught my last kick and brought me into him blasting me with a thunderous clothesline.

As I fell back hard my head was taking a beating, that shot rang my skull as I still had not recovered from the punt off of Orton.

I then was brought back up and thrown off the ropes and hit with a shoulder tackle knocking me down again, he repeated this three more times as he just clotheslined me over the top rope and out to the floor. The lumberjacks were waiting for me as I was getting assaulted by Ziggler, Kendrick, Jackson and Knox but the other lumberjacks intervened and I used that opening to get back into the ring.

The Champ was waiting for me as I got myself back up and we locked up, but his strength once again was becoming a factor as I could not match it, as he kicked me in the gut and hit a hard hitting fisherman's suplex, 1-2- nope I got my shoulder up. But then he got me back up quickly and to everyone's surprise he nailed a T-bone suplex!? 1-2-nope I kicked out again.

He began to get a little frustrated as I was brought up again by him and taken to the corner turnbuckle as he placed me on the top, he came up to meet me there and it was clear he was going to superplex me off of there. He tried to go for it but I used my feet to keep myself on the top as I then statred striking his ribs which caused him to lose balance and fall flat on his back.

I saw my opening and from the top I nailed a modified frogsplash, 1-2-nope it was near fall!!! I was trying to regain my focus and get back in the match, but he quickly recovered and was about to try and clothesline me but I ducked him and pulled the top rope down as it sent him flying to the outside where the lumberjacks were waiting.

They set upon him quickly as he was assaulted by mostly the ECW and Raw guys but other lumberjacks stopped them as chaos was irrupting on the outside between them as then he slid back into the ring without being seen.

Both of us were beginning to wear down as the match went on but we started exchanging fists as the crowd went "BOO" for Cena and "YEAH!!!" for me each time a fist connected but I started to regain control as I then threw him off the ropes and connected with a high knee to the face.

I didn't stop there as I turned him over on his stomach and put his left arm into a hammer lock position and began nailing knee drops to it. I kept on the attack as I took the left arm again and locked in an armbar as I was trying to weaken it further, I knew that he was left handed and the fact that his power came from his arms and without that his finishing moves were disabled.

I let go of the arm bar after he got himself to the ropes, I waited for him to get up and as he did and turned around nursing his arm I grabbed him and nailed the suplex combo, 1-2- nope he got the kickout. I got him up again and began hitting fist and kick strikes to his sides, legs and a high kick to the head, it sent him rocking to the corner turnbuckle as he fell back first into it.

I was going to return the favout from earlier on and suplerplex him from the top, as I took him to the top he managed to catch me on his shoulders and from the top he Atttitude Adjusted me with one arm, from the top to the outside onto the other lumberjacks!!! The crowd went nuts as they saw the display of power and determination on the former champion as his chants became louder than mine.

I was on the outside trying to get back I nthe match as then Cena joined me on the outside but as he went for me the lumberjacks began their attack on him and I as then we began to work together to take them out as we took them out one by one, after the small and brief alliance we took the fight back to the ring as we exchanged fists again but this time as he swung for one I ducked it and got the backflip kick out of nowhere.

He was staggering after that shot as I went to fiish him but he tried to surprise me by getting me on his shoulders but I countered and went for an inverted DDT but he countered by quickly going behind me and lifting me up for that reverse spiral slam to the canvas, he looked down and raised his hand up to the crowd and said loud to me "YOU CAN'T SEE ME!!!" he ran to the ropes came off them and did his patend Five Knuckle Shuffle which connected.

It was like a brick had dropped on my head as then he went up to the top rope and he leaped from the top and nailed a leg drop to the back of my head, 1-2 nope I barely kicked out. He knew it was time to put me away as he saluted me and was going to get me ready for the ride, I got up and turned into him and he had me on his shoulders for the Attitude Adjustment, but then out of nowhere he was struck from behind by Legacy, DiBiase and Rhodes, they began attacking me and Cena.

But then Orton show's his face as then the lumberjacks began fighting with one another, he entered the ring watching Legacy disect us both. I was hit with Dream Street and Cena was hit with CrossRhodes, Orton ordered them to pick Cena up as he then just RKO'ed him, then he ordered to pick me up as he RKO'ed me, he looked down at his work as he had a mic.

"This Sunday at Wrestlemania I will fulfill my destiny and become World Heavyweight Champion and this time it will not be the return of the Age of Orton, oh no it will be the beginning of a new age, the Age of Legacy!!!" Orton stated as he stood over us both.


I was cooling down after the match as I got a call on my cell, it was my GM probably calling to say if I'm ready for this Sunday.

"Xander I just saw what happened and it's been made official that Legacy are banned from ringside this Sunday and also I've decided you're good to go for Wrestlemania, so make Raw proud!!!" Stephanie said as she hung up.

I was now assured I was getting my match but also no interference from Legacy made things easier as I was going to walk into battle not just for revenge on the man who tried to end my career but to become World Heavyweight Champion!!!

So Xander is now on his way to the main event at Wrestlemania, can our hero pull of the biggest win of his career? will he get revenge on Randy Orton?

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