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Once upon a time… no, not a once upon a time… it's happen in 21st century, well I suppose so but it's just somewhere in the time line. Somewhere around the world, at Dark Order town… there live a man named Mana Walker with his daughter, Allen Walker. Mana Walker is the owner of apple farm which he called, "Walker's Apple Rapture' and they have four workers, Toma, Devon, Gozu and Pedro. The apple farm consisted of many various types of apples such as Baldwin, Cortland, Elstar, Blenheim Orange, Gala, Braeburn, Golden Delicious, Cripps Pink', Empire, Fuji, Gravenstein, Jonagold, and Paula Red. Their house were made of half woods and half bricks, white fences, a… gold golem, green grass and a chronic depression maid, Miranda Lotto.

"Splendid! This place is utterly perfect for my whole 100 years pension after served the military for bout 30 years…" a brunet man, wearing a round spectacle spoke as his eyes wandered around the beautiful village scenery and his eyes then fall toward a half wooden house. He then looked toward a boy around eight years old, "Would you look at that, my boy." The brunet pointed the house as his hand grab the boy shoulder so he was close to him, "Those people inside that house will be our neighbor soon enough." He said.

The boy frowned, "How can we call them our neighbor when our soon to be house is one kilometer away?" he said.

The brunet sighed, began to crouched to the boy level, "Son, I know this is kinda hard-…"

"Ridiculous." The boy interrupted.

"Okay, it's ridiculous but you have to accept it or…" the brunet stop at the middle of the conversation, "You wanted to live with your uncle, surrounded with woman and have to get a job…" he said.

The boy gave the brunet a blunt look, "I wish he was dead in the first place for suggesting this moving idea."

"Oh my boy! Your uncle is utterly a genius person… but sadly he turn out to be an actor rather than being a professor." He said sadly.

While their were still talking bout some actor, Yosshii, Man-Eating Flowers and 'Skulls' drama… the owner of half wooden house, walk out and saw the brunet and the boy, "Hello!" he shouted from afar.

The brunet man heard the owner voice and hastily stood up, "Good day!" he replied. He then assisted the boy to follow him as he went toward the owner.

"You're new here?" the owner said and offered his hand, "Mana Walker." He said his name.

The brunet shook Mana hand, "Tiedoll. Froi Tiedoll, it's pleasantly to know you." He said and let go off his hand. "Yes, I'm new here and this is…" he led the boy to stand before Mana, "This is my youngest adopted son, Yuu Kanda."

"Humph!" Kanda averted his eyes away from Mana.

Tiedoll shook softly Kanda shoulder, "Now. Now Kanda, be nice to uncle Mana or do you want me to send you off to your uncle Cross?"

"Che." Kanda irritated slightly and bowed his head toward Mana, "Nice to meet you." He said as he raised his head back and averted his head away.

Mana sweat drops, "This man actually threatened his son? And-… wait? Did he say Cross?" he thought, "Err… excuse me, and did you happen to know Cross Marian?" Mana asked.

"Huh? Cross Marian?" Tiedoll said, "Well, yes… he was my half-brother… from different father."

"Is that so?" Mana smiled, "So you must be the nice person that he mentioned."

Tiedoll blushed and acted like a giddy-girl, "Did he? Aww… he such a sweet person…" which earned Mana and Kanda a sweat drops. "Just kidding." He said as he corrected his spectacle.

"Ahahahaha… well, he said that his nice half-brother and his brat son-…" he eyed toward Kanda, "I didn't say it on purpose… your uncle insisted me to call you that…"

Twitch. "Fine. I'll murder him next time I saw him." Kanda replied.

"He said that you and your son were planning to move here but he didn't mention your name or any other things…" Mana continued.

"Is that so? Well, we haven't decide yet but I think-…"

Suddenly, a silver haired girl around 5 years old dashed out from the front door, "Father! Father!" her long silver hair swayed a bit as she stopped in front of the door which it's not far from Mana, "Father! I-…" she suddenly realized the presence of the two guests before Mana and she quickly hide behind the door.

Mana looked toward the girl, "Allen?" he said.

Tiedoll adjusted his spectacle, "Oh my… what a cute little lady. Is she your daughter?" he asked.

"Well yes." Mana replied, "Allen. Allen Walker, come here…" he motioned his hand as he called his daughter.

Allen, obediently step out from her hiding place and went toward Mana, "Father. Father, who's these people?" she asked as she hugged Mana body, which she can only do around Mana thighs.

Mana lead his daughter so she was facing with Tiedoll and Kanda, "Don't worry, they're nice guy… not like that person, 'kay? And go introduce yourself…" he said.

"He-… hello… my name is… Allen Walker…" she stammered, "I am five years old…" she said and hastily bowed her head, "Nice to meet you all!" she exclaimed.

Tiedoll let out a chuckle, "Such a sweet girl." He commented Allen, "You must be quite lucky man to have a cute daughter like her."

"Well, I do!" Mana laughed.

"And, who's this that person you mentioned before?" Tiedoll asked.

Mana was sweating, "Well… that person was…"

Kanda grumbled, "Shit stupid Cross Marian, I'll kill him someday…"

Allen body was jolted and she quickly hid behind Mana, which are quite puzzled Tiedoll and Kanda.

"Why is she-…?" Tiedoll suddenly got an idea, "Don't tell me that person was… Cross."

Mana sighed, "Yes. It's him… it happen when he was delivering my daughter from my wife to me…"

"Gah!" Tiedoll exclaimed and quickly shook Mana shoulder, "What did he do to her?! What did he do to her?!" he panicked. "Oh lord! Don't tell me that…"

"Calm down Tiedoll! Calm down!" Mana said, "It's just a bad experience of being chased down by debt collector and they successfully ran away but still giving a chill toward her…" he explained.

Tiedoll let go off Mana, "Oh, is that so?"

"Cross Marian… he was utterly a madman…" Allen mumbled something behind Mana.

"I've decide!" Tiedoll suddenly shouted, "We'll move here!"

Kanda face were horrified, "Damn shit no…"

"Yes, my dear son!" Tiedoll replied and he dragged Kanda to face Allen, "So, start makes a friend right now or you'll regret…"

As Tiedoll shove Kanda body a bit, he was now standing in front of shivering Allen, who was doesn't intend to speak first. After few second later, Kanda started to get a little irritated toward Allen behavior, "Oi! Moyashi!" he exclaimed loudly.

Hearing the word 'moyashi' although doesn't fully understand what its mean, Allen bring her body toward Kanda, "I'm not moyashi! It's Allen! Allen Walker!" she exclaimed.

"Moyashi." Kanda said and it's clear that he wanted to annoy Allen.

"My name is Allen! Allen! A.L.L.E.N!!" she shouted.

Mana and Tiedoll sweat drops, "Oh boy, this is definitely a beginning of something amusing…" Tiedoll said, "Well Mana, we'll move at the house a kilometer away from here in next 24 hours."

"That was fast…" Mana said.

Tiedoll scratching his head, "Of course, we already pack our things and I'll make sure Daisya send here on the time."


-24 hours later-

"Shit… why do I have to carry this thing?" Daisya said as he carried at his back a… huge wardrobe make from pure rosewood inside the house from the truck. "God… is I'm going to die before I reach 30?" he mumbled.

"Hey! You want some help?" an unknown voice interrupted.

Daisya turned his head toward the source of the voice, only to saw a light brunet man with flax eyed colour, "Who are you?" he asked.

"My name is Reever Wenhamm, the future person in charge of Science Department that located at Dark Order town." The man introduced himself. "Who are you?"

"Me? I'm Daisya Barry. I work here as a butler served under Froi Tiedoll." Daisya replied. "And yes, I really need some help to carried off those things inside this house."

Reever thumb up, "No probs, in fact… I brought all my friends to help you all." He smiled.

"Hey!" a sudden group of people exclaimed from Reever behind.

Tiedoll leisurely came out from the house, with Kanda… of course, "Hmm? Daisya, that was fast… you're really a friendly type." He commented.

"Hello Mr. Tiedoll." A man with dark green hair, wearing a white hat and a small spectacle, "My name is Komui Lee." He introduced himself as he held a little girl in his arms, "And this is my sister, Lenalee Lee."

"Hi!" Lenalee cried in joy.

"Nice to know you Komui… Lenalee." He said with a smile on his face, "And this is my adopted son, Yuu Kanda." Tiedoll introduced.

"Che." Kanda averted his head away.

A redhead boy walked toward Kanda, "Hey! Don't 'che'-ed at Lenalee!" he growled, "Hi! My name is Lavi and the panda over there is my guardian, Bookman." Lavi pointed an old man known as Bookman, who was checking the furniture inside the truck using his thumb which later earned him hit by a vase that had been thrown by Bookman.

"Hoi!" a vampire-looking man ran toward them, holding a bouquet rose with him and beside him was a beautiful blonde woman, "Hope I'm not to late…" he said while panted, "Hello, my name is Arystar Krory, just call me Krory and this my bride-to-be, Eliade…"

The woman, known as Eliade smiled sweetly at Tiedoll, "How do you do?" she asked.

Tiedoll nodded, "Pleasantly to know you my dear."

"And this flower is for you…" Krory said as he handed the flower to Tiedoll and he thanked for it.

"And everyone seemed to forget about me…" a blue ghost suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

"GAHHHHH!!" everyone exclaimed.

The blue ghost went toward Tiedoll, "No need to be scared… my name is 65 and I work at Science Department."

Tiedoll were only can sweat drops, "Err… nice to meet you?"

"Hey! Don't scare the newcomer like that!" a dark haired man, wearing a police uniform exclaimed toward the group, "Good to see you Froi Tiedoll. My name is Officer Suman Dark and if you need anything, considered to make a call at Police Department." He said.

"And do send your child to school near here." An old man stood beside Suman, "My name is Kevin Yeegar and I'm a teacher."

Animated flowers were now surrounded Tiedoll, "Of course! Please do whatever you want with him…" he smiled.

"Hmm… where are others?" Reever asked.

"They're busy, pay no attention to them." Komui said.

"What did you say?" a brunette suddenly appeared beside Komui, "Pay no attention to me? What's that suppose to be, huh?!" she growled angrily.

"Ah! Ash…" Lenalee called the brunette name.

Tiedoll move toward the girl, "And who might you be?" he asked.

The brunette girl gave him a sweet smile, "Hello! My name is Ashelia Flamenschwert! Do call me Ashelia!" she said.

"Ashley?" Tiedoll called.

Twitch. "It's Ashelia." She replied.

Suman hastily held Ashelia and carried her in his arms, "Okay. Okay. Shows over! Go back to work!" he exclaimed.

Tiedoll began to approach Suman, "I need to ask you a question…" he asked.

"What's it?"

"How old are you anyway? You're awfully too young to be a police." Tiedoll said.

Suman sighed, "'Kay, the truth I'm 18 years old. Any questions?" he asked.

"Hmm… nope. No and nope… nothing." Tiedoll replied.

"Right, so get back to work." With that, Suman walk toward the truck and placed Ashelia down so he can help along with others move the furniture inside the house.

"Oh… I have such kind friendly neighbor here…" Tiedoll mumbled happily.


-5 months later-

Yuu Kanda walked toward his home with some irritated expression on his face while holding two bags full of items, "Dammit! Why can't he just let Marie do all the groceries?!" he exclaimed, never realized that he actually passed Walker's house until he heard a shouting from the front yard.

"Allen! Don't moves or the needle will prick you!!" a feminine yet energetic female voice shouted from the front yard.

"But Ashelia… I'm tired of standing…" a familiar voice replied.

Kanda hastily turned his head toward the voice, only to see the moyashi, three girls; one is brunet and the other two had a black hair and the previous red haired boy. "Is that… moyashi?" he thought, before his presence being sensed by the red haired boy.

"Oi! Kanda!" the red haired boy shouted, "Come and hangout here for awhile!"

"Kanda! Kanda!" one of the black haired girls shouted.

"Che." Kanda, whose no intend to waste his precious time, unwillingly went toward the group.

"Yo! Kanda!" the brunet girl, which previously known as Ashelia greeted him, "Did you prepare for the wedding?" she asked.

Kanda raised his eyebrow, "What wedding?"

Ashelia backed away a bit her head, "Eh? You didn't know? Krory and Eliade's wedding is next week, you know!" she explained.

"It's not my wedding so why would I be bother to?" Kanda replied.

The red haired boy went toward Kanda, "Tch. Tch… Kanda, didn't you know that wedding is all women dreams?" he said.

"No." Kanda said in sarcasm.

"Hell! Which planet did you came from anyway?" the red haired boy exclaimed.

Kanda avert his head away from looking toward the boy, "It's not your business, rabbit!"

Twitch. "I'm NOT rabbit! It's Lavi, dammit!" the red haired boy exclaimed.

"Oww… knock it off you two!" Ashelia interrupted, "Hey Kanda! Are you interested of being the page boy?" she asked.

"No. not interested." He said.

"Oh, come on Kanda!" Lavi said as he threw both of his hand behind his head, "At least your partner is whether Ashelia or Allen… mine is Lenalee!" he said.

Ashelia move make a one step forward, "No. I don't plan to went to the wedding if I actually find my replacement…" she said, "If Kanda doesn't want to… then I had no other choices but to be Allen partner…"

"Err?!" Allen, Lenalee and Lavi shouted altogether, "Ashelia! Did you intend to go back to the city?" Lenalee asked.

"Hmm…" she sighed, "I can't stay here to long cause my mother and father will definitely don't like it…" Ashelia said.

"Talking about 'stay'… I'm also gonna leave somewhere soon." Lavi interrupted.

"Lavi! Not you too!" Lenalee shouted, "How long the next trip does go?" she asked.

Lavi put his thinking pose, "Maybe two or three months…" he said.

"Anyway… let me finish Allen gown first…" Ashelia said as she took out a needle from the box that laid on the stair in front of the front door, "And Miranda, did you finished sewing you dress?" she asked, eyed toward the black haired girl who sat on one of the two step of stairs, sewing a yellow dress in her hand.

"Just a little bit more till it finish." Miranda replied.

Ashelia then looked toward Allen, "Okay Allen sweetheart, be a nice little girl or do you want big sis Ash eat you when you were asleep tonight…" she said as she showed her scariest face at Allen.

Allen gulped, before began to cry loudly, which Miranda later comforted her by holding her in her arms. "Ahh! Ashelia! You make Allen cry again!" Lavi shouted as he held both of his ears.

"I just feel like making her cry again, that's all." She simply replied and then pointed at Kanda using her index finger, "Yuu Kanda! I command you to replace me at the wedding instantly or-…"

Kanda interrupted, "Or what?"

"You will be destined to get married with Allen Walker whether you like it or not!" Ashelia said.

"Che." Kanda then cursed something under his breath.

"Uww… a curse!" Lavi said.

"And plus, I'm older than you a year… making me 9 years old and you're 8 years old… same like ol' Lavi…" Ashelia added more.

"Shuddup!" Kanda exclaimed, irritating with Ashelia actions.

"Lenalee is 6 years old and Allen is 5 years old!" Lenalee exclaimed suddenly.

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