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Yugi:Eh, I-is she ok...?


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Seto:Mutt, we're not THAT lucky...

Fluffy: NANI?! -whining-

Jou: Wha'd ya call me?!

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Seto: ...

Jou: ...

Yugi: umm...

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"Fuck you!" Jounouchi yelled to the taller boy while taking a step closer. Honda, Anzu and a few others that were gathered around physically cringed at his poor choice of words. The chestnut haired other merely smirked, "I have somewhere to be now, Mutt. Ask again later..." the blond only blinked at the response, he didn't quite get what moneybags meant by that. Honda slapped a hand over his face, Jou was in for a nice dose of humiliation, Seto Kaiba style. The shortest boy of the group blushed, he felt bad for his friend, digging himself in a deep hole. Yugi knew Jounouchi needed some help to get out of this one, but that would only be at the expense of his pride. There for if he tried to help him out he'd only manage to make it much worst for the other blond.

Yugi could see it clearly, he'd try to bail him out and Kaiba would end up mocking him and Jou about how he had to hold the 'Mutt's' hand for him to manage anything. About how he could never doing anything for himself and how he needed Yugi to lead the way for him. Yugi shook his head at the mental image, he didn't want that.

After a few more minutes of standing there in silence, Jounouchi was registering what had happened and what the smart ass answer from Kaiba had meant. While he was figuring this out, the others were left to their own thoughts. Yugi's still on how his friend would get himself out of this one, and how it would all end. Honda, Anzu, and the other's that were gathered around were similar to this. Anzu wondering how much longer till Jou figured the little 'joke' out and why boys liked to fight so much. Worrying over their oh so frail important pride and always needing an ego inflation, it seemed pretty childish to her. Honda's thoughts were something of who would crack first, who'd win this spat. Though he knew pretty well, Kaiba Seto would.

"What da hell?!" Jounouchi brought them back from their own thoughts.

"Record timing, Mutt." the young CEO was quick to answer but sounding to casual and even impassive, or was that bored, for Jou's taste. "Ha!!" the blond answered not missing a beat "It wasn a question, Kaiba!" his voice stayed level, and he commended himself on it's nice impassive sound. Though truthfully, he was nervous as hell! His earlier screw up had him blushing slightly, he only hoped he was covering it well.

"Hmm, then your demanding it then? or rather..." he stated also not missing a beat.

Jounouchi tripped, figuratively, taking the necessary time to understand what exactly that meant. It didn't take him long, "Hell no!! Kuso...I" Kuso-kuso-kuso-kuso!!He didn't know what to say to that, he was thinking so hard on it his head hurt now. That was it, this wasn't working. Time to go back and rely on gut instinct, "Why d'a hell wou' I wan' ta?!"

The blond's face started heating up as the next words sprouted out of his mouth on their own, "Ya know-ya need a good fuck!! Kaiba, maybe then ya won't be such an ass all d'a time!! Seriously man, get laid..."

Silence fallowed those words. Yugi stood staring, open mouthed at his blond friend. Anzu, stared as well, her jaw slacked at the words her friend had nearly yelled. Honda gaped, though he was the quickest to recover, smirking at Jou's use of vulgar words. The blond, that was so well known as a total moron, was deserving of a pat on ther back. Honda saw this, he'd put Kaiba into a corner, with no escape. Jounouchi had finally done it.

"Perhaps..." was the blue eyed dragon, known as Kaiba Seto's, only answer. Coming so quiet few, if anyone heard. A smirk then graced his features, that wasn't the end of that. Oh not by a long shot.

"Kaiba..." Jou spoke up, Iie I did'n mean dat..I'm sorry.Though he couldn't find the latter words, it was Kaiba whom he'd insulted. So-well even if he was a ' cold, heartless bastard' as so many claimed (Honda more of) words like that...

While the blond, Jounouchi, thought this, Kaiba was left to his own much different thoughts.

Why did his Mutt have to be so damned stubborn?

He could be so naive, subtle hints thrown here and there and yet the Mutt didn't catch on in the least. He was so idiotic at times, it nearly drove him insane! Erotic rather...He nearly growled out loud at that.

He didn't need to be thinking of that right now, he was pissed! Stupid Mutt, saying something like that. Most of the school had been there too, well maybe not most but there had be quite a few people. That sure as hell wasn't good for his image, unlike the stupid Mutt he Kaiba Seto had a reputation to worry about. Some screw up like that couldn't be allowed. But it had happened and there had been witnesses. Word of what had happened, Jounouchi Katsuya had told off Kaiba Seto telling him such a thing, it'd spread quickly. Like wild fire everyone one would soon know of Kaiba Seto's 'defeat' at the Mutt's hands.

He couldn't let that be the end of it, no, he wasn't done with his stupid Mutt yet. Not by a long shot, he'd have his revenge!

What' da hell?The blond wondered just what was he thinking to say something like that. Did it really matter to whom he'd said it? Rather Kaiba than Yugi, or Anzu than Honda.

That wasn't exactly fair to say something like that, "Why d'a hell wou' I wan'ta?" His own words rang clearly in his head."Kaiba, maybe then ya won' be such an ass all d'a time! Seriously man, get laid..."He cringed at remembering the crule words, he'd never meant to say things like that. But Kaiba had a way of making all sense of thought or anything remotely similar fly out the door whenever he so pleased. He did so all the time with Jou, and was able to leave many others quaking in fear.

He wasn't able to control the words that came flooding out, he didn't want to say something like that. No matter how much 'he didn't like Kaiba' he didn't want to say something that was so cruel and would undoubtedly cause problems for the young CEO. Or anything close to that for that matter.

This was Kaiba's fault, he decided. It was all because he'd gone and provoked him, because he liked to piss him off. All because of Seto Kaiba, it was his own fault. Now he'd have to clean the mess he'd made, even if he blamed Jounouchi for it he'd have to clean it up. Jou wouldn't stand for being blamed for this, he knew clearly well it wasn't his fault!

Idly though he wondered if anyone except Kaiba would blame him for anything that happened next. Also what of the rumours and anyhting that would surface after this.

He was vaguely sure, Yugi wouldnt' blame him, claim it simply an accident, there for it not being any one person's fault. Honda, would probably blame it on Kaiba and even say Jou did a great job of shutting up the rich bastard. Bakura, probably wouldn't even have a opinion in the matter. Anzu...he wasn't really sure, but would probably be somewhere along the lines of "that was way out of line" "you shouldn't say stuff like that to someone, no matter how angry you are" Silently Yugi'd agree.

Truthfully Jou agreed, he really didn't mean to. There for rather it was his fault or not, he'd done it. He had been the one to say it, and he felt really guilty for it.

Silently he looked over toward his friends, none had moved from their spot. Maybe they were all disappointed in him, maybe he was wrong. Was he to blame, did he loose their trust? Those words had been really crule. He felt really sorry about it, and the real trouble hadn't even begun.

Turning his gaze away form them, he suddenly realized. Maybe it wasn't that, maybe it was because the storm wasn't over yet! As predicted, Kaiba hadn't moved, standing silent and still. As if he was also waiting for something.

Jou blinked, taking a minute to register what he'd gathered. Kaiba hadn't left yet, meaning...He couldn't finish the thought, he didn't have a clue why he would still be here. Unless...he wasn't through yet, that wouldn't suprise Jounouchi he wouldn't except defeat that easy. It'd surprise Jou if he'd given up and left that easily.

Blinking he continued to watch the man standing a few feet away, not within touching distance, but close enough for Jou. He wondered what exactly he was waiting on, his friends as well, everyone one seemed to be standing silent waiting. Then it hit him, he'd spoken, he'd started to talk then had trailed off. "Kaiba.." he had been wanting to apologize for saying what he had. But he'd never finished the sentence, so they were all waiting for him to finish?

It was a strange thought and for a minute Jounouchi thought he might burst into a laughter right there. But that would be serious horrible timing, considering everything that'd just happened. It would no doubt be took the wrong way, he'd be accused of mocking the great Seto Kaiba! He didn't really want that. Noticing he'd gained a amused smirk on his face as if about to laugh he quickly cleared it away. Hoping no one had seen his troublesome amusement, he wasn't so lucky.

"Amused are we, Mutt?" the blue eyed CEO spoke up, irritation tinting his voice but boredom graced his features. He was notably good looking, his deep icy blue eyes narrowed with boredom and possible slight irritation. Chestnut brown hair framed his perfectly shaped face, the curves of each cheek fit him well. Along with his nose shaped to fit in perfectly with his..well 'perfect' face, gorgeous, perfect being the words that fit him best. Then there was the drawing an edged line of a set jaw, set unmoving showing the dragon's determination. His jaw line dipping into connect with his neck, slim and perfect for his body. After came his broad shoulders that ran smoothly from his neck before flowing into two different directions. One to his long, strong, muscular arms. The other to his broad chiseled ch...

Jounouchi snapped himself out of his intense gaze or more of his scrutinizing of the older teen. He wasn't too sure of, or didn't want to believe, what he had been thinking but he knew now wasn't the time, or the place. Almost shaking his head at the last thought, he fought to keep his attention directed at the problem and fight at hand. He didn't need weird thoughts running a muck in his head right now.

"Maybe a' lil..ya don' have anythin smart ass to say, huh?" he smirked, proud he'd pulled of such a witty reply, and had sounded so cool saying it.

The older teen looked slightly exasperated, "You wish for that then?" Jou was taken back at the simplicity of the answer, was that it?

"Well, I believe one only claims someone else is in need of 'getting laid' because, they themselves haven't been in a while. Or perhaps haven't ever been at they are in need of...sexual relief. So in doing so, yelling at other's about how 'they need to get laid' they actually are yelling about how sad and pathetic they are for not being able to find someone to do. They are whining about needing a good fuck, or perhaps their just tired of being a virgin. Such as yourself...Mutt." as he said this whole speech his voice remained impassive, and somewhat bored.

Jouonuchi blinked back in surprise, had Kaiba-Kaiba Seto just said 'fuck' and 'getting laid'? Biting his bottom lip to stop from bursting in laughter, Jou fought to keep a strait face. "Well..." he started, ready to give his awesome come back to the rich brat. But tripped, again...

"Nan?...Wha' da hell?!"

Kaiba gave a bit of a smirk, as the Mutt gave the exact reaction that he had predicted.

"What da fuck does dat mean?!" Jou hissed, vaguely aware there was some little trap Kaiba had set for him. But at the moment he didn't really care.

"Exactly that really..." came the snide reply.

Jounouchi felt his face heat up, Kaiba was just trying to confuse him and he didn't plan on letting him get that satisfaction. He took a step closer, "If ya wanna get some dat bad why dont' cha just buy it like ya have ta every thing else?" it was harsh but Jou refused to trip a third time.

"I never really said Iwanted any.." Kaiba didn't miss a beat.

"Yeah, well thought dat's what ya were tryin ta get at.." neither did Jounouchi.

"Then your obviously wrong, Pup..." he took his turn with ease.

"Was I?" Jou countered, ignoring the 'Pup' comment.


"Re-e-ally? I don't think so, Kaiba!"

"Well, what you thinkdoesn't really add up to much, now does it?" he answered his voice sounding too bored for Jou's taste.

"Are ya tryin ta change da subject?"


"Cuz ya know..." he almost tripped.


"Ya trying ta piss me off?!" Jou hissed stepping closer, ready to fight psychically if he had to.

"Trying? Well, in answer to your earlier question...I meant you, Mutt." he stated dryly, keeping his bored expression. Though, he wasn't feeling very bored anymore, the puppy could be so entertaining at times.He smirked, he knew what was next.

"Kaiba!" Jou hissed leaping forward, he grabbed for the older teen's shirt. Kaiba side stepped, but Jou brought his fist up to the side. Predicting Kaiba's step, but the blue eyed teen was still ahead and caught his arm easily. Yanking Jou's arm outward he was interrupted by the blond's next attack. Jou swung his free arm around, bringing it back intending for his elbow to collide with the older teen's stomach or chest area.

Smirking Kaiba easily foiled the plan, catching Jou's other arm he tugged both arms back and behind the blond's back. Jou wriggled in his grasp, but Kaiba simply smirked at his futile attempt to escape. Twisting his arms, Jou gripped Kaiba's uniform sleeves and yanked. Then quickly grabbed at the older teens arms, successfully capturing them he pulled them both forward.

Kaiba's eyes widened slightly at the sudden contact and almost embrace. It took Jou another second to register just how close to the older teen he was, his cheeks slowly gathered color. A smirk formed on the young CEO's lips. Tugging his arms back, they met with the blond's chest or stomach area, he wasn't all too sure which but he guessed it was somewhere in between. The shorter teen's back pressed against the older's midsection.

Jou hissed softly. Seto took advantage of the blond teen's suprise and recaptured his arms, holding the younger teen still of any attempts to escape the hold.

The owner of the Red Eyes B Dragon gave another hiss. "K-Kaiba?!"when he wasn't presented with answer he growled, annoyed. Tugging half heartily at his arms, Jou struggled to look over his shoulder a the CEO behind him. Gasping and nearly fainting at the site that greeted his chocolate eyes. Seto was still very close to the blond, with his arms wrapped around his thin muscular body, holding his arms to his own chest. Their faces not even inches apart, Jou's cheek nearly collided with the older teen's lips.

Jounouchi fought back a shiver as warm breath caressed his reddening cheek.

To Be Continued...

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