Well, one of my friends sent me one of those annoying chain-mail things that go around quite frequently and I read it and this time, I straight away thought, 'Hey! I could write a set of drabbles for this!' And here they are!

All different Kel/pairings – because as StarriWonder once pointed out, I'm a Kel-fanatic. Fluff abounds. (cringe) Not very developed... mainly because it's (cough) ick (cough) fluff.

9 Sure-Fire Ways of Understanding Boys

1. Kiss on the hand: I adore you


As Keladry of Mindelan walked down the aisle on the arm of her father, Neal forgot all his apprehension and simply stared in awe. Never before had his love looked so radiant, so effulgent, so beautiful, so... Mithros! Words couldn't even begin to describe her appearance on this blessed day of matrimony.

The flower girls led the way down, throwing rose petals and rice in the air, skipping as they smiled and giggled, hugging their Uncle Neal when standing beside him. He cast a fond glance down at them – one was a Queenscove child, the other a Mindelan (Kel's niece), but they already got along like a house on fire. And all because of his darling Protector.

When she reached the alter, her cheeks flushed the loveliest of pink as he bowed low, delicately brushing his lips against her hand. The wedding guests all sighed – the Lady Knight was so lucky! It was clear to all how much her soon-to-be husband adored her.

Über short, I know. But, as I said. DRABBLE. Therefore, I was aiming for something under 200 words. Please review!