9 Sure-Fire Ways of Understanding Boys

9. Hand on your waist: I love you too much to let you go


"Ma, are you sure about this?"

There was a pause as the woman in question turned to look at the mirror. The skirts of her dress rustled with the movement. Smoothing down the silky fabric with nervous hands, she nodded. "I... yes, I am." A faint flush appeared on her cheeks but she smiled, a wondering expression flitting across her face for a bare second before she turned once more. "Tobe... is my father ready?"

"Ready as he'll ever be, so he says." Her young charge grinned crookedly. "Are you?"

"Didn't you just ask me that?" Keladry retorted, smiling at the boy affectionately.

"Yes... well, y'know – you don't have to go through with it, ma; not if you don't want to." He smiled at her innocently.

The lady knight rolled her eyes. "Well Tobeis, as it so happens, I rather like this fellow and he seems to feel the same way about me. Now, wish your mother luck."

She held her arms out towards her adoptive son and the two hugged for a moment, holding tight as they each drew comfort from the other. He rested his head on her shoulder and his arms around her waist as he murmured a silent prayer and blessing for his mother.

After all, she was getting married today.

And there you have it. The end. Feel free to draw your own conclusions as to who the groom is, and do let me know if you have any interesting theories surrounding the topic. I'm not so proud of this series... I'm well aware that it leaves much to be desired. Despite that, it's staying, if only to serve as a reminder that I have to keep working to improve. Don't forget to review!

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- Khadeejah, 18/01/2011