Hey guys, new story. So I was talking to my dad the other day and I realised just how similar Robin Hood is to the adventures of Sinbad so I decided to write a cross-over story about it. And due to silly people who comment if you don't add a disclaimer - I don't own either Robin Hood or the adventures of Sinbad - duh lol. Anywho, Hope you all enjoy it :D


"So what does this Sheriff want us for anyway

"So what does this Sheriff want us for anyway?" questioned Maeve as they strolled along the dirt track towards their destination.

"Oh no, don't start this again" growled Doubar. "You're going to suggest that he's asked us there so that we can perform some task for him. Can't you ever just leave it as he wants to be in the presence of the legendary Sinbad?"

"I was right last time wasn't I?" she countered.

It had all started out agreeably enough with a letter from some Sheriff of a far off land wanting to meet the legendary hero to lighten the spirits of the people in his shire, and after weeks at sea and his crew in need of a break Sinbad hadn't seen any reason to object.

"Even if Maeve is right again" inserted Sinbad before his brother could retaliate. "It doesn't mean we can't enjoy the food, wine and... dare I say it women anyway" Doubar's mood instantly shifted with the mention of his three favourite past times whilst Maeve just rolled her eyes.

"Don't worry Maeve, I'm sure they'll be very attractive women" he jibed at her as she glared at him before she let a little smirk show.

"There's no need to be jealous Sinbad, I'm sure at least one of the less pretty looking girls might take a liking to you" she smiled as Sinbad stood gasping at her and the rest of the crew just laughed.

"Stop right where you are" called a mysteriously hidden man as arrows flew to the ground in front of the sailors. Looking around Sinbad tried to see where they were coming from but the forest they were walking through worked rather well at hindering his process, but he needn't have worried as 5 men appeared aiming there arrows at the crew who stood bunched in the middle of the road.

"This" grinned the man to his right, wearing some kind of cloth on his head. "Is an ambush"

"Here's how it goes" continued what appeared to be the leader.

"Yes" interrupted Sinbad getting bored easily and not liking being mocked. "We know how ambushes work thank you, so I'll save you the trouble. We have nothing of value for you to take so you can let us be on our way now" And with that he started walking forward only to have two arrows fired at him by the leader.

"Don't you know it's rude to interrupt" he smirked.

"I'm sorry, I must have gotten bored" smirked Sinbad going back to stand by his crew. "Please, continue"

The leader glared at him. "Fine, maybe we should teach you a thing or two about manors first" he retorted signalling his gang, and with that they charged at the sailors.

Drawing their swords the crew of the Nomad met the outlaws head on with just as much energy and skill as them. Maeve was quite overjoyed to find herself up against the big man with a staff but was annoyed to notice him holding back. Looking to her left she noticed that one of the outlaws had apparently been a woman and that Doubar, who was trying to go easy on her, was actually struggling to keep his ground. Maeve rolled her eyes, 'men' she mumbled before kicking and winding her opponent and calling to Doubar.

"We may as well swap, maybe I'll actually get a descent fight" she justified as the other woman seemed to agree and waited for the switch.

"Men eh?" laughed Maeve when she reached the other woman.

"Tell me about it" she laughed back before returning to her fighting stance and the two women joined in the fight again.

It was clear that the skills of each outlaw matched those of the sailors equally with nobody getting the upper hand at any point. Just when it seemed to be getting pointless a shrill cry was heard from above them.

"Just WHAT is going on here?" cried a female voice stopping the outlaw leader in his tracks allowing Sinbad to get a punch in before also stopping and looking at the well dressed lady in front of him.

"What we always do" the leader replied, rolling his eyes. "Performing an ambush" causing the girl to laugh.

"Do these people look like they carry anything of value Robin?"

"We did tell him that my lady but he wouldn't listen" smiled Sinbad as Robin scowled at him. "But may I ask what a beautiful lady is doing associating with common thieves?" he continued as Maeve rolled her eyes.

"Thieves?" asked Marian before laughing. "I see they didn't even take the time to introduce themselves. Robin did you lose all sense of manors"

"I was going to but he interrupted" Robin almost pouted before noticing the sailor smirking out of the corner of his eye. Composing himself he turned to said sailor with a smug and said in a grand voice:

"I am Robin Hood"