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"So your dad was a physician?" asked Firouz.

"Yes, he was the one who taught me"

"That's incredible. You know I'm a physician, I pretty much had to train myself though, in between my inventions"

"You're an inventor?" she asked curiously as he nodded proudly.

"Here" he said holding out his magnescope for her to look through. Wondering what she'd see she hadn't realised she had it directed at Will until she got a very close up view of his person. Taking it away from her eye quickly and trying to hide her blush she smiled at Firouz.

"This is amazing" she grinned before turning back to Will. "Will, come and see what Firouz made" she grinned. Will couldn't help but smile at her as he put down his work and walked towards the pair. Handing him the magnescope she ordered him to look through it, not realising she had aimed it at her breasts until he had hurriedly handed it back to her assuring her it was amazing, but that only caused him to blush more.

"You know" smiled Djaq to Firouz. "Will constructed this entire hideout"

"Really?" questioned Firouz astonished as Will looked highly pleased that Djaq was showing off his work. "This is amazing craftsmanship, and this lever system is genius"

"He's really talented, he's always inventing new things to aid us, as I'm sure you do for your crew" she smiled as Will tried to hide his deep red cheeks. Much, Marian, Doubar and Sinbad meanwhile, who had been watching them were silently laughing. Robin however decided to take pity on his youngest member.

"Will, Allan, can you go get some firewood for me please" causing Will to shoot him a grateful smile and Allan to grumble that he was just getting to know Maeve.

"So how long have you two been together?" asked Maeve as she joined the group.

"Well, we knew each other as children" smiled Marian.

"And before Marian divulges into the entire story we'll leave it as that" interrupted Robin, causing Marian to pout and the rest to laugh.

"He's only saying that because we're not actually together" she smirks before going with Much to start the cooking.

"Well we basically are" grins Robin.

"Well so are these two but they wouldn't agree with that" grinned Doubar as Maeve glared.

"For the last time give it a rest" growls Maeve. "I warned you I'd fry you if you said anything like that again"

"But you two make such a cute couple" grinned Robin without realising the danger he was in as Sinbad and Doubar frantically tried to tell him to stop. "I mean it's obvious that you're just using Allan to try and make him jealous and it's obvious you're succeeding and..."

But before he could even mutter another word he found himself gagged and tied to a tree in his under wrappings.

"We tried to warn you" grinned Sinbad as he and Doubar laughed causing everyone to look over resulting in Firouz and Rongar rolling their eyes, Djaq looking away quickly and Marian turning a deep shade of red.

"Hm, wondered why that spell would come in handy" she smiled before looking over at the laughing Sinbad. "Although I always assumed I'd have to use it on you" she smiled innocently at him as he started coughing and Doubar laughed harder.

"You're a wi..." started Little John but before he even had chance to finish his sentence Sinbad had covered his mouth.

"She's a sorceress" he insisted. "A SORCERESS" Little John nodded in understanding as Sinbad let go. "And she's a good sorceress at that"

"But I thought magic was just a myth" commented Djaq.

"Want some proof?" asked Maeve before grinning evilly at Sinbad.

"Please say no, please say no, please say no" chanted Sinbad pleadingly.

"Ok" grinned Djaq causing Sinbad to run behind Doubar.

"Sinbad, Sinbad, Sinbad" tutted Maeve as Doubar grinned and stepped to the side. "I thought you loved it when I did magic?"

"Traitor" muttered Sinbad to Doubar as he cringed and waited.

Maeve grinned and walked over to Djaq. "What do you suggest?"

Djaq paused in thought and then grinned and whispered in Maeve's ear.

Will and Allan returned just in time to witness Sinbad's clothes change into the tell tale leather outfit of a pirate. However Djaq and Maeve's plan backfired when all they could do was stand and gape at the tight fitting clothes and his muscular chest that was now on show. Robin was annoyed to see that even Marian seemed obsessed with this guy and looked over to notice a saddened look on Will's face. However unlike Marian and Maeve who could not stop staring at the captain, as soon as she realised Will had returned, Djaq spun around to smile at him causing Will to relax and smile back. Then looking over at Allan couldn't help but laugh at the gaze on Allan's face as he too set eyes on the captain.

For his part the captain looked absolutely embarrassed and when he realised they weren't going to stop he ran behind some trees and hoped they'd snap out of it, which thankfully they did.

"Right" muttered Maeve shaking her head. "Lets try something else to get that image out of our minds" and with another flick of her wrist Sinbad re-appeared wearing the uniform of a court jester.

"That's more like it" she grinned as everyone laughed. "Yea yea, very funny Maeve, now can I have my old clothes back please?"

Grinning Maeve complied and Sinbad was relieved to be back in his old clothes again.

"Allan" he called suddenly. "You are welcome to her" he glared at Maeve. "But don't think your getting away that easily missy. I will find a way to get you back, mark my words" and with that he walked over to have a private conversation with Doubar about how much that woman aggravated him.

"Are you sure that was wise?" asked Djaq quietly as she walked over to Maeve.

"Oh don't worry, it's an ongoing thing we have. Don't you and your husband have the same thing?"

"Husband?" asked Djaq slightly shocked.

"Boyfriend?" Tried Maeve again.

"Who?" asked Djaq, completely lost with what Maeve was implying.

"You know, the guy you're always making moon eyes over, him" she pointed to Will who was stood helping Much with the fire.

"Will?" Djaq asked incredulously. "Me and Will are friends"

"Ok, but you like him" grinned Maeve as Djaq's cheeks turned pink.

"Just friends" she tried again, ignoring the fluttering feeling inside her. "Like you and Sinbad" she grinned as it was Maeve's turn to blush.

"Now I know you like him" grinned Maeve as Djaq's face fell.

"But I thought you said you didn't like Sinbad"

"I don't but everyone assumes I do so by you using me as an example, you were implying that you liked Will"

Djaq's head spun trying to follow that logic before giving up. "You like Sinbad" she stated. "Whether you'll admit it to yourself or not, we can all see it and I bet even you can, your just afraid of being hurt"

"And you?" responded Maeve without denying or confirming the statement. "Are you afraid?"

"Maybe I am without realising it" smiled Djaq. "In my mind Will and I ARE just friends, and unless it admits otherwise I will never believe you"

"Well one day it will and then you can be stuck with the fear until he decides to ask you out, which judging by his shy attitude would be years, so lets hope you never realise your heart" grinned Maeve again as Djaq gave up on following any of this woman's logic.

"Um guys" said a pleading voice. "Can some one PLEASE let me down and give me my clothes back"


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