A Haku X fem Sasuke X Gaara fiction.

This is my third female Sasu fic.

My Sakura fics are all still on hold, and hopefully soon I would get to update the other fem Sasuke fics and the fem Kakashi fic as well.

She'd been here for two days, held captive in a small, damp, cold cell. She had been detained for wandering near their borders, a suspicious character that possessed no headband that affiliates her to any hidden village or official documents that granted her access to poke around their territory.

Her reason for being there was Itachi, naturally, with the intention of following a lead on his whereabouts. The source was not clear on the facts, only claimed that Akatsuki were spotted near Kirigakure's border, and any lead to Akatsuki, she will follow.

In her blind charge she had moved ahead too fast and Hebi was unintentionally left behind. Who knew where the three were right now, but she thougth that perhaps it was better this way. It would be easier to escape alone than with a group.

The door to her windowless cell opened and the man that opened it commanded her to step out.

Chains that were thick and heavy were immediately placed on her wrists to prevent escape. Not that she couldn't have done so on normal circumstances. She'd been drugged since the first day and had cursed herself a thousand times for her carelessness. Her steps were unsteady as they made their way to who-knows-where.

A hand clutched her arm, large and unrelenting, brutal enough to cause pain and leave marks on her easily bruised skin. The soldier who was tall and burly, not to mention ugly, pulled her harshly. She fell over many times but he managed to pull her up roughly before her knees could touch the ground. He dragged her out of jail, then toward a road that led to a tall, white tower.

Thoughts to murder the man already plagued her mind, but she restrained herself. Not yet. It was not wise to combat with a weak body. She would have to bide her time, to either wait for the most opportune moment to get away, or stick around until they decide to release her. The latter option, however, was a highly unlikely one.

And then there would be a likelihood of a death warrant. If they found out who she was, there was no doubt she'll be dead. This was not a friendly village. She doubted these people's decency, that their behavior would not conform to what is the commonly acceptable standard of other village such as Konoha.

This violent and cruel place bred ruthless and cruel killers. They show no mercy to their own people and most certainly would they not give what little compassion they have to outsiders like her.

She would not die here, or anywhere at all until she kills her brother. To die with her goal unaccomplished would be to have lived worthless years with only grief and anger, sense of loss and isolation, with nothing but death and murder to accompany her. She survived this far, waking everyday to face a living nightmare. She would not die here.

She did not notice their arrival at their intended destination. The double doors opened slowly, the shinobi who opened it stepped aside to let them enter, and she was dragged again inside the dark room, stopping at the very middle.

A desk was before them, with a figure sitting behind, the unlit room did not allow her to see his features. It didn't help that behind him were windows that started two feet off the wooden floor, reaching at least ten feet high. The gloomy afternoon provided only enough light to see a little of his left eye, cheek, and the corner of his lips.

A flash of lightning lit the sky, followed by a roll of loud thunder. For a moment she saw him, met his eyes. It was just a glimpse, but it had been enough for her to see, and recognize the face that was looking at her. She could be wrong. She hoped she was.

He was someone she hadn't seen in years. Someone she shouldn't even be seeing. She had witnessed this person die, but he was very alive right now before her eyes. She suspects that it was only a brief illusion that might be an effect of the drugs in her system.

Three years she had been kept away from the rest of the world, only seeing it again on rare missions or during the occasional travel from one hideout to another that was far from entering Kirigakure's border. The next four years after were spent with almost-aimless wander. She was already nineteen years old, in her opinion old enough to have stopped believing in ghosts.

She was slightly afraid. Maybe of him, maybe not. She did not know why. Even though she could not see his eyes she could tell that he was still watching her.

He did not look like what she'd imagined him to be. He was still stunning. Appearance more of a man now with his height and strong build that was obvious even from the loose robes, but he retained enough feminine features to be called beautiful. He reminded her a little of Itachi, who was as physically effeminate as he yet still manly. Maybe the fear was because of that semblance, but she told herself otherwise.

It surprised her, what he wore and where he sat, white robes she'd seen only on the chosen strongest of every country, and the front of the desk he sat behind on was carved with a symbol that displayed he was.

"Mizukage-sama. This girl was seen wandering—" Through her surprise, she managed to curse the shinobi speaking. "—around our borders. We suspect she may be a missing-nin." The shinobi along with his companions kneeled on one knee as he said this. She was forced on both her knees with a kick to the back. She did not join them as they bowed their heads. Her surprise finally turned to suspicion to the man they call their kage.

"I see." The voice was deep, soft, would have brought chills to normal women. Not her, maybe because she wasn't entirely listening, or maybe because she wasn't any normal woman. She denied the familiarity of the voice, denied his existence, denied what she was seeing. It definitely must be the drug.

He watched her, careful and confident, his mysterious eyes gleaming with unreadable intent. Wind blew through the open window, feeling a little wet from the sudden rain— which reminded her of her condition, drenched and cold from their short journey from the cell to there. Her eyes focused momentarily on long brown locks that danced with the air, and she hardly felt the tickle of her own locks on her cheek and mouth.

"Remove her chains and leave us." His lips hardly moved yet his voice was clear and powerful.

"But… Mizukage-sama! This girl… She may be dangerous! We—" The captain immediately turned silent when the gaze directed to him. He was terrified, far more than her, supporting her conviction that men are such cowards.

"I-I understand." The shinobi who pocketed the key hurriedly kneeled next to her, unlocking the chains and it fell with loud clangs and thuds down the wooden floor. Another bow from them in their still-kneeling position and the shinobi fled from the room. She remained on the ground, hardly moving, until her wide eyes gradually turned back to its normal size along with the ebbing shock.

She shook her head, her heart pounding loudly. She stared up at him.

He smiled then closed his eyes—she more so sensed than saw it— as he removed his head from the open palm he was leaning on and stood with such gentle grace from the chair. He approached her still frozen form, his powerful steps hardly making sound.

He kneeled before her, features clearer now, smiling the smile she remembered.

"It's been a long time" Hearing the voice so near triggered a memory buried long ago. Buried with him and his demon of a master. That unforgettable day replayed in her so-believed genius mind. She jolted back to reality when ever-gentle fingers made contact with her cheek, placing damp hair behind her ears. The sudden warmth made her drenched form shiver and she leaned in to the touch almost immediately.

"You remember, don't you?" She did not know if the sinister tone was imaginary—sinister did not suit him, she thought— but he wasn't. He was so much real. "Uchiha Sasuke."

"It was seven years ago since that time in the Land of the Waves. You were just a child then." He gave a scan up and down her body. She wasn't disturbed, even — due to her earlier struggle with his men's rough hands — her clothing revealed much skin from her neck to shoulders. His gaze wasn't perverted at all. He was comforting, almost too much. She hated it, but welcomed it instinctively. "You've undeniably grown. The years have done you good. Truthfully, I did not immediately recognize you."

What was she to say? Frankly, she couldn't find her voice.

A wave of sweet relief washed over her as a quick knock interrupted their unremarkable silence. He stood up and the warmth on her cheek vanished as sudden as the moment passed by. The door that opened behind her sounded a little jittery. Light from the hallway spilled into the room.

"Haku-sama." This was the first in a long time she heard his name spoken. "He's h-here." The woman spoke with urgency, and though she couldn't see, she felt the nervous fear of the woman, who Sasuke presumed had forgotten to bow. Haku nodded and thanked his assistant, Yui. "Please tell him I shall be there shortly." The woman disappeared reluctantly after a shaky nod.

He looked down at her, offering a hand which Sasuke hesitantly took. He took off his robe once she was on her feet and placed it on her, rubbing her arms, creating more warmth and ignited comforting sensations to her cold and tired body.

"I have a meeting to attend. We shall talk later." he said and walked to the door. "Please wait here. I shall have someone take you to your room."

He did not wait for any word to pass through her lips, or maybe she was simply too shocked—again— to react. The door clicked shut for the fourth time since she'd been brought there. She was left alone, suddenly with many questions, mystified by the actions of a supposedly-dead man.

The eyes that met his were void of any sort of emotion. It was the first thing Haku caught sight of when he stepped into the room. The man waiting stood as he approached.

"I'm sorry to keep you waiting. Are you sure you don't want to rest a bit, Kazekage-san? We could begin tomorrow."

"That is not necessary. I came specifically for this. And you can stop with the formalities, Haku."

Said man chuckled. "If you insist then, Gaara. By the way, did you glare at Yui again? You know how terrified she becomes of you when you do that."

"Hn. She started it." Frankly, Gaara knew that was hard to believe.

"So as you've told me many times before. Shall we start then?"

The red-haired Godaime of Sunagakure nodded, returning the older kage's cordiality by smiling just a little—something he wouldn't have done many years before.

The meeting of the two great leaders commenced, aiming to strengthen the bond of their countries.

On Haku's mind throughout the engagement, however, was the mysterious dark-eyed Uchiha that had been lingering in his dreams for the past seven years.

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