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This was written for MFSanctuary 's (community./mfsanctuary/) Week 13, theme Unlucky.

Jaken was grumbling again. "What did this Jaken do to be so unlucky?"

Rin skipped up alongside her toady friend and smiled. "Why is Master Jaken unlucky?" she asked innocently.

"Why? Why she asks! I got stuck with you! That's how! Come to think of it, you've got rotten luck too."

"I do?"

"Well sure! Bandits, wolves… You're more unlucky than I am!"

Rin looked around at her odd new family. Her Lord Sesshoumaru was like her father and Jaken… well, she wasn't sure what Jaken's place was but she loved him anyway. "Rin doesn't think Rin is unlucky at all. Rin is ununlucky!" she yelled back to the toad over her shoulder.

When she skidded to a stop next to him, Sesshoumaru looked down at the girl. "You are not ununlucky, Rin,' he corrected. "You are lucky." His eye twinkled a bit. 'And I am lucky as well.'