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Chapter One

What was really happening to her Behind the Closed Doors?

It was love at first sight for Serenity when she saw him standing there talking to her brother. She knew that Joey wouldn't ever let her date someone like him but a girl could dream couldn't she?

It started out so innocently, a word here a word there and then one day when she was alone at home he came over to supposedly to talk to Joey when he knew that he wasn't at home. He knocked on the door and when she opened it he knew right then and there that he had to have her and no one would stop him.

She invited him in not knowing what was on his mind and even if she did know I don't think that I would of matter anyway, because she was so was already in love with the thought of being with him.

They sat down and she asked "Do you want anything to drink?"

He almost said "No, but I'd love to take you right now and ravish your sweet innocent body" but all he said was no thank you I'm fine.

They did all the small talk and then he made his move and he said "I'd love to see you again sometime, could you meet me at the park tomorrow after you get out of school?"

Serenity nearly jumped up and down she was so excited and then she stopped and told him "Yes, I can meet you there."

He got up and he said "Please tell Joey that I'll talk to him at school and thanks for being so nice to me."

She walked him to the door and after he left and she closed the door she started jumping around and thinking "He really likes me."

That evening when Joey came home and they were eating dinner Serenity told him "Bakura was here to talk to you but when I told him that you weren't here he asked me to tell you that he'd talk to you tomorrow at school."

Joey never suspected that his kid sister who just turned thirteen was having impure thoughts of doing things to and with Bakura, and he said "Thanks for telling me, and please stay away from him he can't be trusted and besides he scares the hell out of me."

Serenity laughed and then she said "Joey, I just started liking boys and it kind of scares me, why would I want to have anything to do with someone Bakura's age?"

Joey scratched the back of his head and then he said "I guess you're right, but still stay away from him please."

They finished dinner and while she was cleaning the kitchen she was thinking what Bakura could possibly want to talk to her about, she wasn't pretty and her body still hadn't developed like other girls she knew so why?

She put those thoughts out of her head and finished the dishes and then she went to watch television with her brother till it was time to go to bed.

Bakura laid on his bed that evening and was thinking about sweet innocent Serenity and then he closed his eyes and he started thinking what he wanted to do to her and as he imagined what it was his thoughts seemed to flow through the air and straight to the Wheeler residence because that night when she was asleep Serenity started having dreams erotic really sensual dreams of Bakura touching her body in ways she never knew could be done and when she awoke the next morning her body was still shaking from the erotic images that she had dreamed and her underwear was wet from the multiple orgasms she had during the dreams.

She took a shower and got ready for school and as she left her room she looked back at the bed and she saw a small spot of blood but she just dismissed it and went to the kitchen and had breakfast with Joey and then he drove to school.

During the day Serenity would find herself daydreaming about Bakura and she knew that she had to stop because if Joey ever found out well he'd try to stop it and if he went to tell Bakura well she was so afraid that Bakura would hurt her brother and so she forced herself to keep from having those erotic thoughts.

After school she made sure that she missed the bus and then she hurried to the park and her meeting with Bakura. He was standing against the tree with his hand folded across his chest and to her he looked like a Greek God an it took her breath away.

She walked up to him and she smiled that innocent smile and then she said "Hi, what did you want to talk to me about?"

Bakura moved away from the tree and he held out his hand and when she placed hers in it, he softly squeezed her hand and then he started walking and well she had to follow and they went to a secluded spot where no one could see what was going on and Bakura pulled Serenity to his body and he kissed her, he really kissed her and he forced her to open her mouth so he could slip his tongue into her mouth.

Serenity nearly fainted when he started kissing her but when he made her open her mouth and the he slipped his tongue into her mouth well the feeling she was having made her want to do more nastier things to him and her tongue started moving against his like they were doing some kind of mating dance.

Bakura lifted his head and looked down into her eyes and then he said "I've wanted to kiss you like that for such a long time. I think that I'm falling in love with you."

She couldn't believe what she was hearing, he was falling in love with her. Why would someone this handsome and oh so sexy want with someone like her? She looked up at him and then she softly said "I feel the same way about you."

Bakura wanted to shout "YEAH!" but he kept still and he said "I really want to keep seeing you but what about Joey, he won't let us see each other?"

Serenity laid her head on his chest and then she said "What he doesn't know won't kill him will it?"

She then raised up on her toes and kissed him on the mouth and his body started getting hard and he so wanted to take her right there but he knew that he would have to wait till tonight so he willed his body to stop and he returned her kiss.

Bakura walked her part the way home and then he said "Dream about me tonight, because I'll be dreaming about you." Then he kissed her one more time before she walked away from him and went home.

He stood there watching her walk away and he thought to himself "I'll be seeing you in your dreams sweet little Serenity."

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