Tags to Dog Tags – (hehe)

AN: Some spoilers. May do a few tags to this episode. So stay tuned for the series and Enjoy.

Tag I

"McGee, you okay?" – Gibbs


Abby was already on her way to McGee's place to make the necessary modifications for Jethro' arrival. McGee on the other hand was stuck finishing up paperwork, though for once he didn't mind all that much.

"Go home McGee." Gibbs offered as he entered full force into the bull pen.

"Finishing up my report boss…"

"What are you doing? And Go home? Those two sound so alike don't they?"

McGee looked up at him a little shocked and a little confused. First he asked me if I was okay. Now he's telling me to go home early? Something must be up.

"You sure boss?"


Tim? Oh man, something is really wrong.

"I need my team at 100 percent; you were hurt today, go get some rest."

McGee was still taken aback by the situation he found himself in. He wasn't very good at reading Gibbs reactions; let a lone when they were out of the ordinary.

Gibbs threw his hands up at McGee's expression. "Why is this a problem Tim?"

"No problem, boss, it's just…I'm not used to…it's not that you don't care about us, because you do of course…that is to say, we know you do, I just thought that…well never mind…home it is boss."

Gibbs shook his head. "English McGee…you just thought what?"

McGee shrugged his shoulders. "Well…that getting the job done came first."

Gibbs came around his desk and closed the distance between them. "My people come first Tim, always have, always will…now go home and get some rest before I give you a reason to run out of here."

McGee gave him a small smile before nodding and reaching for his newly dog hair covered coat. "Good night boss."

Gibbs watched him head towards the elevator and smiled in accomplishment.