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Author's note: A short little ficlet…just because…

Dust and the smell of gunpowder filled the air as Detective Ed Green crouched down next to the man lying flat on his back upon the floor.

"You okay, Lupes?" he asked, his concern only slightly showing through the hardened cop exterior.

"Hit my vest," the incapacitated man said between labored breaths.

"How's it feel?" Green asked, wondering if his rather fresh partner had ever been shot before.

"Like I'm back in the City," Lupo replied, his sense of humor finally returning as the pain of having the wind knocked entirely out of him subsided slightly. "Help me up, man."

The veteran detective offered his hand and aided his partner to his feet.

"Nothing says 'welcome home' like the kiss of a lead bullet, huh?" Green commented as Lupo tried to steady himself. There was a brief pause as they considered how lucky it was that the situation hadn't ended in a worse outcome.

"So they don't shoot at cops during raids in Pakistan?" Green inquired, wondering why it was so novel for the younger detective to have taken one in the vest.

"Nah," Lupo disaffirmed quietly. "They prefer explosives to hand guns. Lower survival rate."

Nodding his head in somber acknowledgement of the crazy chaos the man had witnessed, Green clapped him on the back as they left the shot-up apartment to deal with the messy consequences.

Bringing order to chaos…that was their job.