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Chapter 1

"So you're the big guy, huh?"

He knelt down to see her more clearly. "I am Optimus Prime, yes."

"Huh. Always, or is there a nickname?"

His apertures sized up the impertinent human. She was so very small to have such bravado, but his experience had proven that was true for most of the human race. "Some call me Prime."

"Is that your choice or theirs?"

There was an implications amidst her sentence that he was missing the meaning to. Hesitantly, he answered, "Theirs."

He must have answered the right way, for her mouth formed what he had come to know as a grin. The spark in her eyes made him apprehensive. It might be a mistake to guard this human. The other bots seemed to assimilate to the human culture better than he. They knew how to handle humans and their innuendos. So far, he had seen admirable qualities in the male of the species, but a female seemed to generate…trouble. The two days he'd spent with her so far made him cautiously willing to drive her to the observatory.

"So. You gonna just stand there all in the third atmosphere, or are you gonna turn into that hunkin' hot semi and take me to the observatory?"

"I—what?" He knew the meaning behind her language, but for such innuendo to spout from an organic towards him was disturbing. He shook his massive head and transformed. Oddly, he was pleased the spark in her eye as she watched him complete the change. Air brakes shivered involuntarily.

"Can I get in now?"

He almost wanted to say no, but that wouldn't help their task. Hesitantly, he replied, "Climb up."

"Boy, do I want to."

If his head wasn't stationary, he'd swing around to stare incredulously, questioningly. Not since Elita had he felt such a spark-pulse, and it was for the impossibility of an organic.

He couldn't help but rev his engine when she settled into the driver's seat. It would have been so much better if she'd chosen the passenger side, but not this one. He had no idea the leather on his seats was so sensitive, or that she would be so warm.

He needed to snap out of it. There was no way he could make the five hundred mile drive to the larger observatory if he was distracted by the feel of an organic in his cab. His smokestacks shot steam. What was she doing?

She was…caressing his steering wheel.

"Stop that." He made sure to rumble his voice a little louder than necessary.

"You don't want me to look like I'm driving?"

"No, not if you're going to do that."

"What?" There was no innocence in her tone.

Oh, she was trouble. He opened his frequency to call for Bumblebee, Ironhide…somebody…anybody else, when she did something to his gear shift.

"You want me to stop this?"

"YES! I can't mobilize if you're distracting me." Oh no. No. That must have been the wrong thing to say. "S-stop. Please. We need to go and I need to shift."

Oh how they would laugh at their fearless leader…

With one final slide of what he assumed was her hand up the long shaft of the shifter, she settled back into the seat and put on the seatbelt. "Okay. Lay on, Macduff."

He withheld a shiver, shifted up and started rolling, reading his internal memory for a map to the observatory and a reference to the Macduff she spoke of. He found both. Thankfully, it seemed a proper topic. "You speak of a character from a long dead and revered writer."

"I'm not just a pretty face, you know. I have some intelligence."

There was umbrage in her voice that seemed to want some kind of reassurance. "I—uh. You seem to affect male humans with the proper mating response…" At least that's what the other humans in the camp had expressed after she was discovered hiding among the shrubbery, listening to their plans.

He could hear the pleasure in her voice. "Thank you, Prime. I do believe that was a compliment." He also heard the extra purr she gave his name. If he wasn't careful, he'd strip his gears. He settled in for the long drive.

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