Summary - Sequel to Idle Idols. Tony play's hooky again and has to face the consequences. Tim manages to get his revenge on Tony.

Warning - Contains spanking, don't like, don't read - step away from the fic now!



Tim McGee and Ziva David snapped their heads up at the sudden outburst from Tony.

"No, no, no, no, no!" he continued to moan loudly.

Ziva rolled her eyes, "Are you in pain or are you recalling a scene from your night last night?"

Tony frowned as he jumped from his desk and looked at his computer in disgust. He grimaced and stood in the centre of the bullpen with his hands in his pockets his eyes raised to the ceiling.

"Why do the God's conspire against me huh?"

"What's wrong Tony?" Tim sighed, hating himself for asking.

"CBS is showing four unaired Magnum shows this afternoon and I am stuck here working cold cases and finishing off version seven and eleven of the two reports Gibbs is hounding me for!"

Tony placed his head in his hands, "Episodes I've never seen, man, this is so unfair!"

"Why don't you go home and record them, don't you have one of those DVD recorders?"

"It's busted Zee-vah...I've been freeze framing and zooming too much, and anyway, if I go home, I'll just want to stay and watch them and if Gibbs finds out it won't be no freakin' assault course I'll be doing."

Tony shoved his hands in his pockets and began muttering, "I have no choice, I'll have to get a new recorder at lunchtime and set it up ready to record. I am however going to need some cover in case it takes a little longer than planned."

He grinned and then turned to Tim,

"This sounds like a job for McGeek," he said in his best Sean Connery voice, "you going to help me out Probie?"

Tim sighed. This was the point when he normally got himself into trouble for letting Tony lead the way. He thought about the recent incidents where he had found himself at the receiving end of Gibbs punishment all because he had let himself be led down the wrong path by Tony.

"Whatever it is, the answer is no!"

Tony put his arm around Tim, "Come on McGee where's that team spirit, help out your Senior Field Agent…..huh….come on….Tim….Timmy...please?"

Tim narrowed his eyes and was given a flash of inspiration. He sighed in fake defeat and smiled at Tony,

"Okay, okay, but I have a better idea, why don't we huh…..set up a projection freeze frame, I'm sure I can get hold of a video freeze node modulator. I could hot wire it to your web cam, reverse the signal and project an image of you sitting at your desk. As long as Gibbs can SEE that you are actually at your desk, I'm sure you'll be fine, that way you can head out at lunchtime and sort yourself a recorder."

Tony frowned and tilted his head, "You mean just like the Princess Leia scene in Star Wars? The whole, 'help me Obi Wan' thing?"

"That's it exactly Tony," Tim smiled, "It's used in training scenarios, a cross between virtual reality and photographic projection."

"So where can you get one of these video node gizmo's" Tony asked, his eyes glistening at the glimmer of hope for a Magnum filled afternoon.

Tim screwed his mouth up and began typing on his computer, bringing up the Best Buy webpage.

"They have one in Best Buy, its 30 bucks, the pixel quality isn't great, but I'm sure it'll work ok."

Tony was still unconvinced, "So how long have I got, just in case I can't set up the recorder in time?"

"I can pretty much have it running all afternoon Tony, in fact, why don't you head home and watch your shows, if you need to get in or if Gibbs gets a little antsy or anything happens, I'll call you and cover for you till you get back. I know how much you like Magnum, it would be a shame if you missed it. Although I'll only help you out if you promise not to tell us about each episode in graphic detail. Deal?"

Tony quickly nodded his agreement and began beaming excitedly, almost hugging Tim in the process,

"McGee you have just earned my respect for the next four hours, what do I need to do?"

Tim took the digital camera from his backpack and got Tony into position at his desk creating the perfect 'I'm busy working' pose. When he had taken two or three photographs, he stuck his hand out to Tony.

"30 dollars...for the 'Node' gizmo."

Tony ruffled through the cash in his wallet and pulled out 30 dollars and gave them gladly to Tim.

Brimming with excitement Tony sat down and began watching the clock till lunchtime when he could head home and Tim could go get the 'gizmo' and provide him cover as he watched his all time favorite TV show.

Tim McGee bit his bottom lip to prevent his widening smile betraying his little ruse. He then thought about all of the physical exercises Gibbs had put him through over the last few weeks and the reports he'd had to write and then he remembered vividly how painful is muscles and joints were after the Marine Corps assault course at Quantico. He then remembered Gibbs warning to listen to his gut the next time Tony was leading him into trouble.

Tim McGee let a small smile break free and found only one phrase that made his gut happy.

"McGeek One, DiNozzo Zero!"

To be continued...