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Anyway, sorry this isn't too funny, like i said, I'm running out of ideas.

How to annoy Leah :

1. Be Sam. Be alive

2. Be Sam. Hate Leah

3. Marry Emily.

4. And not Leah

5. Have sex with Emily

6. And not Leah

7. Live Happily Ever After with Emily

8. And not Leah

9. Refuse Leah's offer of being secret lovers

10. Ask her when her wedding is

11. Call her Lee-lee

12. In front of the whole Pack

13. And the Cullens

14. And the Volturi

15. And Voldermort

16. Tell her she's a bitch

17. Literally

18. Instead of yoga classes send her to the Canadian Hockey Team

19. Make her go see Hannah Montana: The Movie

20. Then buy her the DVD

21. Lock her in a room and force her to see is for 82 hours strait

22. With no bathroom breaks

23. And with Aro

24. Remind her that she will never imprint on anyone

25. Because she's menopausal

26. Tell her that the pack has pictures of her naked

27. Make her go to Sam's wedding

28. Remind her that the tribe is only proud of Taha Aki's SONS

29. Call her "Princess Leia"

30. Superglue those cinnamon rolls Edward made to her head

31. Make fun of her because she got so little screen time

32. And that half of it, it was just CGI

33. Ask her if she has more than two nipples

34. Because she's a dog

35. Ask her if she likes it doggy style with Sam

36. Buy her a fluffy pink walking collar

37. Ask her if she's related to Penelope Clearwater

38. Tell her its all her fault that Eclipse is nominated as the worst movie

39. Ask her if she has abs

40. Tell her that she's fat

41. Whenever you see her say to her "What's up DOG?"

42. Then say, "I'm sorry, I meant BITCH"

43. Whenever she's having one of her bitchy moods, tell everyone that she's just PMSing

44. Then "apologize' by telling everyone that she can't PMS-because she's menopausal

45. Consequently, continue telling everyone that it's all because of her heat flashes

46. Then tell her that on the bright side, she doesn't have to worry about contraceptives

47. Ask her which one of the pack has the largest

48. Because it certainly isn't her

49. When she answers you, call her a perv

50. Then ask for the exact measures

51. Get her to get you pictures of the Pack naked

52. Ask her if she carries an extra bra

53. Forget to add that your mean when she transforms

54. For her birthday, buy her a pack of tampons

55. And a pack of pads

56. Every morning ask her is she imprinted yet

57. Constantly ask her if her mom and Charlie have done it yet

58. Remind her that she will never EVER be able to have kids

59. And that she's make a horrible mother

60. Tell her it's her fault her dad died

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