It had been a year since she had returned from her journey with the gull wings

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Final fantasy X-3: coming back

It had been a year since she had returned from her journey with the gull wings

In hope to find him but to no avail instead she had stumbled across a ghost who looked like

him and an ancient machina that had almost destroyed Spira

She had saved Spira once again and what had she gotten from it?

Nothing and from the looks of it nothing would come to her

"Yuna, look out" wakka called

She turned her head and saw a blitz ball coming straight towards her

knowing that it was to late to even try to dodge it she prepared herself for the hit

But somehow the ball turned away from her just in time

She stood there shaking

"Yuna are you all right?" Wakka asked

"I'm fine thanks"

"Sorry I tried to tell you to get out of the way ya? But it didn't seem like you where listening"

"I know I know. It's just that I can't forget. I just….."

"Hey hey, don't worry ya he'll be back soon ya??"

"I hope so... but sometimes I just. Break, when i think about him, I wish I had told him sooner

before he...he... "She trailed of; Wakka knew what she was going to say. It had been like this

ever since he had disappeared but somehow it seemed as it got worse when she came back

from her fight with Vegnagun. Although he thought, maybe it was because Shuyin had looked so much like him. Wakka knew that Yuna always appeared strong and happy and most people

in Spira really believed that she was indeed strong and happy. It was only her guardians who

really knew the truth about Yuna, that she was actually just as lost if not more then all the

other people in Spira, the only thing that had kept her going during her pilgrimage was that

fact that HE had believed that she could do it and because of him she hadn't gone trough with

the summoning of the final aeon.

When they had finally destroyed sin, she had started thinking about a life with him, marrying

him, having children with him

But then she saw him fade away. Wakka knew that all of her sadness was because of his

disappearance, many promising young (And old) men had asked for her hand in marriage but

she had refused every one of them.

"Look Yuna its not your fault ya? He had to go".

"I know but it's just hard to accept it. You know without him we wouldn't be standing here

knowing that sin is truly dead… if he hadn't. Then i would have..."

"Snap out of it Yuna" lulu shouted "nothings going to happened if you mourn for him

everyday like this"

Yuna looked at lulu with mixed emotions she knew that lulu was right she needed to let it go,

to let him go but at the same time she just couldn't do it

Before she could respond she saw the Celsius coming thundering at high speed

"What are they doing coming back so soon the only left yesterday ya?" Wakka asked worried

"Something must have happened" lulu simply replied.

The landing pad flung open and to their surprise a shaken Rikku started running towards them

"What's the matter Rikku" Yuna asked when the over energetic al-behd woman jolted to a


"Yuna" she said while trying to catch her breath "we found him"

"You found him"? Yuna asked is disbelief

"Yeas but he is hurt."

"How bad?" She asked worriedly

"We think that he will survive but we need your help with him Yunie"

Together they started ruining back to the ship; little did they know that a new adventure had started

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