Summery of chapter: Jake comes home for the summer after his freshman year of college

Summery of chapter: Jake comes home for the summer after his freshman year of college. He finds that while he was gone Sam had grown up. he also meets her new boyfriend who every one seams to like and trust, even his own family seam to love the new comer.

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Chapter one: HomecomingJake's PoV

I pulled into my families ranch yard after a long drive from the university. Immediately I was suspicious. No one, not even my tiny mother, was waiting on the porch for me. All the horses were in the pasture and all the vehicles were in the driveway, and yet no one was out side. I jumped out of my truck and grabbed my bag from the truck bed while watching the house, watching for some form of life. I jumped when I heard a nicker from the pasture. I turned to see my faithful mare running next to the fence while bobbing her head. I laughed and walked over leaving my bag by the truck. As I walked to her I looked her over to see how she was doing since I wasn't home to ride her all the time. I nodded in appreciation. My best friend Sam had down a fine job from the looks of her. I had asked Sam to ride my horse while I was away at college because I knew that my brother's would never do it, and while my father did, he would treat her like just a working horse. While I would never tell any one else she was more than that to me. Sure I never babied her, while anyone was around, I never talked and cooed to her like Sam did, when there was some one around, but at times I swear she was the only one who understood me. Especially after Sam's accident. I shook my head patting her neck as she shoved her head into my chest. I laughed. Quickly I looked around to make sure no one was around.

"Did you miss me girl?" I asked patting her neck. I laughed again as she bobbed her head as if she agreed with me. "Well it looks like you're the only one. Don't worry girl we'll go out for a run once I get unpacked for the summer and then next week is the round up and it'll just be me and you." I thought for a minute before adding, "And about three hundred cattle."

Sam's PoV

I watched out the window of the Ely house. Quinn, Nate, Kit, and I were waiting to "kidnap" Jake and take him to a surprise party over at my house. I almost squealed when he pulled in the driveway. I motioned to Quinn to tell the other two that he was here.

"What's he doing?" Quinn asked coming back from telling the others that he was here.

"Looking to see where everyone is," I laughed again at the antiques of his mare, "and it looks like his mare has sided with us. She's distracting him." I gasped. Was I really watching Jake Ely talk to his working cowpony?

"What? What is it?" Quinn demanded from next to me.

"Nothing, nothing." I said shaking my headed and pushing him toward the living room so we could hide. Once we were in the kitchen we split up going to our hiding spots. I climbed up on the counter onto the shelve that was above the door. I lade on my stomach and grabbed the sack that we had. I looked down at Quinn who had hid in the cabinet next to the door. I almost laughed at the evil glint in his eyes. I looked over to the pantry were Kit and Nate were hiding with the rope. I shook my head when I remembered that this was Jake's mom's idea. I shook my head at the idea that I finally had permission from an adult to mess with Jake's mind. I mean he had been doing the same to me since we had first met when I was four. I stopped thinking when I heard his footsteps on the porch. I smiled and readied my self to pounce. I watched as he walked right under me. I dropped down from my perch pulling the bag over his head on my way to the ground.

Jake's PoV

I walked back to my truck to get my bag and walked up to t he house. I reached out and pulled open the door expecting to be developed in a hug immediately. I was shocked when I heard nothing. Proceeded through the door dropping my bag on the floor. Suddenly something was pulled over my head seconds before I heard something heavy hit the ground behind me. I felt someone tackle me from the side and send me crashing to the floor. I felt my hands being pulled behind me and my legs being bent at the knee. I tried to struggle out of the grasps that held me, but it was no use. I felt rope wrap around my wrists and ankles binding them together. I couldn't believe this I was being hog-tied. I felt the bag slowly being pulled over my head again but before I could turn and face my attackers to hands grabbed my face and held it straight. I saw to small hands, one with a small butterfly ring on it, come in front of my face and place a piece of duck tape on my mouth, suddenly a bandana came over my eyes and was tied tightly over my eyes. I felt something being shoved in my ears and soon all I heard was the frantic beating of my heart. What the hell was going on? I come back from school only to get kidnapped? I found my self lifted from the ground before I felt the warm summer air on my face. I was set in the back of what felt like my own truck. I wasn't so scared anymore, seeing as how my fear was now replace with the anger that I was being kidnapped using my own truck. I felt what seamed like two other people climb in the truck bed with me before the vehicle started moving. I was aware of a small hand on my right shoulder so I assumed one of my kidnappers was female. There had to be at least three of them but I was betting more like four.

Sam's PoV

I laughed once we had the earplugs in. I could se at first fear on my best friends face but as soon as we put him in the bed of his truck it went straight to rage. I climbed up in the back with Kit resting my hand on Jake's shoulder. It was a short ride over to River Bend ranch where everyone was waiting. Once there I hopped out of the truck and over to my boyfriend Ian Mathews. I smiled warmly up into his dark brown eyes and lade my head on his shoulder while we watched Jake being unloaded. Bryan and Adam sat him in the dirt in front of the barn. Adam pulled out the pocketknife that all ranchers carried and sliced the ropes on Jakes wrists and ankles before running to join the crowd of family and friends. Jake jumped up from the ground tearing the tape from his mouth before pulling the bandana off his face. I wanted to laugh at the expression on his face when he saw all of us standing there, his mouth open for what I was sure to be a string of cusses and curses. He reached up and pulled the earplugs out of his ears. In unison we all shouted "Welcome Home." I stepped away from Ian and ran to him.

Jake's PoV

I was shocked when I tore the blindfold off. There in front of me was everyone I know and loved…or at least I didn't hate. My mom, dad, and brother's were all there; next to them was the Kentworthys, Darrel, Mrs. Allen, her husband, the River Bend Cowboys, Grace Forster, Wyatt and Bryanna Forster, and Sam. Wit a minute who was that with his arm wrapped around Sam? My focus was pulled back to Sam when she took a step away from the man before running and throwing her arms around my neck. I put my arms around her waist to keep her from falling. I felt content then, with her in my arms, her body pressed against my own. I shook the thoughts away when she jumped down. I noticed a ring on her right hand with butterflies on it. I gaped at it.

"It was you." I said increduasly looking at her as if I had never seen her before.

"What was me?" she asked her eyes as big and innocent as she could manage. If I hadn't know her so well I probably wouldn't have caught the laugh in her eyes.

"you were the one who put the tape on my mouth and blindfolded me." I said looking straight into her eyes. Then I remember the bag that had went over my head. "And you are the one who put the bag on my head." I said looking her straight in the eyes.

"you know what Jake Ely? I plead the fifth." She said before stepping back to let me be engulfed by my mother.

For the rest of the night I talked to every one there about how things were going around Alkali since I had left. Finally I wondered away from Jed Kentworthy when Wyatt came over to talk about the round up. I decided to go look for Sam. I found her with Jen and Darrel and the still name less man sitting on the ground around the bonfire. Once again he had his arm around my Brat. I was surprised at the jealousy I felt. Sam and I had never been any thing but friends, the only type of love we had ever felt for one another was a sibling like love. What I was feeling seeing him with his arm around her shoulder was not brotherly. I felt like a jealous boyfriend. I shock my head before going to join my friends, Jen, and the stranger.

"Hey guys what's up?" I asked sitting on the ground next to my old high school buddy.

"Not much, but man it is good to see you again." Darrel said smacking me on the back.

"Yeah well I'm here for three months, by the time fall comes you'll be begging me to leave." I said smiling at them.

"Ain't that the god awful truth." Jen said throwing her hands in the air.

"Jen be nice you know you missed Jake as much as the rest of us did." Sam said giving her friend a shove.

"So you're the Famous Jake Ely?" the guy said.

"yeah and you are?" I asked reaching over to shake his hand.

"OMG! Sorry I guys I got so worked up over seeing you again I totally forgot to introduce you," Sam said smacking her palm on her for head, "Jake this is my Boyfriend Ian Mathews. his family is helping Trudy with the mustangs. Ian this is Jake Ely my oldest friend ever." I felt the air in my chest freeze at the mention of her boyfriend. I couldn't breath. I plastered as fake of a smile on my face as I could mange as I shock the bastard's hand. He had stolen Sam from me. Wait a minute. She wasn't my Sam she was just my friend.

"A pleasure to meet you." I said. And I truly wanted it to be a pleasure.

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